Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Architecture Wednesday: Villa N

Oh, I need to get away ... and I need to get away to Villa N, in Liguria, Italy overlooking the Gulf of Imperia.

Villa N was created to seem like a part of the landscape of the Ligurian rock terraces, with the house, composed of two half-subterranean volumes, mimicking the topography of the hillside.

One side of the home contains the large open space living with dining area and kitchen, while the other end of the home has space for five bedrooms, each with its own private outside space and views to the sea.

Along the inner walls, away from the views and tucked away, are hallways to the bedrooms—illuminated by large operable skylights—a pantry, laundry, storage rooms, technical rooms and access to the garage.

A sun deck is situated in front of the living area which opens up to an infinity pool overlooking the valley. Containment walls create a continuity between the building, the interior and the exterior; the patio and the sun shading canopies create a filter between inside and out.

The windows play a key role in maximizing views and light, as well as creating the indoor/outdoor living spaces; and all the windows slide back into the walls, completely disappearing from view.

The interior is defined by a simple minimal style and the use of high quality materials such as timber and stone, and industrial concrete floors and built-in cabinetry in natural oak. Each bedroom has built-in wardrobes and multifunctional use, like the two single timber futon beds positioned along a floating oak backboard that can change the room from a double bed room to a twin room ... or study ... or play room.

The bathrooms are clad with natural stone and built-in oak vanities, and are illuminated by skylights; in the evening the stone walls of the walk-in rain shower and the whirlpool bath are illuminated by integrated wall washer lighting from the ceiling.

It’s very sleek and rustic and natural and futuristic and green, in every sense of the word; plus, that outside terrace, a spot by the pool, and a fine bottle of an Italian Barolo is the perfect spot to end the day.


mistress maddie said...

Stunning!!!! The interior is beautiful, but that exterior sucked me right in. Lately, I have a thing for big, oversized window to let the light in. And that kitchen perfect for making a pasta dish.

the dogs' mother said...

Amazing windows!

Mitchell is Moving said...

And move-in ready! I'll take it.