Friday, October 23, 2020

I Didn't Say It ...

Rudy Giuliani, raging about a scene in the sequel to Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat, in which he plays with his genitals on a bed while having a drink with the actress who plays Borat’s 15-year-old daughter:

“The Borat video is a complete fabrication. I was tucking in my shirt after taking off the recording equipment. At no time before, during, or after the interview was I ever inappropriate. If Sacha Baron Cohen implies otherwise he is a stone-cold liar. In fact, the NY Post today reports ‘it looks to me like an exaggeration through editing.’ As soon as I realized it was a set up I called the police, which has been noted in THR article on July 8th. This is an effort to blunt my relentless exposure of the criminality and depravity of Joe Biden and his entire family. Deadline Hollywood reports CAA had a distribution screening in September where there was no mention of the scene holding any importance. We are preparing much bigger dumps off of the hard drive from hell, of which Joe Biden will be unable to defend or hide from. I have the receipts.”

This looks like, as someone said on Twitter, a clear-cut case of “erection fraud.”

Oh, and Rudy, who lays down on a bed to tuck in their shirt?


Michael Steele, former Chair of the Republican Party, has endorsed Joe Biden for president:

“America has watched as the Republican Party stopped pursuing its animating principles of freedom and opportunity [and] given up its voice on things that mattered and instead bent the arc of the party towards the baser motives of one man, who is neither a Republican nor a conservative. Rather than binding up the nation’s wounds, _____ exacerbates division. Rather than standing up to the world’s dictators, ______ cravenly seeks the favor of thugs. Rather than fostering free enterprise, _____embraces economic principles not only outdated in Lincoln’s time, but made even worse today by a leader who lost close to a billion dollars in a single year running a casino. Rather than seeking to build on the legacy of the Republican Party’s founders, of which ______ is surely ignorant, _____ has posited a single purpose for the GOP—the celebration of him. I long to restore that trust with the American people. However, what many inside and outside the GOP fail to grasp now is that our lack of standing with the American people is not the fault of our ideals or the principles we espouse, but rather due to our failure to stand up against the arrogance of power and the erosion of our principles.”

I doubt the GOP will ever fully recover from their blind devotion to a racist rapist lying pig and I’m good with that!


Dan Rather, on the GOPers who are suddenly trying to distance themselves from _____:

“It’s tempting to use the analogy of rats fleeing a sinking ship to describe the growing number of Republican elected officials starting to speak out against Donald _____. But that’s really not fair to rats, who tend not to be complicit in driving ships to the bottom of the sea.”

It’s too little, too late; where were their balls and backbones all these years.


Dr. Anthony Fauci, on ______ contracting COVID-19:

“I was worried he was going to get sick when I saw him in a completely precarious situation of crowded, no separation between people, and almost nobody wearing a mask. When I saw that on TV I said [Fauci face palms with both hands] ‘Oh my goodness.’ Nothing good can come out of that. That’s gotta be a problem. And then sure enough it turned out to be a superspreader event.”

Science. I believe it; I believe Fauci.


Ben Sasse, GOP Senator from Nebraska, ripped ______ in a phone call with constituents:

“The way he kisses dictators’ butts. I mean, the way he ignores the Uighurs, our literal concentration camps in Xinjiang. Right now, he hasn’t lifted a finger on behalf of the Hong-Kongers. The United States now regularly sells out our allies under his leadership, the way he treats women, spends like a drunken sailor. The ways I criticize President Obama for that kind of spending; I’ve criticized President Trump for as well. He mocks evangelicals behind closed doors. His family has treated the presidency like a business opportunity. He’s flirted with white supremacists.”

Oh, Ben, he’s been doing this for years, so quit acting all faux-indignant. You carried water for him since election day 2016, so, no, I don’t care what you think now. If he wins reelection, you’re start goose-stepping all over again.


Caroline Giuliani, Rudy’s daughter, coming out as a Biden supporter:

“I am a filmmaker in the LGBTQ+ community who tells stories about mental health, sexuality, and other stigmatized issues, and my goal is to humanize people and foster empathy. So, I hope you’ll believe me when I say that another ______ term … will irrevocably harm the LGBTQ+ community, among many others. His administration asked the Supreme Court to let businesses fire people for being gay or trans, pushed a regulation to let health care providers refuse services to people who are LGTBQ+, and banned trans people from serving their country in the military. I fully understand that some of you want a nominee who is more progressive. For others the idea of voting for a Democrat of any kind may be a hurdle. Now I have another confession to make. Biden wasn’t my first choice when the primaries started. But I know what is at stake, and Joe Biden will be everyone’s president if elected. If you are planning to cast a symbolic vote or abstain from voting altogether, please reconsider.”

While Daddy is adjusting his Little Rudy on film while his daughter is standing for America.



Mistress Maddie said...

That was very uncomfortable seeing the Keeper Elf playing with his little Rudy.

Deedles said...

Just when I think the ick couldn't get any ickier, it does.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

*BARF* ugh Rudy. No.
'Establishment' Repugs are distancing themselves from Hair Furor. Still they never talked before.
*BARF* again.


krayolakris said...

Great point about the rats. May the Repubs get what they deserve.

krayolakris said...’s so nice to see and hear Pres Obama again!

Helen Lashbrook said...

It's as if the past four years haven't happened as far as most of the Repugnant party is concerned and for Don the Con, who is currently replaying his Greatest Hits of 2016 or as we might say over here "Now That's What I Call Lying album #420,573"

the dogs' mother said...

Soooo tired of these folks!!
take care, stay safe, xoxo :-)

anne marie in philly said...

"Daddy is adjusting his Little Rudy on film" - need a magnifying glass to see it, just like the dump.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Erection fraud, LOL!

Moving with Mitchell said...

Well, at least Rudy has moved on from Obama. Now, everything is Biden's fault. Even when Rudy plays with Little Rudy.

Treaders said...

Even if you believe Giuliani was "innocent" (I don't), wouldn't ANY sane man, especially one who has been in politics as long as he has, realize you don't go to a hotel room with a pretty young thing ON YOUR OWN! His security guy was just outside the door apparently, so why didn't he have him in the room with him - for his own protection?

uptonking said...

It's time for their despicable party to end. After seeing the last debate... I think Biden may be in trouble... the oil thing. I am glad I don't have to sit and watch him fumble anymore. When the orange ogre said that Biden was the reason he ran in 2016, all Biden had to say was... and you're the reason I am running in 2020. Game over. But no, instead... he fumbled a lot. Very disappointed. And... I am letting go of it. As long as we take the Senate and the House... I don't care. Because we can make the orange ogre's next four years pure hell... whether he wins or not.

Bob said...

I knew he was creepy, but ... wow.

The ick is never far off.

I like the GOPers moving away from ______ but they are never to be trusted again.

They do deserve what they get.


Some oif them are exhausting!

I think it's old and wrinkly and stands about a half inch fully extended.

Total fraud.

Rudy deserves every bad thing that comes his way.

I imagine all the decisions were being made by the Little Rudy.

I want Joe to win, but there is that chance ... so taking the entire Congress will be good.

Dave R said...

Rudy's going to jail.

The Idiot Jerk was sent to destroy the Republican Party... and possibly Evangelicals.

Dan's right, they're not like rats, their like ticks waiting until they feel the sting of the matchhead before letting go.