Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wedding Week Repost: Straw Hats and Bow Ties

I remember watching an episode of Sex and the City ... I'm gay, so that answers that question ... and Samantha was asking if anyone is ever really happy in their relationship every single day.

Charlotte said she was, and Samantha, stunned, asked, "You're happy in your relationship every day?"

And Charlotte said, "Well, not all day, but, yes, every single day I'm happy in my relationship."

That's how I feel about Carlos and here's a little repost from March 2009 as an example of why ...

Straw Hats and Bow Ties

I have one hard and fast rule — actually I have about a thousand, but we'll deal with this one today—unless you are under six or over eighty, you should never wear a bow tie.

Amended to add: or unless you're Carlos.

Backing up a bit. When I flew to Miami nine years ago to meet Carlos face-to-face, he was picking me up at the Ft Lauderdale airport. I knew what he looked like, and he knew me; we'd emailed and snail mailed pictures. But he told me he'd be wearing a bow tie when I arrived so I could spot him. And yes he was; a cute little bow tie and a bunch of roses. He looked adorable, although that one hard and fast rule played in my mind.

A bow tie?

Come to find out, Carlos only wears bow ties when a tie is needed. And of course, being the 21st century and being Miami, we weren't invited to too many functions where a tie was necessary, so I didn't see him in one for a long while.

Flash forward to yesterday. We're meeting Roger and Thomas at the HuffawFawFaw Hall — it’s actually called Springdale Hall, but at first I thought it would be a pretentious affair, hence the HuffawFawFaw. I showered and shaved and cologned and styled and got myself pressed and dressed and spackled and shined; and Carlos did the same.

He came down the hall wearing a new green shirt and a yellow bow tie. That rule rang a bell in my head. Then I looked at him.

He was the cutest thing ever!

I have changed the rule as of yesterday. No bow ties unless you're Carlos.

But then he put on an actual straw hat, and for a moment I thought I was going to lose it. Straw. Hat. Oh honey.....No.......no. And then the damned thing increased his cuteness level tenfold. I may have to keep him in bow ties and straw hats forever. My heart skipped a little he looked so handsome.

Sometimes you forget, when you see the same face day after day, just how handsome they can be....even in a bow tie and straw hat!


Biki Honko said...

I have to admit, total lover of bow ties. Now to be fair, not all men can carry a bow tie and not look silly. But honey! Those that can, make my heart pitter patter pit!

Same with hats, actual hats that is, not the silly ball caps.

Ron said...

I don't know how familiar you are with my friend Pat from Toronto but he has an unusual style too. At first I was put off but, like you, I thought he looked so cute in his sandals (which he wears always) and his oversize black pants (always) and his "doctor's jacket" (see the banner of my current blog). I think we relax our "rules" when it applies to someone we care for a great deal. To me, while I would never copy Pat's style, I think it is perfect for him as you realize Carlos's style is perfect for him. I am so glad you found your soulmate. And I await your wedding photos!" Time to reveal yourself Bob (smile).

Mark in DE said...

I'm convinced that only certain men can pull off bow ties and straw hats. They must have the corresponding 'look' that is complimented by the bow tie and straw hat, and must be fiercely confident in doing so.

anne marie in philly said...

dr. spo (of spo reflections) can work a mean bow tie like nobody's business. as for a straw hat...the jury is out on that one.

I would LOVE to see carlos wearing a bow tie AND a straw hat cause he is so damn cute! :)

Mitchell is Moving said...

This warms my heart. And I'll bet Carlos IS adorable in his bow tie and straw boater. I tried bow ties in my Washington, D.C. years in the mid-'80s. Definitely not my style.