Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Joseph Pryor Bought Into [t]Rump]s Racism And Is Now Paying The Price

We’ve all seen videos of people being removed from Donald [t]Rump rallies for protesting his special brand of bigotry and hatred; I watched a video of a Latino man being spit on for no other reason than he’s Latino and so therefore clearly not American. 

And I read a story about two women who were ejected from a [t]Rump event because they weren’t cheering; seriously. The crowd around them noticed that these women weren’t frothing at the mouth and repeating the Hate Speech that spews forth from a [t]Rump Piehole™ and so the crowd turned on them, chanting “Protestor” and “Get out” until security removed the women from the event … because they weren’t cheering.

This case is different and better if only because there is a hint of revenge, an iota of repercussion for being a bigot …

On March 1st, Joseph Pryor went to a [t]Rump event because he’s an AWM™, an Angry White Male who blames all the ills in his life on people of color and he wanted the comfort of other AWMs™. At that same event in Louisville was student Kayisha Nwanguma, who was doing nothing, saying nothing, but was violently pushed around and harassed. Pryor, one of the men involved with pushing this woman around and calling her names was so proud of his special brand of bigotry and misogyny and stupidity that he posted a picture of it, along with a news story about it, on his Facebook page.

Unfortunately for Joseph Pryor, who was enlisted in the Marine Corps’ delayed entry program, Colonel John Bolt — his district’s commanding officer — saw the video and kicked Pryor out of the program:
“The Marine Corps takes situations like this seriously and does not tolerate individuals being associated with this kind of incident…The situation and Pryor’s lack of judgment are unfortunate, so in keeping with our ethos, this command decided to part ways with him. This command encourages equality across the board, and actions that deviate from our values will not be tolerated.”
Good on the Marines for standing up and saying they will not tolerate someone like Joseph Pryor in their ranks. If the military is there to protect Americans we don’t need the like of a Joseph Pryor in their ranks.

Sad on this country that Joseph Pryor is just one of many white racist men listening to a rich white racist bully running for president and get so swept up in the bile and the hatred that they attack, physically and verbally, innocent people just for the hell of it.

And [t]Rump just keeps rolling on without repercussions for his words and deeds. Let’s hope that, come election day, the majority of Americans will say ‘No’ to his Made In America brand of bigotry and send him packing, and then his businesses into a decline.

Karma; that’s what we need.


the dogs' mother said...

Good for the Marines!

anne marie in philly said...

asshat extraordinary!

Helen Lashbrook said...

The more of these bigots who are outed from official posts the better. But God (or someone else, hopefully not Vlad the Putrid) save the world if the Strumpet or Untrusted get to be leader of the free world.

Fearsome Beard said...

Semper Fi

Mitchell is Moving said...

Yay! That's what happens when you tell it to the Marines!