Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Architecture Wednesday: WE House

This one gets the nod because, from the walk up, it seems kinda simple, kinda plain, kinda unassuming. But when you get inside, it’s expansive and wide open and has the kind of windows I would ... literally ... kill for.

In fact, the architect was inspired by the idea of “wide open spaces”—lovely green areas, big plots of land, and nature everywhere—and opted to bring those concepts indoors as well.

Although the house doesn’t appear huge or overstated from the outside, it boasts rooms that are widespread, open, and full of light, complete with high ceilings and spacious hallways connecting each room in a fresh way.

The color scheme, which stays within the neutral tones, contributes to the openness of the central living rooms and kitchen, letting fresh air ... and visitors ... flow through the house freely.

That open space concept continues upstairs with several bedrooms and bathrooms that fall a hair short of being described as “sprawling”. And, rather than waste space that might have been used for other rooms, the bedrooms embrace the space, keeping furniture minimal and decor simple but leaving lots of floor room to allow for different set ups as the years go on.

Outside there’s a gorgeous, yes, sprawling pool and lawns; the step-down pool glistens in the sunlight on summer days while you enjoy the beautifully natural view around you.

Inside or out, it’s the ideal place for enjoying a relaxing afternoon with space for all of your closest family and friends.



Mitchell is Moving said...

I love surprises like this. You have no idea what you're in for. I wouldn't mind living in this one!

the dogs' mother said...

Wonder where the fridge is?

itsmyhusbandandme said...

Its huge! Not sure about the wooden ceilings though.