Monday, May 24, 2010

Always The Victim

Sarah Palin rubbed her two brain cells together and came up with this little gem, regarding Republican, and moron, Rand Paul's appearance on Rachel Maddow:

"One thing we can learn in this lesson that I have learned and Rand Paul is learning now is don't assume that you can engage in a hypothetical discussion about constitutional impacts with a reporter or a media personality who has an agenda, who may be prejudiced before they even get into the interview in regards to what your answer may be. You know, they are looking for the gotcha moment. And that evidently appears to be what they did with Rand Paul, and I'm thankful he clarified his answer about his support for the Civil Rights Act."

Um, Sarah, honey? Step away from the Moose Chili.

Maddow didn't have an agenda.
She had questions.

Rand Paul had answers, which showcased the fact that, like you, he is a complete moron who cannot think on the spot, does not know whereof he speaks, and cannot string together a coherent sentence.

And, Sarah, he didn't "clarify" his answer about supporting the Civil Rights Act.
He flip-flopped.

Typical Republican.
Open mouth.
Insert foot.
Take foot out.
Try a different answer.


froggy said...

Sarah Palin never met a preposition that she didn't like.

Sean said...

Shouldn't it be, "try a different foot?" or maybe "try same foot but with a different sock?"

Dan said...

I still have no clue how or why tshe is where she is? I couldnt even pretend to be that damn dumb!

Robbie said...

Did you hear Rand Paul took campaign contributions from Stormfront?? No lie. He's a certified racist.

Anonymous said...

Oh, a Paul/Palin ticket would be interesting to say the least. Both have the deer in the headlights look down pat, and neither one can think on their feet.

It'd be a slam dunk for Team Obama.

Anonymous said...

How old are you? This site is clearly of children made for children. This day and age most of the children want to live off mommy and daddy's work, or let the government subsidize them. They don't want to work to buy their own house. The government should give it to them. But don't kid yourselves any more fools, it's not going to you. It's going to India, China and Africa and when mommy and daddy's money is taken from them to give to India, China and Africa--then you will be standing in the line of charities begging for the opportunity to work.

When that happens, you will be looking for less restrictions because every dollar spent on regulations will reduce your salary. The liberal joke is the joke is on you.

You don't have even two brain cells. Just because mommy and daddy told you were were smart, doesn't mean you are. Remember, back then it was politically correct to tell every child they were doing good. Obviously, that was a big mistake.

Bob said...

Hey Anon,
Thanks for stopping by, but, and I'm just curious, how old are you?
See, your response doesn't seem to have a thing to do with what i wrote, so maybe you ought to rethink your life and education, or lack thereof.
Better yet, go back to cleaning your litter boxes.