Friday, October 30, 2020

I Didn't Say It ...

Jon Ossoff, the Democratic challenger to GOP Senator David Perdue in the Georgia Senate race, spelling out all his opponent’s crimes and misdeeds:

“Well perhaps Senator Perdue would have been able to respond properly to the COVID-19 pandemic if you hadn’t been fending off multiple federal investigations for insider trading. It’s not just that you’re a crook, Senator. It’s that you’re attacking the health of the people that you represent. You did say COVID-19 was no deadlier than the flu. You did say there would be no significant uptick in cases. All the while, you were looking after your own assets, and your own portfolio, and you did vote four times to end protections for pre-existing conditions. Four times. And the legislation that you tout, The Protect Act, it includes loopholes that specifically allow insurance companies to deny policies to Georgians with preexisting conditions. Can you look down the camera and tell the people of this state why you voted four times to allow insurance companies to deny us health coverage, because we may suffer from diabetes, or heart disease, or asthma, or have cancer in remission? Why, Senator?”

This is how you take on the corrupt GOP. To their faces, in front of a crowd, with no parsing of your words.


Ellen Weintraub, Commissioner on the Federal Election Commission, responding to _____’s assertion that only votes counted on election day matter:

“An election is not a reality show with a big reveal at the end. All we get on Election Night are projections from TV networks. We ‘never’ have official results on Election Night. Counting ballots—all of 'em—is the appropriate, proper, and very legal way to determine who won.”

Schooled him. But since he’s about the dumbest man on the planet, he still doesn’t get it.


Billy Porter, Pose star, Broadway performer, fashion icon, on America:

“So, let me be clear right up front: America is not now, nor have we ever been, better than this. We have tried and, for suspended moments in time, we have succeeded. But make no mistake: This moment we are in is pure and purposeful chaos. We are a country founded on the plunder and genocide of a people who were already occupying this land, and a country built on the backs of a people stolen from their homeland, shackled on ships, and brought here to be enslaved. For 250 years! Think about that for just one moment. Take that number in for real. I finally have: a quarter-millennium.”

America can do better, but we haven’t yet, and, sadly, it’s because we keep electing white men into power. Try a little color, a different gender, another orientation; try electing people who have been disenfranchised throughout time and see if things change.

I bet they can.


Jared Kushner, White House eunuch, proving the administration has racism running all the way through it:

“The thing we’ve seen in the Black community, which is mostly Democrat, is that President ______’s policies are the policies that can help people break out of the problems that they’re complaining about, but he can’t want them to be successful more than they want to be successful.”

Yes, rich white criminal says black people are lazy and don’t want to be successful.

But then this is the _____ White House so racism is rampant.


Mark Schultz, owner of  Oblio's, a bar in Oshkosh, who saw his business closed because of the pandemic, and who is now sick with COVID-19, begging people to stay safe:

"I don’t worry much about me, but I got a 10-year-old son and my fiancée — that’s all I care about. My family is all at home. They are all worried about me. I don’t want them to worry about me. I don’t want them to go through this. I hope I get to go home. I just want to punch [_____]. I always had to keep my politics to myself, but from where I'm sitting now? Those days are over. I shouldn't be here. I’m just frustrated with the president — the nonchalantness of this virus. They should be afraid. It's nothing to mess with. You’ve gotta wear masks. You've gotta social distance. You've gotta wash your hands. You've gotta sanitize. You have to follow the rules. They're very simple. You've got to follow their guidelines. People have to feel comfortable going out. I don’t blame anybody for not going out. I kind of recommend it — it’s being safe."

At Oblio's, Schultz has three simple rules: Don't talk about politics. Don't talk about religion. And don't talk about someone's wife. But now, as he fights to even breath, he has been pushed to break that first rule, saying _____ should have been more upfront with the public from the beginning about the dangers of the coronavirus, should have acted quicker, promoted wearing face masks.


Steve Bannon, former political strategist for _____, on what might be in the soon-to-be ex-president’s future:

“I’ll make this prediction right now: If for any reason the election is stolen from, or in some sort of way Joe Biden is declared the winner, _____ will announce he’s going to run for re-election in 2024. You’re not going to see the end of Donald _____.”

I kinda see this happening, which is why every single goddamned vote counts in every single election in every city and town in this country.

Otherwise, we’ll see the rise of _____ism again.



Mistress Maddie said...

If what Bannon says is true....someone take that fat fuck out now!!!!!!! But he'd have to raise a shot ton of money by then and get back in the good graces of his butt buddy Vlad.

And im getting nervous. I've been watching about 10 of the most heated Senate races....and all are almost neck to neck. Something is seriously still wrong with this country if the numbers are that tight after the last four years of a gop adminstration!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

anne marie in philly said...

but I WANNA see the end of the dump! wahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Billy Porter is right.

Raybeard said...

I watched this Ossoff chappie [whom I'd never heard of till this morning] on YouTube giving his 'speech' - ALL of it, including reference to his nose being made to appear bigger and 'therefore' the Jewish which he is - and, by Jingo, he absolutely nailed it. You could almost FEEL the other one squirm. On this performance alone he [Ossoff] has a great future ahead of him, just like Mayor Pete.

the dogs' mother said...

much akness!
xoxo :-)

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Oh, Jon. That's how you DO it: you read the MoFos for filth.
Ellen and Billy? Right on point. The election is not a fucking reality show and this country has never been all that 'great' anyway. That's nationalist propaganda disguised as patriotism.
Jared Kushner, White House eunuch is the greatest lede. Ever.

And Bannon is just blowing smoke up Cheeto's ass. There's no chance IMPOTUS will recover from these four years of fuckery. But hey. It's America. Anything can happen whn cultists are involved.


Moving with Mitchell said...

Thanks for sharing some of the good people here among Satan's followers. Billy Porter's statement made me shiver. So tragically true.

Agnes Goldberg-DeWolfs said...

If Jon Ossoff doesn't win...something is serious wrong with people. We saw that debate and Perdue didn't even try to hide his lack of answer. He was dumbfounded and knew he was cooked. It was priceless.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Funnily enough I was thinking yesterday that if he loses Der Trumpenfuhrer will run in 2024 - with Javanka on the ticket (and yes, I know you can't have two VP hopefuls, but when has Trumpelstiltskin ever played by the rules?

uptonking said...

Isn't Bannon in jail yet? Sigh. I think the orange ogre will be seen as a joke. Period. Right now? He's a joke that has overstayed its welcome.
I wish someone sold Jared Kush-kush punching bags. Mine would be worn out by now.
Porter tells the truth about America succinctly. I cringe just to think of it. Truth hurts.
Ossoff seems like a very articulate fellow. And that's exactly what I was hoping to see in the debates, and sorely disappointed. Never be polite to a fascist.

Jimmy said...

Ossoff flew under the radar with Harrison in S.C. getting all the attention. Ossoff was the very first person out of my state I threw money in the election.

Mr. Shife said...

I should hope America does better this time. I don't think we can handle another four years. Have a good weekend.

Dave R said...

Ossoff is great!

Weintraub is one sharp cookie.

We are on the cusp of change... finally.

Someone should tell Bannon felons can't run for the presidency, besides, that would mean coming back from Russia.

Bob said...

@MM I think Bannon is blowing smoke … ______ should be in jail by then. I‘m nervous, too, and will not watch one more news show.

You and me both.

Sadly so.

Ossoff should teach a course in taking down an opponent!

Keep voting blue to stop this nonsense!

I’m with you!

I like to see the good folks, because they surely outshine the others.
I got the Kid Brother’s address and am looking for a cool card to send and say ‘Hello’.

Perdue looked like a deer in headlights, and now I learned he cancelled their last debate before the election.

I’m hoping he runs for president of his cell block … and loses to Bubba.
I’d love to punch Jared.
And I, too, wish the Biden and ______ had debated like Ossoff and Perdue.

I hope he wins, and Jaime, too!

@Mr. Shife
I we don’t do better, I fear we’ll get what we deserve.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Moving with Mitchell said...

Thanks again, Bob. Chuck will be SO happy. Also, no need to write much. His reading skills are limited. I simply write "Hi Chuck" and "Love..." with all our names. He WILL, however, let me know if you don't write his address in the correct format! (And I'll spell your name for him and he'll recognise it. He might even read the name on his own.)