Thursday, June 01, 2017

Random Musings

This week the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a major ruling in Whitaker v. Kenosha Unified School District that transgender students are protected from discrimination under Title IX and the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment.


The court upheld the preliminary injunction, issued by a federal district court in September 2016, that has allowed Ash Whitaker, a senior at Tremper High School in the Kenosha Unified School District in Kenosha, Wisconsin, to use the boys’ restrooms at school throughout his senior year without fear of discipline or invasive surveillance by school officials. The court wrote:
“The School District has failed to provide any evidence of how the preliminary injunction will harm it, or any of its students or parents. . . . , whereas the harms to Ash are well-documented and supported by the record.”
Cuz, you know, he just wanted to pee.
“I am thrilled that the Seventh Circuit recognized my right to be treated as the boy that I am at school. After facing daily humiliation at school last year from being threatened with discipline and being constantly monitored by school staff just to use the bathroom, the district court’s injunction in September allowed me to be a typical senior in high school and to focus on my classes, after-school activities, applying to college, and building lasting friendships. As I look forward to college next year, I hope my case will help other transgender students in Kenosha and elsewhere to just be treated the same as everyone else without facing discrimination and harassment from school administrators.”—Ash Whitaker
The march goes on ...
Mexican lawyer Antonio Battaglia has created a new toilet paper, “_____ Paper” to benefit migrants and U.S. deportees now residing in his hometown of Guanajuato, Mexico.

Battaglia was angry about Donald Trump’s hate-filled campaign rhetoric on Mexicans, but, rather than give in to negativity, he turned creative to make it clear “that Mexicans are not ‘bad hombres.’”

Battaglia initially tried to register for a trademark in clothing or footwear, but the “_____” brand had already been registered for the items, so he came up with the idea for toilet paper .... The sanitary product will begin production at the end of this year, and distribution is planned throughout various Mexican groceries and supply chain groups.

So, you know, people can wipe their rumps with _____s.
And speaking of ... lotsa folks feel that _____ is mentally unfit to be President and suspicions that he perhaps suffers from a mental illness, or JPS—Just Plain Stupidity—are on the rise, and this story won’t help ...

In a recent video clip, a glassy-eyed _____ was captured wandering away from a meeting with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for seemingly no reason at all, looking completely lost

. _____ suddenly left Netanyahu’s side, leaving the Prime Minister and all surrounding staff shocked and confused. In the clip you see ____ wander off, and a hand seems to guide him back to Netanyahu. He reappears looking completely lost and then shake’s Netanyahu’s hand.

The far-away look in Trump’s eyes is unsettling, to say the least, because even while some of us joke that he’s unfit, this looks very frightening.

And add to that the fact that he skipped events the next day for “exhaustion”?

Just sayin’.

So, a few months back I took Carlos clothes shopping for his birthday—the man will never buy clothes and still wears clothes from the 80’s ... the 1880s.

And this time he wanted a pair of white jeans and the stores we went to didn’t carry them; the salesman told him we should try stores on Columbia that have a larger supply, while I muttered something about not having a DeLorean and this isn’t Back to the Future and the Era of the White Jean.

Anyway, this past weekend we’re out running errands and Carlos spots an Old Navy and wants to check there for his white jeans. In we go and Voila! white jeans. He tries them on and then decides to get them and so we head to the checkout. In the line he finally looks at the price-tag and shrieked like a howler money:
“Forty-four dollars!??!”
I replied:
“Welcome to 2017, Marty McFly.”
Luckily the jeans were marked down to just $32 or we might have had another episode of Carlos not being able to breathe.
 is back and so is their quintet of Hotties. The show is about a semi-smalltime crime family lead by the fabulous Ellen Barkin, who uses her sons to steal and rob so she doesn’t have to work and can like in her mid-century modern LA pad with a pool.

Her Hottie sons include coke-head Craig—Ben Robson—her grandson J—Finn Cole—her closeted son Deran—Jake Weary—her ‘adopted’ son Baz—Scott Speedman—and her jailbird paranoid son Pope—Shawn Hatosy.

It’s beefcake, I tell ya, beefcake.
Also whilst running errands we were listening to The Prairie Home Companion. As usual, their musical guest was a folk-country singer—the kind of music Carlos loathes—Brandi Carlile.

Now, I like some country-folk, especially when the lyrics are really good ... cuz I loves me some words ... and this song didn’t disappoint, especially in the lyric:
“There's one thing they don't tell about the blues when you got 'em, you keep on fallin' 'cause there ain't no bottom, and they're ain’t no end"
Loved that one, and loved that I discovered the song, “Red Dirt Girl [Lillian]” was written by a favorite of mine, Emmylou Harris.

But I’ll give you Brandi’s version from the show:

Kathy Griffin and the head .. I cut out the head in that photo.

Disgusting. A desperate attention grab by an attention-seeking whore who acts like she had no idea that holding up a mock severed head of another human being might be seen as idiotic.

It is; look, y’all know I have nothing but disgust for _____, but this is too far, too much.

And of course, the instant the shiz hit the fan and CNN fired her from the New Year’s Eve show—because Anderson Cooper wanted it done—and as soon as she lost another endorsement deal and some gigs were canceled, Kathy ran to Twitter to faux-pologize and beg forgiveness.
“I sincerely apologize…I’m a comic. I crossed the line. I moved the line, then I crossed it. I went way too far. The image is too disturbing. I understand how it offends people. It wasn’t funny. I get it. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my career. I will continue. I asked your forgiveness. Taking down the image. Gonna ask the photographer to take down the image. And I beg for your forgiveness. I went too far. I made a mistake, and I was wrong.”
Y’all know I love inappropriate humor but this was too far and even the apology was an attempt to stay in the spotlight.

Sorry Kathy, you blew it.
And speaking of celebrities apologizing...

Sorry, Tiger, but just because you were hopped up on pain meds and not drunk as hell makes no difference.

You could have killed someone driving like that and there is no excuse.

Sit down, and stay down.
This is rich ... Republican Congressman from California, Darrell Issa, actually stood on the roof of his district office this week as his protesting constituents gathered outside.

Issa reportedly came outside but refused to talk to the people who elected him, the people who pay his salary.

So this is the GOP ... The 1% Congressman hiding on the roof because his constituents are mad.

One way to fix that ... vote him out.
Oh hell no ....

There’s a good chance that we won’t be seeing a performance from Tony nominee Bette Midler at the 2017 Tony Awards next weekend.

Midler is nominated for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical for Hello, Dolly, which is nominated for ten awards. While it was expected that Bette would perform the title number, it seems like it’s no longer likely.

The producers of the musical reportedly want Bette and the cast to perform live from the Shubert Theatre, where the show is performed seven times a week, rather than at Radio City Music Hall and Tony producers have reportedly declined a remote performance.
Dolly co-star David Hyde Pierce may perform a solo number, with Bette presenting if she doesn’t perform.

Oh hell no ... do not make me storm the Great White Way.

Show-queens are a vicious lot, I tell ya!

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mistress maddie said...

Friends of mine just saw Hello Dolly and said it was by far the best musical and cast in some time. Bette seems to screw lines up, but always has a clever comeback when she does.

I'm with Carlos I love white denim and have several pairs. I just wished I'd paid what Carlos did. If he heard what I paid, he'd be back in hospital with shortness of breath.

Sadie J said...

I agree that what Kathy did was tasteless and unnecessary, but like normal, the repubs seemed to have already forgotten all of the tasteless things directed at President Obama and his family. They can dish it out, ...

Raybeard said...

That clip with Netanyahu and D.T.'s behaviour being so distracted only adds to my grave concern about the latter's mental state - to go along with the sight of him a couple of days ago swaying along with such jollity to the national anthem while singing along lustily at the Arlington ceremony. If he was pissed at the time, as he looks to be, even though it would be inexcusable and unforgivable it would at least supply a reason for his conduct. If he was actually stone-cold sober, that just takes it way beyond the scary.

And I must add that Miss M. looks absolutely DIVINE!!! Oh, to see that show!

the dogs' mother said...

Dear God, if you are going to excoriate Mr. W for his misspellings then use the word 'who' and a couple commas - as is 'idiot bigot, with no balls, who can't spell!'

Anonymous said...

Personally, I wouldn't defile my precious butt with Trump toilet paper!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I suspect Trump uses some little pharmacological pick-me-ups to deal with things -- like stress during the debates (sniff, sniff) and fatigue on his first foreign tour (glassy eyes, wandering off). Also things like riding in golf cart while others walk -- the man is 70 years old, after all. But of course he blasted Clinton for not having the "stamina" necessary to be president.

anne marie in philly said...

woolery needs to siddown and shaddap; his 15 minutes of fame passed 30 years ago.

I have never liked kathy griffin.

Dave R said...

Agree with you 100% on Kathy G - that was an act of desperation by an out dated comic.

White jeans are nice if you have a nice ass - I don't.

And I think the Idiot becoming more and more distracted by his Putin fantasies.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Poor Carlos. $44 for a pair of jeans is a deal ... and has been since, well, since Marty McFly was a lad! Don't tell him how much a cup of coffee costs!

Sheila Morris said...

Bob, Bob, Bob,

How in the world do you ever keep up with this wealth of information you disseminate to cyberspace??!!

Thank you for your passion and your persistence in resistance - you're simply the best!

P.S. Carlos must be the quintessential Renaissance Man. Lucky you!