Friday, October 03, 2014

PR 13 Ep 11: Storage Wars … or … The Bitterest Loser

Well, well, well, wake up to Heidi! Actually, wake up to the surprise [?] that sometime during the night, while you slept, someone crept into your room and left a Samsung tablet on the counter and that’s where you find Heidi the next day, directing you to the Brooklyn Navy Yard and uttering words like “unlock” and “”doors” and “keys.”

Korina thinks they’ll be making clothes from keys. I know!

At the Brooklyn Navy Yard, they find Tim waiting in front of five storage lockers; five lockers, six designers? Is this like musical chairs and one will be Auf’d before we start? Nope, this is another designer favorite: team challenge! Tim pulls out the Dreaded Button Bag™ and whittles the six into teams of two.

Everyone wants Kini, but Amanda wins him; Emily and Korina are paired, while Sean gets Char — whom he worries about because she can’t sew … “as well as the rest of us.”


Now together, the designers have $500 to bid on any storage container — some may end up with two containers — and use whatever is inside to create two cohesive looks; they have two days to make treasure from trash.

The first container — chairs and couches — goes to Korina and Emily for just $25. The second containers is filled with children’s toys and plastic pool floaties, but Amanda spots a painting at the back — Psychedelic Yeti — and she must have it; for some reason Kini goes along and they buy it for $190. The third bin — which looks like an actual shipping container with a couple of dressers — goes to Sean and Char, while the fourth bin, the biggest thing inside is an old wedding dress, is won by Korina and Emily. The last containers, has all kinds of leather and mesh — bondage bin? — and Sean and Char, who have the most money, get that one.

The designtestants head back to the workroom and gets started … until Tim shows up with a Twist: there must be a third look, created from fabrics purchased at Mood, but still a cohesive part of the mini-collection.

All set? Let’s rip ….
Amanda and Kini are thrilled, WELL, Amanda’s thrilled because she has the fastest Sewer on the PR at her side, but one thing they also have is a pair of giant egos, thinking they’ll win because they picked the weird bin and because, well, Kini, who wants to use soccer balls to make a skirt while Amanda seemed laser focused on the painting.

But then Tim comes by and he is less than impressed; he says what they have created is a “lot of look” and that Kini’s soccer ball skirt and fur bomber jacket is “teenage hooker.” As for Amanda’s Yeti dress, he hates the hanging plastic tablecloth pants and seems to think it’s coming off as amateur hour.

Amanda and Kini, so sure they’d win, start over.

LOOK #1 Pink crop top with pants

AMANDA SAID I think this looks super bold.
I SAID It’s cute, and simple, but the directional arrows to the vagina are off-putting, and not just because I don’t swing that way. 

LOOK #2 Soccer ball dress with fur coat

KINI SAID It doesn’t scream teenage hooker anymore.
I SAID You’re right. It screams low-class call girl in a bathmat jacket.

LOOK #3 Graphic top with full skirt

KINI SAID It’s totally glammed up in a funky way.
I SAID It does have drama, but I felt it was a little safe.

Nina likes the collection, and loves the Soccer Ball dress; but she asks to have the bathmat, er, ottoman jacket given to the girl in the pink, and then purrs, So much better already. The Adorable Zac Posen™ dubbed the third look clueless, er, Clueless, as in the movie, meaning he liked its 80s vibe; he, also, loved the Soccer Ball dress. Heidi felt their collection was the most creative, and loved the drama of the evening gown look, Guest Judge, and former PR winner, Christian Siriano, called their clothes young and hip, and said they were the kinds of clothes every young girl would want; he did, however, as I did, note the patterned crotch area.
They kind of lucked out, because the bin with the furniture and the mover’s blankets also had dressers filled with fabrics. They instantly decide on sportswear, with Sean creating a Mover’s Blanket and Lampshade Coat, while Char goes for Mesh Bomber Jacket and skirt; their third look, ideas by Sean assisted by Char, is an evening gown with mesh strips and a lampshade bottom — I usually wear the lampshade on my head but that’s another story for another day …

Sean is worried because Char needs a lot of help, but they do seem to work very well together, and when Tim comes by he loves Sean’s coat, bit is worried about some trim details on Char’s jacket and the actual lampshade gown.

Korina chimes in that Char is defensive during the critique, but, Pot-kettle-black, we’ll soon see defensive from Korina.

LOOK #1 Quilted jacket, crop top, and skirt

SEAN SAID She looks cool and it gives the whole collection a sporty vibe
I SAID I like it, I like the design, but it still looks too much like a mover’s blanket.

LOOK #2 Black dress with sheer blue top

CHAR SAID She’s trying to be graceful, but it’s hard for her to walk

LOOK #3 Lampshade dress with racerback

SEAN SAID She cannot walk, but she looks cool.
I SAID Word.

The Adorable Zac Posen™ called it the most cohesive collection, and loved Sean’s jacket, but hated that two of the model’s had trouble walking. He also loathed Char’s look, calling it a Twerking Walk of Shame. Christian Siriano said the proportions were off; he also loved the coat, but said the idea of mesh was over and he hated the model walk, too. Heidi said the model’s should have worked the walk, and loved Sean’s coat, and loved Char’s idea of placing a blue panel on the back of the gown, but called Char’s look both hoochie and boring. Nina chimed in with more coat love, and more transparency hate, but some cohesion love, too.
Korina hates Char; she called her dead weight; she reminded us, again and again that Char has been eliminated once before; she told us that Char isn’t as good as everyone, herself included; she tells us that Char will drag Sean to the Bottom.

Ruh-roh. Korina has also decided to call her team, Team Winner, or Winning Team Winner.

Ruh-roh. Korina and Emily got the furniture bin, and that’s they’re starting point—using furniture as fashion, and, at times, almost too literally. Korina will do a blanket cape, a table runner skirt, and a vinyl blouse with placemat cuffs; Emily is doing seat-cushion vest, and placemats and tablecloths as, well, the rest; their third look is a knit that Korina chose form Mood because it looked like something found in a dumpster.

Ruh-roh. Tim dubs Emily’s look Sponge-Bob because of the weird shoulders, and says Korina’s look might be too much, too many, and the third look is, and here’s Tim’s high praise, “not dull.”

Ruh — okay you get where I’m going.

LOOK #1 Sweater with leather leggings

KORINA SAID I love the sweater, I love the look.
I SAID It’s kind of rocker chick in the 80s … and why a hat?

LOOK #2 Structured jacked with skirt

EMILY SAID I love my look, especially the vest
I SAID It looked a little Bag Lady Dumpster Chic; it’s interesting, but is it fashion?

LOOK #3 High-necked cape with and skirt and hat

KORINA SAID I love the way the cape moves, it looks so polished
I SAID Hats and capes and skirts and thigh-boots, oh my! It’s just too much.

Nina scrunches up her face — which is never good — and says she hates the cape; she hates the hat on the girl in the cape; and she is shocked, SHOCKED, that a designer would go into Mood and by that awful knit. She said it wasn’t contemporary, except for Emily’s, and called Korina’s dated and awful. Heidi, though, did like it, and thought there was a clear concept, while The Adorable Zac Posen™ thought theirs was the most soulful collection; he also loved Emily’s cushion look, and also hated Korina’s cape disaster and the pants she made for the Mood look.

Korina snapped, “At least it’s wearable.” And Sean and Char dug the knives from their chests.

Christian said their collection looks like a woman staying in a ski lodge who hasn’t done anything all day, and Nina chimed in with, She hasn’t done anything in decades. Cristina also called the cape sad, and Nina again chimed in with her distaste for Korina falling back on her Southwestern aesthetic — she’s done it four times!

Korina then tosses more daggers at Sean and Char, saying at least people — though she can’t name a single person — would wear her looks, because they can; even Heidi is getting annoyed with Korina and we all know it’s never a good idea to be a bitch in front of, or toward, the judges.
Kini gets another win for the Soccer Ball, and Amanda is also safe. Emily, too, gets a save, and Sean joins her, leaving Korina and Char as the Bottom Two.

One will be in and one will be out, but wait! Heidi decides to throw a curveball: Korina and Char have one hour to design a look that doesn’t need to relate to this challenge, using leftover fabrics from previous challenges; plus, they can have their teammate help.

Char and Sean get to work instantly coming up with a plan to use an easy fabric and make a simple, cool chic design. Korina, though, decides that rather than creating a look she likes, she'll pattern sixteen pieces into one dress and then spend the majority of her time pissing and moaning about how she shouldn’t be in the Bottom because she’s so good and Char’s so bad. She even gets her model to call Char’s new look ugly.

But Char created a sexy, form-fitting, cool blue dress with a chiffon cape that was gorgeous. Heidi loved it, saying it could be worn at any number of events. Nina called it modern, and loved the scarf — kudos to Sean for hemming the chiffon perfectly. Christian loved the lightness of the dress and called it a great fit for Sean and Char’s collection.

Korina’s Redo is something she’ll just “put on the runway” because she knows that will get her the win, even though she didn’t finish it and had to pin her model into it. It’s puckered, and boring, and downright Korina. Heidi noted that Korina rolled her eyes when the model walked and Korina said she hated the look, and that her piece in the mini-collection was a better representation of her work.


Then Korina said, side-eyed, to Nina, With the utmost respect about the Southwestern print comment, I’ve done it ONCE and I won that challenge.

Double Ruh-roh. Don’t.Piss.Off.Nina!

Heidi called the fabric choice bad, Christian hated the puckering, The Adorable Zac Posen™ called it “good” for an hour.

When asked why she should win, Char said because she’s versatile; when Korina was asked why she should win, she went Kenley, and began sobbing that she wanted this.

But the judges didn’t and Korina is out, but not quite down. 

In the waiting room, Char begins to sob, even though she won, because it was so hard. Korina silks back in and demands to know if anyone saw this coming — I raised my hand — and then begins going off on Char because she’d been eliminated once already and she’s no good and she’s she’s she’s Char.

Char countered perfectly with the Yes, I got the save, but there have been five challenges since and I’m still here.

Korina snapped, This isn’t about you Char.

Oh, but it was Korina, it was. It was about how much better you think you are than Char; it’s about your giant ego, your bad manners, your rudeness, and, yes, some really bad designs.
It’s also about you leaving and not hugging a single designer. That says volumes.
My stomach hurt listening to Korina bitch during the final twist. I kept thinking — as Emily pointed out, and props to her for that — that when you act ugly, you create ugly, and that’s what Korina did and that’s why she was sent packing.

I am still tired of Amanda, and still upper” tired of her continuous use of the word “super” in describing a challenge, a fabric, her looks, or anything at all. Stop it! That phrase is as dated as your aesthetic.

Sidenote: Amanda appeared as an actress on this week’s episode of Nashville, working as a stylist for the Juliette Barnes character; she wasn’t half bad.

I haven’t thought much of Emily this season, and I still think her aesthetic is too old and too wacky, but her comments on Korina is a bitch, oops, I mean karma is a bitch were spot on and very welcome.

Line of the night? Sean, when helping Char with the Twist: “I’m helping a competitor not get eliminated, but if I get her into the Top Five, it’s an easy sheep to the slaughter later.”

Next week, Auf’d designers come back, and, quelle surprise, Korina will have to work with Char, and it won’t be good. Is that Elton in the background ♫ ♪ the bitch is back ♪ ♫

What did YOU think?


Susan said...

What do I think? That Korina got exactly what she deserved. That karma IS a bitch. And I completely agree with your best line of the night. When I heard Sean say those words, it was the first time I had ever laughed out loud watching this show. That may end up being the best line of the entire season!

the dogs' mother said...

Oh, Korina, why, why, why?! I kept hoping she'd turn around and appreciate the time, the experience and the friendship of the other designers. But no. And next week it looks like she gets followed by the camera as she is out the door.

Threads. The kiddy show. What do you think? Will you watch? And will you recap?

I'm of two minds. Working with kids I've set up activities, especially art activities, and been astounded at the direction they take them. There is some stunning creativity to be found.

Otoh, I have an issue with using kids as reality tv fodder. Can, and will they, be sensitive and kind? Will they milk situations like they do in their other shows for maximum drama.

I heard there was a reunion show. I wonder if Korina shows up and can she embarrass herself any more? Or will she, gasp!, apologize?

Anonymous said...

Love reading your recaps each week! Especially this season which has been one of the weakest. You didn't mention that Alexander was fan favorite again this week! Why is that even possible?

Bob Slatten said...

@TDM Threads seems to be about teens and tweens so I don't think it's young kids, but I'm not sure I'll watch, and i doubt I'll recap.

We'll see ....

@ANON Thanks for the compliment. I missed Alexander winning the title AGAIN! Oy!

Professor Chaos said...

Korina was irritating from day one. Once she won a challenge she became insufferable. So glad she's finally gone!

Biki Honko said...

What is wrong with Korina? Does she need someone to explain to her what a Tim Gun save means?

I liked Kini's soccer ball dress, it was fun and inventive.

Ok, when oh when will Amanda go home? At least the last few shows she has stopped picking on people, so many she has learned some humility.

Mark in DE said...

She got what she deserved. Her attitude during the 'twist hour' was horrible and as Emily warned her, it showed in her dress.

Every f'ing week Korina would talk trash about every single designer and simultaneously talk about herself as if she was just biding her time until she won. Talented or not, that makes you a bitch and no one wants to see a bitch succeed. Word.