Thursday, March 10, 2022


Even though Carlos works from home., we usually get up at 7AM; I am back to working four days a week and need to be at work around 9:30 so 7AM is a good wake-up. Carlos is in charge of the alarm clock—though I have no idea how that happened because he lets the alarm chirp and CHIRP and CHIRP forever before he wakes up.

This past Monday the chirping is going on and ion and I’m awake and it seems kinda dark outside, but the clock says 7:02; I figure it’s cloudy. Carlos gets up, does his bathroom business, and then Tuxedo comes in to get me—I put him on the bathroom counter because he likes to drink from the faucet … don’t judge me—and then I head out to the kitchen.

Still, it’s dark out, and I check  my phone … 6:12 in the mother%$#&ing morning. 6AM? What am I, a farmer? I drag myself to the kitchen and ask Carlos why he set the alarm so early.

“It’s seven.”

“Well, the microwave begs to differ. It says 6:15 … and the coffee maker and the stove and the clock on the wall and the mantle clock and my phone all agree.”

It was me and all the appliance against him, and he still thought it was 7AM. And, crazy as it sounds, his clock said the alarm was set at 7AM. Clearly, the cats are fucking with us.

Even with all the opportunities and wealth and education, this twit doesn’t know a damned thing. WWI??? WWII? 

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the Wyoming GOP trying end crossover voting, lest Democrats vote for Liz Cheney. Well, that proposed bill, endorsed by Thing 45, died in the Wyoming House.

Looks like the GOP Voter Suppression Machine got another smack down.

Anyone else notice that while Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is in Ukraine standing with his people, very close to the front lines, tough  guy Vlady Putin is ensconced safely at home?

If you don’t think that the same Iowa lawmakers who prioritized outlawing trans students from participating in sports earlier this month will now do absolutely nothing to address gun violence after three students were shot at a Des Moines high school, you might wanna take a seat because YOU are part of the problem.

A group of Florida students chanting ‘We say Gay’ took to the Capitol steps in Tallahassee this week in a last-ditch plea to state lawmakers to vote down that “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

Hey Florida lawmakers? These students will soon be voting and they will remember what you did.

I like this … in Utah Governor Spencer Cox plans to veto legislation passed last week that seeks to ban transgender student-athletes from competing in girls’ sports. Cox directly addressed transgender student-athletes, who he said found themselves the subject of political debate through no fault of their own, in saying:

“I just want them to know that it’s gonna be okay. We’re gonna work through this.”

Without his support, Utah is unlikely to join the 11 states, all GOP-led that have enacted bans on transgender girls wanting to compete in school sports leagues.

I do the laundry at Casa Bob y Carlos and this is how it works out: washing takes about thirty minutes, while drying takes maybe an hour. But putting the clean clothes away takes 7 to 10 business days.

The head of Russia’s Orthodox Church blamed the attack in Ukraine by the Russians on … wait for it … Pride Parades.

So, it’s Pride Parades, the Green New Deal, Pelosi and Schumer, AOC, Joe Biden, and the Ukrainian people themselves, who started this war, but it is not Vlady ‘Microdick’ Putin.

Sidenote: these men in drag, don’t you love their jewels and gowns, are objecting to Gay Pride?

On September 19th, 2020, about three weeks before North Carolina’s voter-registration deadline for the general election, Thing 45’s Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows registered to vote in that state’s General election.

On a line that asked for his residential address—“where you physically live,” the form instructs—Meadows wrote down the address of a fourteen-by-sixty-two-foot mobile home in Scaly Mountain and listed his move-in date for this address as the following day, September 20th.

Mark Meadows does not own this property and never has, and it is not clear that he has ever spent a single night there.

What is clear is that he expects everyone to believe he lives in that trailer and expects no one to believe he’s guilty of voter fraud.

This is silver fox model Eric Turner. He owns the underwear brand Oryx and is happily married to his husband Morne Coetzer, pictured below.

So, Would You Hit It?


  1. Ok, so important things first: do you have Eric Turner's phone number? I have some things to ask him. As in out to dinner.
    And the impunity with which these Repugs move around their world is flabbergasting. On the other side, Mark Meadows is, after all, White Trash.
    And talking about White: Prince William. The Caucasity!

    Sidenote: the cast ARE fucking with you, guys. Sorry!
    And Volodymyr is all the man Vlad wishes he were.
    That's all.


  2. Maybe Carlos' clock sprung forward a couple of days early. You two always make me giggle.
    Bobulah, we do laundry almost the same way! My clean laundry, for the most part, stays in the baskets until it's time to wash again. The towels live there.
    I would very much like (fantasy wise) to be the tomato in that silver fox sammich!
    Love the tweet. Robot mice, ha!

  3. None of the royal family (bar the queen) are very bright. I suspect Chaz would never have got into Cambridge without help. And clearly current events are not one of bald Willy's great accomplishments (his best claim to fame is having produced 3 children, which means that randy Andy's chance at the throne is VERY remote, thank god).

  4. Mark Meadows definitely has some 'splaining to do. I just learned he attended my alma mater. Which doesn't say much for the school. (He only got an AA, though.)

    Your comment about the Florida kids growing up to be voters is exactly why conservatives are so desperate. They see their hold on cultural issues slipping in the long term.

    I didn't hear that about the Russian Orthodox church. I'm sure they think we're all so decadent here in the decadent West.

  5. I’d kill that alarm clock.

    As for today’s question: Yes. Can I hit it twice?

  6. "What am I, a farmer?" Hahahahaha!

  7. Girl you best get in touch with Miss Ginger Grant, remember her? She was friends with Eric. I personally find him to be a huge douche.

    Doesn't surprise me Putin hides in a bunker. He's just like his fuck buddy trump. Big mouths and no action. They are your typical toxic masculine....but when push comes to shove never flex a muscle...they run like a pussy.

    And fuck the Russian orthodox church.

  8. Prince William made a mistake. I am sure he is mortified about his gaffe. Normally he comes across as level-headed, intelligent and genuinely compassionate. Relatively speaking - but with some notable exceptions - Europe has been a haven of peace since 1945 and I think that this is the point that Prince William was trying to convey. What happened in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Hungary and Czechoslovakia was all pretty minor stuff compared with what is now unfolding in Ukraine.

  9. (Carlos) (Tuxedo)
    DH got up for work at 4.15am
    to leave at 5.45am. This was
    because all the folks they
    dealt with were on the east
    Now he's retired he gets up
    at 5.30am... roll eyes.
    xoxo :-)

  10. I'd have thought you'd have learned by now that cats will fuck with you.

    More and more we're finding out that Trump endorsements are only worth their weight in horse shit.

    My money says Putin's been bunkerized since he began this shit show.

    Meadows is failing.

    And I had a laugh at the Russian Orthodoxy since they've evidently been doxed by Putin.

  11. Those darn cats are putting their plan in motion. What is next after the alarm clock?
    Can confirm about putting away clean laundry. Sometimes it is a war of attrition with me and Mrs. Shife on how long the pile of clothes will sit on the couch.
    Pride Parades? What a bunch of assholes.

  12. @Six
    You can reach Eric at my house.
    Mark Meadows is a lying POS white trash.
    I understand Willie recognized his faux pas but how does one forget WWI And WWII when both affected your country?
    I love our cats, but do I trust them?????
    Vlady is no Volo!

    Something on Carlos sprung!!!
    I do have a habit of searching for my clean clothes in the laundry basket atop the dryer.
    That silver fox … Oy!!
    Howsabout Robot Ivanka?

    I guess William did his duty if it keeps Andrew from turning the palace into a brothel.

    Meadows won’t explain because, white privilege.
    Some politicians are too ignorant about their base, especially the GOP which has spent the last couple of years watching their base die.
    We may be decadent, but I don’t have the drag and jewels they have!

    Whatever the glitch was, and I think it was Consuelo, it hasn’t done it again!!
    Please hit him twice; he appears very hit-able!

    Six AM??? I ain’t rotatin’ crops, I tell ya!

    Oh I hate to think of eric as a douche. Maybe if I duct tape his mouth? No, that will deprive me of some fun times. Maybe if I just beg him not to speak?
    If you see Vlady these days, he’s always got his little suit on at the big kids table, but then Zellenskyy is on the front lines,. So, yes, Vlady’s a little pussy boy.
    I imagine there’s already a lot of fucking going on I that church!

    I hate to see people in power make such gaffes. I mean if he does it with his education and status, how can someone with lesser education be expected to understand.

    I guess another 75 minutes of sleep is a perk of retirement?

    Our cats aren’t fucking cats, they’re just devilish cats. I’m sure the dog would be just as tricky if he could reach the alarm clock!
    Meadows is the worst kind of hypocritical fuckmonkey there is.

    @Mr Shife
    I am terrified to think what the cats will do next. I have been sleeping with one eye open.
    I am in charge of laundry but I never agreed to put it away in a timely fashion.
    I guess the motto is blame anyone who isn’t Putin for the attack on Ukraine.

  13. I forgot to set my alarm clock one day 13 years ago, and discovered that I function just fine without it. I am probably late once a year, but that is no different, and I am not jolted awake in the morning. Unplug and rest.

  14. Susan Collin's Black and White RCA Television... seems a lot of the GOP own that same model.

    Eric Turner... good for him. Not for me. But I like how he fills out a speedo.

    Meadows = SMH. And NO ONE SAYS ANYTHING!

    Yes. Organized religions are filled to the brim with cross-dressers and drag queens. Spot on.

    I do laundry the same way you do... except mine frequently sits in a storage container on the dock of my dressing area. Covid-19.

    Cox... that is refreshing.

    DeSatanis is a fascist toy.

    Iowa sucks so hard they make Ivanka and Melanoma look like amatuer whores.

    Putin is a man with TPS (tiny penis syndrome.) Hope he gets his.

    Come on Liz Cheney. Save this damn country.

    The royals are terribly out of touch with reality. Quelle Suprise?

    Mr. Doris Beasley and LeRoy both drink out of the faucet. All the time.

    Thanks for the feed.


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