Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Oh Kentucky ... Am I Gonna Have To Do My "Told You So" Dance?

Matt Bevin took control of Kentucky as the state’s new governor back in December 2015 — about ninety days ago — and now a great many people in the sate want him to resign.

Bevin swept into office on the coattails of the Kim Davis brouhaha which means that her fifteen minutes of fame are just about up … until she divorces again and remarries again or comes out as a Satan worshipper. But Bevin played the Tea Party Card and vowed to “Take Kentucky Back” and “Make Kentucky Great Again” but, instead, created a giant montón de mierda … that Spanish for “pile of sh — ” … well, you get it:

Bevin opposed the Violence Against Women Act [VAWA], gave a campaign speech at a cockfighting rally, and promised to end medical coverage for impoverished Kentuckians. Yup, no healthcare for you! He took voting rights back from ex-felons, changed marriage licenses after the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, and ended state worker’s hopes of receiving a raise in wages.


And now Kentuckians have started a petition to have Bevin removed from office and more than 8,000 voters have already signed it. The petition includes a letter to the state senate and state house asking that they begin a “formal investigation” into the 2015 Kentucky State election that elected Bevin in as Governor, and remove him from office if evidence shows him to be participating in fraud, or corruption on any level.

They also ask that the legislature begin a formal investigation into the Governor’s motives for cutting funding for public education, healthcare, and the very departments that oversee and audit the ethics of decisions and actions of the Governor himself.

Yes, Bevin cut funding to the office that audits him to make sure he’s not a total loon.
Almost since election day there have been allegations of fraud around Bevin’s win; in the weeks leading up to the election, most polls showed that Kentucky democrat Jack Conway was leading Tea Party wingnut Bevin by a margin of 3 to 5 points.

On election day, however, the results showed a shift “so dramatic that it was almost impossible to believe.” Matt Bevin suddenly gained nearly 15 points on election day, and ALLEGEDLY won the governor’s race by a nine point margin.

And now, here we are, or here Kentuckians are, regretting what many of them did on election day: give a wingnut like Matt Bevin leadership over their state.

Told you so, Kentucky, told you so.

And … cue music …


the dogs' mother said...

well, ANY politician that promises to 'take our country back' gets muted here.
Same if they use the term 'working families'.
It is Super Tuesday and I'm feeling crabby :-)

Biki Honko said...

They voted this joker in, they get to enjoy him for a full 4 years. Maybe finally get the idea that voting any tea party fool in is a stupid move. But then Kansas didn't figure it out and voted in that Brownback twice!