Saturday, October 04, 2014

I Ain't One To Gossip But ....

Jennifer Love Hewitt is one of the most annoying people on the planet, and not just because she asks people to call her Love, though that’s a big part of it.

She’s annoying because she has no discernible talent, other than having ginormous breasts as a teenager on some hit TV show.

She’s annoying because she’s man-crazy, or at least she was until she got knocked up by a random dude she married.

But we’ll go back to before Knocked-Up-Married, to when she was just a stalker who sent Matt Damon a bed.

Yes, she did. And she tells the story like this:
“I was reading an article, and he said this really sad thing about how all his dreams were coming true but he didn’t feel that he had a bed of his own, he was always traveling. I remember being really busy also and thinking, that’s so sad, to have all your dreams come true but not have a solid foundation. So for some reason, I thought an aerobed would help that for him. In my head, I thought, He can travel with it, then it’s always his safe place. I didn’t go over it with anyone, I should’ve been like, “Hey, should I send this to Matt Damon?” and they would’ve been like, “No, you’re crazy, don’t do it!” But I didn’t, so I got the information he was in Paris, filming something, so I sent it to Paris.”
Cray-zay. Naturally, Matt Damon had the bed burned because god knows what filthy things Love had done in it before shipping it halfway around the world to a total stranger.

America’s Most decorated Olympian, Michael Phelps, is now on the run to become America’s Most Arrested For DUI Olympian.

Over the weekend, Phelps was arrested on suspicion of DUI in Baltimore for erratic driving and for going 84 MPH in a 45 MPH zone.

The officer who stopped the Olympian said he seemed to be drunk, though, to be fair, Michael Phelps always looks drunk; but there was the stench of booze that also alerted the officer to the crime, and he failed the subsequent series — meaning more than one — of standard field sobriety tests. He was arrested and charged with DUI, excessive speed, and crossing double lane lines.

He was later released and said to be back behind the wheel training for the Jack Daniels Swerve-a-lympics, but for right now he is sorry:
“Earlier this morning, I was arrested and charged with DUI, excessive speeding, and crossing double lane lines. I understand the severity of my actions and take full responsibility. I know these words may not mean much right now but I am deeply sorry to everyone I have let down.”
Oh yeah, this is Phelp’s second DUI so yeah, his words don’t mean much at all.
I admit it, I have been watching The View lately now that Grandma Barbara has been sent to a farm where she can run and play with all the other retired journalists. I watch because, most of the time, I like Whoopi Goldberg and her common sense approach to life, and because Rosie O’Donnell is back and one of the other co-hosts used to work for Rosie’s archenemy George “War For Oil” Bush. I thought that would be a catfight worth watching, but apparently Rosie and the Republican are getting along well, but it’s Rosie and Whoopi who are fighting.

According to sources — and by sources I mean a studio filled with people — Rosie and Whoopi got into a shouting match during a commercial break that ended with Whoopi tossing every filthy word she could think of at O’Donnell.

Rosie was discussing how she feels about spanking your children during the Hot Topics segment and as they ran out of time, the producers told Whoopi to end the discussion and go to a commercial break.

Ruh-roh. Now, Rosie doesn’t wear the earpiece so she didn’t hear the producers call for the Shut Rosie Down and once they went to commercial, Rosie grabbed the mic they use for talking to the audience and started ripping into Whoopi for cutting her off and saying she “hurt her feelings”.

Whoopi set down her joint — I kid, she smokes backstage y’all — and warned Rosie that this was neither the time nor the place, but Rosie continued to go full-Rosie, telling the audience:
“Well I just don’t appreciate you saying that you were going to do something and not doing it. It makes me upset and I just don’t want to have to go through this.”
That’s when Whoopi, who never met an F-bomb she didn’t drop, pick back up and drop again, said:
“Fuck it, I told you to leave it alone and you just don’t want to listen. If you want to go there Rosie, I will dammit. I’m really sick of your shit.”
Cat Fight! Except … the “sick of your shit” comment seemed to shut Rosie down — too bad Hasselbeck didn’t know that — and so The Other Rosie, AKA  Rosie Perez tried to lighten the mood by saying to the audience:
“Oh shit, Twitter is going to be off the hook now. They’re about to get it.“
Afterwards Barbara Walters wrote Rosie Perez a check for $5 million dollars and elevated her status to Co-Host Referee.
I don’t know anyone who likes going to the dentist, but Charlie Sheen must really hate it …

It appears that the former 2.5 Men star, and current star of the aptly named Anger Management, went berserk on a dental technician after she placed a mask on his face for nitrous oxide.  Sheen ALLEGEDLY reacted by be waving his arms and ultimately hitting her, and the dentist is now claiming that Sheen pulled out a knife and tried to attack him.

How? Why?

Oh, Sheen’s bodyguard made the apologies, by saying Charlie was high on rock cocaine at the time, but even after the mea culpa the Los Angeles Police Department is looking into the incident.
Justin Bieber who was banging Selena Gomez when he ALLEGEDLY banged Miranda Kerr — whose ex, Orlando Bloom punched The Biebs in a Spanish nightclub — is now ALLEGEDLY banging Kendall Jenner who is ALLEGEDLY banging the tiny tot so he can introduce her to Chris Brown because that’s her end game.

I need an Excel spreadsheet to keep up with this pool of STDs.
Small Bites … Ben Affleck’s penis makes its film debut in Gone Girl. I heard it’s a small part.


Raybeard said...

re Mr Affleck's 'Johnson': Aw, shame! And I thought the film was so long because they needed all that time to pan the full length of it. I should find out for myself on Mon.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Charlie Sheen doesn't seem to go to the dentist very often, unless that's all make-up in his mouth; unclean, unclean!

the dogs' mother said...

Michael Phelps - get thyself to rehab.

anne marie in philly said...

what, no LiLo or Kartrashians?

mistress maddie said...

Alas bob, there are no small parts but, oh screw it, his poor wife. I think I did almost get a STD reading this week, or at least need a bath.

Ron said...

You're so good Bob! I'll say it again, fire Mike Walker and hire you for the NE. But then the NE would probably get sued because you say the good (and true) stuff.
Michael Phelps: I knew he was a douchebag first interview. Couldn't even sit up straight. Douche.
I have to start taping (DVD'ing) "The View" now that the good stuff is happening. Juicy!
So I"m not the only one who doest "get" Jennifer LOVE Hewitt. Same with Jewell.
And Ben Afleck. Not surprised. NOT.AT.ALL.
All good stuff Bob!! Keep 'em coming.

♫Musique♫ said...

I guess Whoopi is not to be F***ked with on the View right now.

Biki Honko said...

A small part, you good sir, totally crack me up.

Bieber is repellent with his clothing on. Naked? Gives me the shudders.

I keep expecting to hear that Charlie has gone to that big conspiracy house in the sky. Surely his body is beginning to break down, just by how he looks.

I adore Whoopi, and despise Rosie. Rosie is mean spirited and viscous when angered. Which seems to be easy to do.

The Cool Cookie said...

FACT, in males, the pre-fontal cortex doesn't mature until ate twenties. Phelps looks like he needs a bit more time. This is also why so many males under the age of 30 get introuble with the law. They can't think in terms of longThat said, I think he needs some time in under supervision, and he need to get some psychiatric help in dealing with his anger. He defiantly let down the people in Baltimore and Towson where he grew up.