Thursday, February 25, 2021


The other night Carlos was Facetiming with his mother and, as they do, they chatted about the weather. His mother told him it was very cold in Mexico City, and she said it looked like it was cold here, too. Carlos said it wasn’t too cold, and she asked:

“Then why do you have a shirt with a thick fur collar?”

Carlos moved his head back and forth, and the collar adjusted itself; Tuxedo doesn’t like to be jostled while he’s sleeping.

Carlos’ mother could not stop laughing at his “collar”.

As you look around the political landscape, it becomes clear that, for some, the D or the R is a family trait. I am happy to say that when I became old enough to vote, I registered as a Democrat, which really didn’t bother my Republican parents. But then, as it should, in the early 90s, given the choice of Bill Clinton or George HW Bush, both of my parents switched parties, and stayed Democrats ever after.

I taught them well.

Lots of talk at our house about getting the vaccine and maybe taking a day trip, or quickie vacation,  somewhere for the first time in a year, and I think I’ve found the perfect spot.

Dick Island! Not it’s real name but still, there’s something about it that’s drawing me to it.

A woman named Joleen runs a Google Earth Facebook group and recently, while cruising around the globe virtually, she stumbled upon this Eden in the Pacific. The island is within the tropical Trinity Islands off the coast of French-owned New Caledonia, Oceania and is about 1600 feet long.

Perfect for you size queens, I’m guessing.

Just when you thought Rudy Giuliani couldn’t be a more disgusting pig of a man, he appeared on former presidential aide Steve Bannon’s podcast and told a high-larious story about playing golf with fellow disgusting pig of a man, Rush Limbaugh, and how Rush whined that the paparazzi were  following them. Rudy said the photographers were actually in pursuit of LPGA golfer Michelle Wie, because of her putting stance and how she “‘bends all the way over and her panties show.”

Wie heard the pig talk and smacked back:

“What this person should have remembered from that day. was the fact that I shot 64 and beat every male golfer in the field leading our team to victory. I shudder thinking that he was smiling to my face and complimenting me on my game while objectifying me and referencing my ‘panties’ behind my back all day. What should be discussed is the elite skill level that women play at, not what we wear or look like. My putting stance six years ago was designed to improve my putting stats (I ended up winning the US Open that year), NOT as an invitation to look up my skirt.”

Smack. Of course, when you’re as fucking ugly as Rudy Nosferatu Giuliani, perhaps the closest you get to a woman you didn’t order from a service, is looking up her skirt while she golfs.

A party shop in Texas has created a new piñata that looks like Ted Cruz slinking back home after being busted leaving Texas because he was too cold. And, like Ted Cruz, this one is filled with rot-your-teeth candy and, even more like Ted Cruz, the head is completely empty,

Now, buy one and beat the shit out of it!

I’ve asked before and I’m asking again: stop it with the word ‘moment,’ as in ‘This backyard needs a pool moment’ or ‘This outfit needs a cardigan moment’ or ‘This view really needs a moment,’ or “this room needs a red moment.”

Stop it.

In a virtual meeting, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau greeted President Biden like an old friend and slapped at the past:

"Thank you, again, for stepping up in such a big way on tackling climate change. U.S. leadership has been sorely missed over the past years."


PS I could curl up in his hair and take a nap.

As I’ve said, Carlos and I love Jeopardy, and miss Alex Trebek. For nearly a month, Jeopardy’s biggest winner, Ken Jennings, has been the guest host, and done rather well. But this week, a new guest host, Mike Richards, stepped in because Jennings had other commitments and even though a bunch of celebs wanted to try their hand, there were concerns about traveling to Los Angeles because of COVID.

Richards is the executive producer of  both Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, as well as also being a gameshow host in the past, but what is most striking about Richards is that he is totally adorable. I mean, look at the brows!!!! Kidman is jealous of those brows.

Mike will host for the next two weeks before handing it over to :::ick::: Katie Couric and then Dr. Oz and then Aaron Rodgers.

Anderson Cooper is also tapped to host, but I think I like Mike. He floods my basement.

Deano Perona sounds like he’s a hot model from Italy or Spain or some such. He’s not; he’s a hot model from London.  He gives good face and looks like he’d be handy changing a tire …or at least nice to look at while changing a tire.

He can rock a teeny-weeny swimsuit, too, and has abs you can grate cheese on if you’re so inclined.

And lastly, as in the cases of most hot models, the less he wears the better he looks.


the dogs' mother said...

(Carlos) (Tuxedo)
Tuxedo as neck warmer!
xoxo :-)

Deedles said...

Carlos and Tuxedo, the team to beat!
I'm not touching Dick Island! Is there a Vag Valley? Asking for a friend.
I don't like Ken Jennings as the host of Jeopardy. His speech patterns and word usage are to much of an Alex Trebeck carbon copy, and he doesn't have the voice for it. I do like him on The Chase, though.
I've never heard this Moment stuff. I hope you don't mind my saying your architecture pix need a touch, or splash of red, sometimes. Moment is stupid in this usage.
Oh dear, Deano Perona is definitely giving me a hot moment!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

You tell 'em, Michelle Wie!

Mistress Maddie said...

I'd rather beat the shit out of the real Ted Cruz.

I read Jeopardy had several lined up for guessing and possibly permanent host. But so many of them spoke out against trump and repubs....the show and produces didn't want to upset or alienate it's most conservative Republican audience. It's a shame everything is so over sensitive these days.

Helen Lashbrook said...

I'd never heard of moment being used in the way you describe but already I'm fed up with it.

anne marie in philly said...

the real raphael cruz needs to be punched in the face and kicked in the balls. hard. repeatedly.

I don't mind looking at deano's "panties". I'd like to look at justin trudeau's "panties" too. str8 men are pigs, period.

I bet tuxedo makes a warm "collar".

I too registered as a D when I turned 18; my "parents" were not thrilled. but unlike yours, they never changed. my sister is still an R. dumb bastards.

It's Just Jake said...

Ima need that Party Shop's digits...

Nosferatu, the resemblance IS astounding... brother from another mother? Or is there only one...
(The film released in 1922, approx. 72 years after Ghouliani's birth)

I've stopped watching Jeopardy, Mom died a week after Alex so it's just sad to me, but Katie and Dr Oz are strike One and Two... Why not Betty White?

I think if you had a moment w/ Monsieur Trudeau, you shouldn't napping...

Treaders said...

Good for Michelle Wie for slapping back at those sexist (fugly) pigs!

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

That Tuxedo anecdote is absolutely priceless.
And THAT island. And Mr. Perona. Yes, a good morning to you, too.
I can't wait until we don't have any more Ghouliani. Really.


Steve Reed said...

Why have I never run into Deano, wandering the mean streets of the Big Smoke?!

I love the Cruz piñata and Dick Island. Calling Giuliani "Nosferatu" is insulting to Nosferatu.

Bob said...

Tuxedo is quite good at warming a neck. I know from personal experience.

They are quite the pair.
I’m guessing Vag Valley hasn’t been, um, uncovered yet?
I liked Ken, but he is not the best host. Mike Richards, though, is dreamy and oh so cutesy!
Moment may be a gay thing, or a drag queen thing; I’ve heard designers talk about having a fabulous moment in a certain room. It’s bugs the shiz outta me!!!
Deano is more than a hot moment; he’s a good hour or ten.

I loved how she said “this person”!

Yes, I agree. Let’s get some bats!
And I wouldn’t be bothered if Mike ended up as the host; he’s easy on the eyes and pretty good at the job.

Thank you!

Let’s you and MM and me get our bats and head to Texas!
Yes to Deano and Justin :::swoon:::
I still laugh at Carlos ‘mother calling him a fur collar!

If you get the Ted pinata, take pictures of beating the crap out of it!
Oh, a moment with Justin? Ooh. La. La.

I loved her response. Epic, yet civil, smackdown.

Perhaps Deano on Dick Island??
12:46 PM

With all your walkabouts you might just spot him one day, hopefully half-dressed.

Moving with Mitchell said...

Carlos, his mother, and Tuxedo. What a team! I wonder how my conservative father would have voted in recent years. I know for certain he already knew and loathed Donald and his father in the 1980s. But, excuse me now. I need a Deano Perona Moment or maybe a Week on Dick Island.

Ken said...

When we get rid of "moment" can we send "pop of color" with it?

Dave R said...

Rudy will always be loathsome, until he's finally dead and buried... and then his memory will be loathsome.

My family's all Republican... some are Cracker Jack Crazy Christian Republicans. They know I'm registered Democrat. They will never, ever understand.

Mr. Shife said...

I love the Carlos story. Too funny. Do not mess with Tuxedo.
Good luck with the vaccine and getting away.
Ted Cruz and Rudy need to share a jail cell together.
The tweet of the week was hilarious.
Take care, Bob.

Bob said...

Perhaps a week on Dick Island WITH Deano????

I think Yes!

My father is still a Democrat, but I think, if he votes and I'm not sure he doesn't, my brother is GQP.

Tuxedo makes a good neck warmer.
I am just ready to take even a nice day trip at this point!

uptonking said...

Can't wait to get the real dirt about those tax returns. Good reading!
Wouldn't cosmetic surgery be filed under 'building maintenance'?

Deano... I love swarthy and sensual... but a little man fur is needed.

Hmmm. Richards is cute. Dr. Oz??? NO. And Anderson Cooper is a piece of... work.

Justin. Sigh. Is he furry?

Moment. I never have. Other than, let's all take a...

Piñata Ted. The difference being... one has substance and is sweet. The other is just a hollow shell filled with flatulence.

Pigs on a green. I wonder what color panties Rudy is wearing these days?

Dick Island... are the cock-tails complimentary? You know me. I'll suck anything... through a straw.

How nice of your parents.

And Tux makes two appearances... this is rare. And fun. How sweet of Carlos.

Thanks for the news feed. Kizzes. Enjoy.

Travel said...

Floods my basement, might be the line of the week,

Bob said...

I agree about Deano; he's a little too manscaped.
Bang on about Ted!!
With Rudy, it Depends.
On a cold wintry day, having Tuxedo nuzzle your neck and keep you warm is heaven!

Apropos, no?

Blobby said...

Office Furniture is the NICEST thing anyone's called Eric Trump