Monday, February 01, 2021


Montana state Representative John Fuller has introduced a pair of bills targeting transgender youth because … Republican, because … transphobia … because ignorance

The first—House Bill 112—requires athletic teams at every public educational institution from elementary school to college be designated based on “biological sex.” Fuller’s Save Women’s Sports Act—though the Anti-Trans Because We’re Bigots Act sounds better—bans transgender students from joining teams that match their gender identity, no matter how long ago they transitioned.

So, let’s say a college athlete, who transitioned in his or her teens, cannot play on the team of the gender with which they identify, but only on the team of their gender assigned at birth.

Yeah, I see no problems there.

Another Hate Bill, also penned by Fuller, would bar health care professionals from providing transgender minors transition-related care. This bill—House Bill 113, AKA An Act Providing for Youth Health Protection—physicians and other medical professionals would be banned from treating gender dysphoria in minors by prescribing, providing or administering puberty-suppressing drugs or cross-sex hormones, prohibited from performing gender-reassignment surgery, or removing “any otherwise healthy or nondiseased body part or tissue.”

In other words, he wants transgender made illegal until you are of legal age. He wants to force trans youth to deny their identity because … Republican.

Fuller says it is “deeply wrong” for young people to undergo such procedures:

"We don't let children do all kinds of things. Why should we allow this to happen? The state has a vested interest to protect children from such barbaric behavior."

He makes it sound like children are forced into gender reassignment surgery.

Again, because he’s an ignorant ReTHUGlican … and a Dick.

UPDATEHouse Bill 112 has advanced through the statehouse, while House Bill 113, AKA An Act Providing for Youth Health Protection, was rejected.

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the dogs' mother said...

A well deserved 'honor'!
xoxo :-)

anne marie in philly said...

he looks like he sucks dick on the DL.

Dave R said...

Thanks for the pic, but you didn't really need it, we already knew he was an aging white guy.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

It's the new Repug/Talibangelist boogeyman. Gay marriage is legal so they need to find something new to raise money with. Tans people is it.


Helen Lashbrook said...

There is a big issue over here about transgender reassignment; parents have been claiming that the only clinic in the country allowed to do this process have not been taking enough care to ensure that children really need to change gender, and many of them are given the go-ahead too young. There have been teenagers, young adults who end up wishing that they'd never undergone reassignment. It is very difficult from the outside looking in to know the pros and cons of it all....perhaps allowing a slightly longer period of assessment? People need help, what they don't need is idiots like this goon making life harder for them.

uptonking said...

Sigh, hard to believe people like this still exist, let alone are elected officials. But... Montanna. So? That explains a lot. As if local schools can't decide what is right for themselves? I dunno. People end up with strange personal agendas... I just wish they weren't allowed to parade them under the guise of government and attempt to turn them into legislation.