Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Molly White, Anti-Muslim and Anti-LGBT, Lost The Election

I have good News and I have Bad News …

First, the Good News: Molly White lost her bid to be reelected to the Texas House of Representatives.

As part of her campaign, White requested that all Muslims come to her office, pledge allegiance to the United Sates and renounce terrorism because, you know, Muslim = Terrorist.

Trouble is, Molly White is all kinds of idiot and had asked that the Muslims come to her office while she was out of town — or, perhaps, she was so in fear of them that she just stayed away — and so many folks, both Muslim and non-Muslim, visited her empty office and left comments rejoicing the fact that that she was gone and asking her to get out of Texas as so as possible.

And, if her hatred for the Muslim community wasn’t bad enough, White was given an F from Equality Texas, who named her the worst member of the Texas State House on LGBT equality issues. White had refused to meet an LGBT rights activist last spring — Texas law does not require members of its House of Representatives to meet with constituents — and so the activists who made the trip to her office were thrown out by White’s staff.

The Bad News is that she lost by just 118 votes and is requesting a recount.

I hope a group of gays and Muslims are in charge of that recount.


the dogs' mother said...

Glad to hear it :-)

Blobby said...

....and you just know she changed her name to 'White'.

Raybeard said...

Hmmmm. She sounds like a bit of a c*nt to me.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Sad that it was only by 118. Maybe the recount will show it was really by 1,118.

Helen Lashbrook said...

So elected representatives of the state of Taxes are not required to meet their constituents? That seems wrong in so many ways. Keep fingers crossed that she loses on appeal