Thursday, October 30, 2014

PR All-St★rs Starts Tonight

Fourteen of the most talented designers — read: has-beens and losers … okay, I kid, I like some of them — in Project Runway history are sashaying back onto the catwalk for a second shot at winning.

Also back, is mentor, Zanna Roberts Rassi, as well as judges Alyssa Milano, Isaac Mizrahi and The Beautiful Georgina Chapman™.

There are all kinds of challenges, like a trip to London for a challenge featuring British royalty, collaboration with Broadway's "Wicked The Musical" and the first-ever wedding ceremony live on the runway.

And we’ll have some cool guest judges, like the fabulous Laverne Cox of Orange is the New Black, perennial guest judge, Debra Messing, designers Betsey Johnson, Michael Bastian and Elle Tahari, alongside some more questionable choices, like reality stars Snooki and JWoww. That must be for the Tacky Challenge?

But, more important than judges and guest judges, is who is coming back for a second, and sometimes third, shot at winning the PR?

Let’s rip …

Samantha Black 
Season 11, The Teams Season, 7th Place 

I seriously don’t remember her, though, to be fair, I’ve tried to erase The Team Seasons from my mind.

Samantha has been working on her line Sammy B Designs, and taking business classes at Macy’s Business Program. Samantha was recently named "designer to watch" by both Essence and Ebony magazines.

She was Auf’d for that … something she made for Heidi!

Helen Castillo 
Season 12, 5th Place 

Helen was the sad, morose one, the tattooed, sad, morose one, who almost made it to the finale.

Helen has been struggling to make a name for herself, although she has had some success and celebrity interest. She designed a Grammy® dress for Mary Lambert and mainly makes custom dresses for the everyday woman.

That cocoon thing sent her home.

Fabio Costa 
Season 10, Runner Up 

He's kinda hot; that's all I got.

He made it to The Tents, but not to The Winner’s Circle.

But he was so inspired that he and his design partner created their own androgynous and minimalist line called NotEqual. He is ready to come back to the runway and this time isn’t walking away without the win.

That was his Auf-ful look.

Gunnar Deatherage 
Season 10, 8th Place

Gosh, he annoyed me, and now he’s baaaack.

 Recently the creative director of NFocus Magazine, Gunnar’s days are spent styling, overseeing photo shoots and working on his designs at night for his line, Deatherage Designs.

He created his own print and found himself packing it and going …

Justin LeBlanc 
Season 12, 3rd Place 

One of the sweetest designtestnats ever.

Justin returned to being a full time professor after season 12 and recently completed his Spring/Summer Collection; he is also working on a Fall/Winter 2015/2016 collection with a theme based on his definition of love without boundaries.

His test-tube dress in the finale was great, but not great enough to save him.

Michelle Lesniak 
Season 11, The Teams Season, Winner 

I once said she was as snarky as me; that she was me "with a vagina." That still scares me.

Michelle returned to Portland after her success on the PR and is opening her own boutique. Dedicated to local manufacturing and ethical business practices, she is undoubtedly playing a key role in shaping and growing the Portland fashion industry.

Um, she won? So why does she get a second shot? I wanna see losers try to win! I did like her collection, though …

Benjamin Mach 
Season 11, The Teams Season, 11th Place 

He was sleek and sexy, but he made some messy looks.

Still, his made-to-order Benjamin Mach label launched this year, merging luxurious fabrics with a modern design.

But, he got the boot for designing Ugly for a Real Woman.

Chris March 
Season 4, 4th Place 

J’adore Chris March; j’adore.

Chris continues to build his business, Chris March Designs, designing for stars like Madonna, Prince and Lady Gaga. He recently formed an exclusive partnership with Target to design costumes and wigs for Halloween season.

He did a lot of clothes using real human hair in the finale and I think the ick factor was his Auf'ing.

Patricia Michaels 
Season 11, The Teams Season, Runner Up 

She was kinda nutty, kinda obsessed with weird notions, but I liked her originality.

After the PR Patricia returned to Albuquerque where she has been building a new studio and working on a ready-to-wear collection.

During the finale, this was one of her Auf'ing looks.

Kate Pankoke 
Season 11, The Teams Season, 9th Place … Season 12, 6th Place 

Sometimes you wanna beat someone over the head. Three times! Three times Kate’s been on the PR. Get a real job!

Okay, maybe she does; she now has her own bridal line and a new collection launching in October.

These looks got her Auf’d … twice.

Jay Sario 
Season 7, 4th Place 

I kind of recall his time on the PR, though i get him confused with Viktor.

After his original season, Jay moved from Hawaii to New York, where he currently works as a full-time visual merchandiser for Calvin Klein North America and freelances on the side. His recent passion is bridal wear.

This circus-looking-mother-effer was his Auf’ful ouster.

Dmitry Sholokhov 
Season 10, Winner 

Another winner? Shouldn’t winners be exempt??

Dmitry created his own brand "Dmitry Sholokhov" and shown in Moscow, and has an exclusive collection for Lord & Taylor.

That’s one of his winning looks.

Alexandria von Bromssen 
Season 12, Runner Up 

Gosh she was morose, and stern and serious … except for that crying jag near the end.

Alexandria manages her own clothing line, owns a designer boutique and runs a sewing camp for kids called Camp Couture.

This was her cock-a-doodle-do Auf’ing.
Sonjia Williams 
Season 10, 5th Place 

She's another one that i don't remember; I even went back and looked at old posts and didn't remember her. not good.

Sonjia has a collection with Anabelle NY and her clothes are available in Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. She is also working on her own solo line, Something by Sonjia.

This bit of seaweed got her Auf’d.

And there you have it, another round of losers, with a couple of winners thrown in, trying to become a PR Champion.

Are you In or are you Out?

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