Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Center Square Weatherman

I loved Paul Lynde.
On Hollywood Squares he was the King, or Queen, of the double entendre.
And, as Uncle Arthur, on Bewitched, he never failed to make me laugh.
Which makes this clip, from 1978 all the more funny.
WSPD in Toledo, Ohio let Paul Lynde do the weather.
This could have been you, Sam Champion.
Could'a been you!

courtesy of
OMG Blog.


RAD said...

All time fave! Mr Paul L is the best!

robertga99 said...

Indeed! LOVE HIM!

froggy said...

I loved him on Hollywood Squares - even though I didn't get half the things he said being young and clueless - but he always looked like he was having such a good time that you had to laugh too.

Cubby said...

I grew up in the Toledo area, and my parents always watched channel 13, this channel. I don't happen to recall seeing this though.

Paul Lynde was, and still is, my favorite comic. His wit remains unmatched.