Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ann Curry: Gaffes By The Gallon

Ann Curry cracks me up, because, as a newsreader, she's, well, not very good:

So, I wasn't surprised that, when Curry gave a commencement speech to graduates at Wheaton College in Massachusetts, she decided to name off some famous alumni of the school.
Only, yeah, these alumni attended another Wheaton College.
Those names she listed, which included the Rev. Billy Graham, former House Speaker Dennis Hastert and horror movie director Wes Craven, are all graduates of Wheaton College--a Christian school in Illinois.
Curry later apologized in an open letter posted on Wheaton's--the real Wheaton's--website:
"I am mortified by my mistake, and can only hope the purity of my motive, to find a way to connect with the graduates and to encourage them to a life of service, will allow you to forgive me."

Despite the gaffe, Curry noted that the "gracious" students still gave her a standing ovation. "Now THAT is good manners," she wrote.
And, to be fair, she did list some actual graduates of the college where she was speaking; people like, former New Jersey governor Christine Todd Whitman and actress Catherine Keener.
Still, Ann, honey. Read it before you speak it.
Think about what you're saying.
And, for the love of Edward R Murrow, fact check please.
I mean, isn't that your job?

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