Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Chris Dodds Calls For Killing Gays At Pride

Look, I’ll make this perfectly queer: if you don’t like The Gays just because of our sexual orientation, that’s okay in my book. I mean, it’s kinda dumb when you think about it; it’s like hating people because they have blue eyes or red hair ... or because of their skin color, right? Who would do that?

But, what I have a problem with is when people suggest that The Gays be murdered simply for being an LGBT or Q. And that’s what Columbus City School District employee Chris Dodds did on Facebook because, well, idiot ... homophobe ... hater.

Dodds, a garage assistant supervisor who has worked for the district since 2004, may now likely be out of a job because he shared his personal vile thoughts, not on his own Facebook page, but the Facebook page of Columbus Pride:

And now the Columbus Police Department and Homeland Security are looking into Dodds’ Facebook post because, again, he’s an idiot ... homophobe ... hater.

The Columbus City School district released this statement after Dodds’ hate came to light:
“We have also been made aware of his inappropriate comments and are working to address the situation.”
They failed to mention how they might address the situation, but, hey, it’s just killing gays, right, so maybe a slap on the wrist?
Or maybe not; a Change.org petition ... go on over and sign it ... is calling for Chris Dodds to be fired. And now we know that Columbus City Schools has a policy on free speech that Chris Dodds may have violated and they have issued another statement:
"Columbus City Schools values and celebrates its diversity. Please know that we are working with authorities to address this matter and his actions. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. Our District will be participating in the Pride Parade Saturday with more than 400 teachers, staff, students, families, friends and allies. We hope to see you there as well."
In addition to that statement, posted to the district’s Facebook page, Columbus City Schools urged supporters to:
"Walk the PRIDE Parade with CCS! Join CCS teachers, staff, students, community partners, and more. Everyone is welcome to march with us!"
And they added that they are working toward the Chris Dodds’ termination.
As I said at the top, you can hate The Gays, for whatever reason you choose, though I’ve yet to hear any reason to hate anyone that makes any sense, but perhaps you should think twice before suggesting that people be murdered because they’re gay.

Just sayin’.


anne marie in philly said...

h8 speech should be met with a consequence of that speech. in this case, FIRE THE IGNORANT BASTARD!

I signed the petition.

den81164 said...

not only hateful, but uneducated as well...."fag's" with an unnecessary '

the dogs' mother said...

Yup. Mr. Hateful you only want to eliminate one person's object.
Anyone can make a mistake. Brilliant people can be dyslexic - married
to and gave birth to three. BUT ignorant, hateful people get no
quarter in my world.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

It's probably too much to hope that he'll learn something from all this.

Harry Hamid said...

When I read the headline, I was afraid that former Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd had said something crazy!

Surely the school district is not going to allow for public advocacy of murder. I hope. Plus, he works for a school district and believes he has to put an apostrophe in plural words.

Jennifer said...

That's just sickening.

Biki Honko said...

What gives someone the right to talk about murdering an entire group of people? I'll tell you who, The Bigot in Chief, that's who.

Sadie J said...

They say things like that and then yell "but, we have the right of free speech!" Somehow, they've missed the whole point of what that means.

Helen Lashbrook said...