Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Architecture Wednesday: Casa Chontay

This home is on a large rural plot south-east of Lima, if you follow the 25 mile driveway from the road that borders the Lurin River; the road that leads to the house is surrounded by a beautiful landscape where stone, wood, clay and local flora stand out.

The house sits about 229 feet above the river so the views are spectacular, and with the ample amounts of stone, clay and wood found onsite, there was no need for additional building materials to be trucked in.

Still, choosing an exact location on which to build the home was challenging and lead to a solution of two independent volumes articulated by a garden lined up with the existing trees and the valley which allows the homeowners to have constant connection with nature and outdoor activities.

Access to the house is via a pedestrian pathway through a field and one enters the living, dining and kitchen spaces. The lower volume has an open hall to the three bedrooms, an attic, 2 bathrooms and the terrace.

It’s not a large house, but it maximizes the views, and the terrain, and the environment, making it a perfect home to sip wine and watch the sunset, to create your own fruit and vegetable gardens, and the enjoy the lush surroundings.

It’s a drive to get to the house, but it seems to be worth it.


mistress maddie said...

BEAUTIFUL. But if the driveway would have been 26 miles long id bought it

the dogs' mother said...

very purtiful!! Like all the nature.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous choice as usual. When can I get the keys.

viktor kerney said...

so nice