Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Architecture Wednesday: House LO

House LO, designed by Lina Koníček Bellovičová, founder of Ateliér Lina Bellovičová, is a prime example of sustainable architecture. The location, at the edge of a forest in Chřiby, Czech Republic, holds a special meaning for the client, as he used to live for three seasons every year in a nearby cabin, and when he was ready to build, this was the spot he chose, and this was his idea for design.

First off,  House LO has an unobtrusive design with a simple rectangular shape nestled close to the woodland with a flat green roof that blends it into nature further. At the suggestion of the client, Lina Koníček Bellovičová used hempcrete for the build.

Hempcrete is an eco-friendly building material with special properties; over the years, as it further solidifies, it draws in carbon dioxide from the surrounding air. In addition, hempcrete walls have excellent insulating properties, are recyclable, and resistant to pests, fire and mold.

House LO is a simple space, with two bedrooms and a bathroom with a sunken concrete bath as well as an open-plan kitchen and dining space. In the cellar you’ll find a darkroom—the owner is a photographer—the technical facilities, a lounge area, and storage spaces. Outside the house is surrounded by a porch that wraps around the house underneath large roof overhangs. This sheltered outdoor space allows for more time outdoors to enjoy the landscape.

In addition, the home has been designed with flexibility in mind: it will act as a family home, then as a summer retreat, and finally a home in which to retire.

It’s green and small and fit right into its surrounding; what more could you want?

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Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Love it when houses are eco-friendly.
I'd love to have a house like this as my first 'grown-up' house.


Mistress Maddie said...

Ok now this I surprisingly like believe it or fuss no muss. Clean and crisp. And I love windows. But I do feel as though I'll have to break out my fur chubbies from cold storage to keep warm.

Steve Reed said...

Needs some housplants!

the dogs' mother said...

Very nice! And as always loverly
views. xoxo :-)

Bob said...

It's so small, but I love the land and the views to the land that I could get into it!

I can imagine some cold nights, but stay inside and warm yourself, say with a lumbersexual, and enjoy!!

So much greenery out, it does need some inside.

It's a sit inside and look out house!

Haddock said...

Truly a unique house. I like those gentle slopes given to the roof.

uptonking said...

I pity the child who grows up in that house. Brrrr. It looks a bit chilly. Austere springs to mind. In a way, it's lovely. It looks beautiful from the outside. The way it lives with the environment. But inside... I have to ask... is there a fabric shortage in the Czech Republic?

VRCooper said...

I could live there...I would make it less stark...I like the windows BUT they will have to open some in some fashion...I like to open things up and let the house breathe...I always hated the homes here you could fold the wall at the back of the house to the sides...I could not bear the thought of what would be crawling and flying through the house...I could do w/o the tub sunken...I need a shower...I would never use that bathtub...

Moving with Mitchell said...

OK, I love this one! I’d have a good time warming up and personalizing the interior but this is well done.

Bob said...

And it's a "live" roof, too!

I kind of like austere, though, yeah, maybe some new textiles!

I'd be floating in that bathtub sipping on red wine!!

I'm kind of enjoying the simplicity.

Travel said...

A little post apocalypse for me