Friday, February 03, 2023

I Didn't Say It

Ted Cruz, GOP asshat from Texas, along with South Carolina GOP wingnut Ralph Norman, today introduced an amendment to the Constitution that would limit Senators to two six-year terms and Representatives to three two-year terms:

“Term limits are critical to fixing what’s wrong with Washington, D.C. The Founding Fathers envisioned a government of citizen legislators who would serve for a few years and return home, not a government run by a small group of special interests and lifelong, permanently entrenched politicians who prey upon the brokenness of Washington to govern in a manner that is totally unaccountable to the American people. Terms limits brings about accountability that is long overdue and I urge my colleagues to advance this amendment along to the states so that it may be quickly ratified and become a constitutional amendment.”

Ted Cruz is currently running for his third six-year term so the hypocrisy is real.

Oh, because he says the new rule should only come into play after the date of the new amendment’s enactment.

Again, though, pandering, lying, POS hypocrite.


Tucker Carlson, Fox News snowflake and racist, blames Tyre Nichols’ killing on Affirmative Action:

“The race riots of 2020 were never about George Floyd, obviously. That’s why there are no statues of him in American cities. They were about changing the country forever. The first step, of course, was defunding police departments across the country and forcing them to lower their standards to attract unqualified applicants: hiring officers based on skin color, rather than integrity or skill or self-control, all in the name of equity. Does that result in better policing? Well what happened in Memphis a few weeks ago is one indicator. At least two of the five officers that apparently beat Tyre Nichols to death were hired under lax diversity-driven standards. They were affirmative action hires. Yet instead of admitting that, and it’s true, the media are diverting attention from this fact by accusing these five officers, who are all Black, of somehow being white supremacists.”

Once again, Tucker is showing his dumbfuckery.

The riots after the murder of George Floyd weren’t “race” riots, there were protest by people of all colors and all ages and all genders who were, and still are sickened, by police officers around this country literally and figuratively, kneeling on the necks of People of Color.

PS Fucker? There are statues and busts of George Floyd in several cities around this country, so if you’re gonna speak on something learn the facts.

I kid. Fox News and Facts? Ain’t happening.


Thing 45, on how he’d oversee Ukraine differently than Biden:

“Well, what I would do, is I would, we would, we have tremendous military capability and what we can do without planes, to be honest with you, without 44-year-old jets, what we can do is enormous and we should be doing it and we should be helping them to survive and they’re doing ana amazing job.”

Um could I get an extra side of ranch with the Illiterate Word Salad?


Jim Jordan, the man accused of covering up a sexual abuse scandal, taking on the Tyre Nichol’s beating:

“Well, I don’t know that there’s any law that can stop that evil. What strikes me is just the lack of respect for human life. So, I don’t know that any law or any training or any reform is going to change. You know, this man is handcuffed; they continued to beat him. The fact that we saw that these five individuals did not have any respect for life. And again, I don’t think these five guys represent the vast, vast majority of law enforcement. But I don’t know that there’s anything you can stop the kind of evil we saw in that video. The federal government screws it up so many times. No amount of training is gonna change what we saw in that video.”

Yes, he said it: the federal government screws it up so many times.

We need police reform; we need instant firing of police officers abusing their power; we need arrests and trials and prison terms for those who literally beat Americans to death, because if we don’t t looks like we condone this behavior.


Michael Elizabeth Pence, former Vice President, says he takes “full responsibility” for the classified documents found at his Indiana home.

“While I was not aware that those classified documents were in our personal residence, let me be clear: Those classified documents should not have been at my personal residence. Mistakes were made, and I take full responsibility.”

Pence also said Biden should take full responsibility—which he has—but Michael Elizabeth said nary a word about Thing 45;s theft of documents, lying about documents, hiding of documents.

Michael Elizabeth Pence is an asshat.


Nikki Haley, saying Mike Pompeo is lying that she tried to oust Michael Elizabeth Pence from being Vice President so she could step in:

“I never had a conversation with Jared, Ivanka, or the president about the vice presidentship. What I will tell you is it’s really sad when you are having to go out there and put lies and gossip to sell a book. I don’t know why he said it, but that’s exactly why I stayed out of D.C. As much as possible to get away from the drama and get away from the gossip. I focused on my job, and that’s what I always did.”

Funny then, that Nikki has been a prominent guest at Jared and Ivanka’s dinner parties and at the home of Jared’s parents, as she tries to launch herself as a viable presidential candidate.

Nikki Haley is one of the worst, doing anything, saying anything, stepping over anyone, to get where she wants.



  1. I could not read through these quotes (although I have more than likely read all or parts of them on JMG). Politics is beginning to really turn my stomach and I really need to go on an information diet.

  2. The artwork is great! Texans still believe they are universe unto themselves and will no doubt re-elect Cruz. Niki? She's creating her own universe. The best thing about Trump is that he's tearing the party to shreds. Jordan's going to end up going to jail for sedition. Pence? The question mark says it all.

  3. Those are quite the caricatures!

  4. Good grief! I don't know if I was reading your blog reading a bowl of corn flakes. Although I will say I do agree with term limits.

  5. I agree with term limits, otherwise yuuo end up with elderly people long past their best.

    And we all know what der Trumpenfuhrer would do if re-elected; he'd switch sides, back Putrid and bomb Ukraine.

  6. I agree the artwork is great!
    The folks not so much!
    xoxo :-)

  7. Oh, what a huge shit bag today. Excuse me while I throw up.

  8. It's like a parthenon of fuckery. Really.
    Nimrata will do nothing. She's a charity case.
    Rafael Cruz is a tool.
    Gym Jordan was ranting today about... stoves!
    And Mango Mussolini? What an IDIOT. Seriously...!


  9. First, the illustrations are AWESOME! I used to believe that the best example of term limits was the ballot and not legislation. I have since altered that believe because it seems the general population somehow continues to vote in the bottom of the barrel each time. If by some chance, legislation does come to a vote, I would hope that an amendment is attached that term limits go into effect immediately! I'm really trying to be civil here and not write how I rally feel about all the asshat fuckers shown! xoxo

  10. I like the caricatures by Donkey Hotey but he makes Thing 45 look much more handsome than he really is. A simple photo of a pig's head would have been better in my opinion.

  11. Hey Bob,

    I am still on the question of which pill to take. So many variables swimming in my head. I will get back to you.

    Love the characters (?) /illustrations of the different folks you quoted. Keeping it fresh. I skimmed. I just don't want to read what they said. It is not productive. It is the same misrepresentation of facts and reality. Recently I sent response to Robert Costa's-CBS-Former Washington Post reporter-post of his public forum with Carl Rowe. My simple response was WHY! I have not heard back. Why would you want create a dialog with CR-or anyone of his elk? It's not like you are going to have a honest dialog about policy where there may be compromise or meeting of the minds based on fact, research... No, you are going to get the same old gaslighting, the misrepresentation of facts... They will not move, have no desire to deviate from their current stance. So the question is still WHY. Yes, we know what they are saying but the shtick is getting old.

    Let's move the conversation forward for the betterment of all involved. Let's learn something new. Let's combine ideas and come up with a workable solution.

    Please have a great weekend. Take Carlos out for ice-cream and a bring home a little treat for the kids.



  12. Term limits is one of the great lie of our age. Term limits don't fix problems, they create new ones (One Party Republican Rule) and then they institutionalize the problems. Look at Ohio. It has gone from a fairly scandal-free two party state to a scandal riddled one-party Republican rule. The latest scandal has cost Ohio Tax payer hundreds of millions of dollars in fees paid to the operator of off-line nuclear power plants. Term Limits DO NOT WORK.

  13. aussieguy5:29 PM

    Amen to term limits -- can we make this retroactive?

  14. Ted should lead by example, and return home to - isn't it Canada?

  15. Term limits make no sense. If we don't like someone we can vote them out. That's all there is to it. Enacting limits just means we lose qualified, experienced people from government.

    Those are quite the caricatures!


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