Friday, March 11, 2016

I Didn't Say It ...

Justin Trudeau, Canadian prime Minister, on politics today:

“I don’t think it comes as a surprise to anyone that I stand firmly against the politics of division, the politics of fear, the politics of intolerance or hateful rhetoric. If we allow politicians to succeed by scaring people, we don’t actually end up any safer.  Fear doesn’t make us safer, it makes us weaker.”

Are you listening America?
Sarah Paulson, brilliant actress, on her relationship with Holland Taylor: 

“My choices in romantic partners have not been conventional, and therefore the idea that it is ‘other’ makes it compelling … If my life choices had to be predicated based on what was expected of me from a community on either side, that’s going to make me feel really straitjacketed, and I don’t want to feel that. What I can say absolutely is that I am in love, and that person happens to be Holland Taylor.”

And what difference does it make?
And whose business is it?
Caitlyn Jenner, on which political candidate would be best for trans people:

“We need both sides… if we’re unfortunate enough to get Hillary as our next President, we need her on our side although she won’t be… she couldn’t care less about women. She only cares about herself. [But the GOP doesn't] hate gays or trans people. They are more ‘I want a thriving economy so every trans person has a job’.”

Caitlyn Jenner thinks the GOP, long anti-LGB and T, and anti-women, is the party for her? And she thinks Ted Cruz, who has attended rallies put on by Kill The Gays preachers, is the man for her?
Bitch, please. You take a seat and let the grown-ups talk while you play with your hair and Instagram with Kim … speaking of …
Kim Kardashian, on being over her sex tape:

“I don’t do drugs, I hardly drink, I’ve never committed a crime—and yet I’m a bad role model for being proud of my body? It always seems to come back around to my sex tape. Yes, a sex tape that was made 13 years ago. 13 YEARS AGO. Literally that lonnng ago. And people still want to talk about it?!?!”

Well, since you started your “career” lying flat on your back with your heels to Jesus, and just last week, you made even more news by posting nude selfies to the web, we’ll continue to talk about how you made yourself, not on your brains or talent, but on your sexual escapades and nude photographs.
It’s how you roll, Kash Kow.
John Goodman, on President Obama: 

“I just feel bad for Obama. As soon as he got into office they started kicking the s**t out of him. For no reason. … He could have a cancer cure and it’s like, ‘No, it’s not good enough.’”

But it’s not a racial thing, right?


the dogs' mother said...

Tis alarming that I remember Justin Trudeau being born...

Jennifer said...

I have a slight crush on Justin Trudeau. So handsome. So good. Sigh.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

This is the first time in my life that I've been so proud of the politician representing our country here and around the world. When he speaks on my behalf, and on the behalf of all fellow Canadians, my heart just swells with pride. I hope he continues to do good throughout his term.

anne marie in philly said...

ummmmmmmmmmm, justin trudeau...WANT!

the entire kartrashian/jenner klan should be sent to the moon. ALL OF THEM! nuthin but hos and thugs.

Sadie J said...

Justin Trudeau, smart and gorgeous!

Doesn't Caitlyn know her party would make her use the men's room? They don't hate gays or trans? Oh, please.

And John has the right of it, 100%.

Blobby said...

Apparently, when Caitlyn got gender reassignment surgery they took 2/3 of her brain too.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Just because Caitlyn was an athlete doesn't make her brainy enough to think logically. How many Republicans have spoken out against the killings of transgender people? Not many I bet. And who would want any of the Republican hopefuls as US president? I don't care much for Hillary, but she's a much more attractive offering than the Strumpet, Crucify Them and Rub It Out.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Would Caitlyn Jenner and Kim Kardashian please shut up!?!

Professor Chaos said...

What the hell is wrong with Cait Jenner? A trans woman voting for Ted Cruz is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.