Thursday, October 09, 2014

Random Musings

When we were at South Carolina Pride a few weeks back, Carlos found a kilt he wanted to buy. His grandfather was from England — he moved to Mexico as an adult and lived there the rest of his life — and Carlos has always been an Anglophile.

Now, his kilt isn’t plaid, it’s a dark green, but it’s very cool, and once it arrived to the house, he decided he wanted to wear it to our wedding. I had other ideas — I always do — of keeping it simple, with each of us in a nice black jacket, white shirt and nice — nice — jeans.

Carlos said, “Jeans?????”

I said, “Kilt????”

He’s wearing the kilt, and that’s fine, because it looks good on him, but I did ask that he wear a nice black jacket and white shirt. So, he showed me the white shirts he had in the closet; not one from this century, so imagine dirty dishwater white color; and there wasn’t a black jacket in sight.

So, Carlos, who hates to shop, set off in search of a black jacket, a white shirt, and some black boots to wear with his kilt. When he returned home, happy as a clam to have found the items, he gave me a little preview; nice jacket; very nice crisp white, white, shirt, and some cool black boots — rough-trade boots, if you will.

I sat in the chair and muttered, “Wow, you get a whole new outfit for the wedding and I’m wearing my old black jacket.”

“I knew it!” He shrieked, and my ears began to bleed.

“Shout it to the whole neighborhood,” I said.

Carlos walked to the living room window, threw it up, and shrieked outside, “I. KNEW. IT!!!!!”

Today I went and bought myself some new, nice, cool, jeans, a new crisp white shirt, and three pairs of new shoes, you know, because I will not be outdone at my own wedding!!
Last week the Labor Department reported that 248,000 jobs were created last month, pushing the unemployment down to a six-year low of 5.9%.  

Thanks Obama.

See, Rightwingnuts? That's how “Thanks Obama” works. Say Thanks to the President for fixing the mess created by George W. Bush.

And then sit down.
So, naturally, other than my own upcoming marriage, was the news out of SCOTUS this week, which paved the way for marriages in at least five — and perhaps up to eleven — new states. 

I got a huuuge kick out of some of the GOP wingnuts who called the Supreme Court a bunch of unelected judges — um, yeah, that’s how it works — and said they were activist judges.

Funny, though, had the Supreme Court ruled the other way these asshats would have been praising these non-elected activists for doing their jobs.

GOP? Take a seat; you don’t have a dog in this fight any more.
Speaking of GOP loons … Mike Huckabee.

That’s really all that need be said, but I love this Tweet, and the response from Jesus H. Christ.

Who knew Jesus was so funny?
I watched a new comedy last week called A To Z; it’s one of those “relationship” comedies, but it’s just quirky enough not to be sappy, and just well-written enough to be actually funny.

As in the scene where our couple is sitting in a trendy martini bar and the bartender asks the girl if she likes her “Martini Navratilova.”

He then offers to make her a “Martini Luther King Jr.”

Okay, it made me laugh, and I also got a little tingly with the adorkable male lead, Ben Feldman.

I do so love a dork; hell, I’m marrying one!
American Horror Story Freak Show started last night and, naturally, Jessica Lange was brilliant, and fearless and fabulous, and a bit shocking. Plus, all kinds of oddities, some real, I think, and some not, I think. And, if you have a fear of clowns, well, yeah, you know.

Next up for Ryan Murphy, creator of AHS, is American Crime Story, the first season of which will focus on the OJ Simpson trial.

Having lived through it, I’d think that case would be better suited under the Freak Show umbrella.
Did I mention I’m getting married? I think I may have …

At any rate, just yesterday a judge down in Charleston County issued a marriage license to a same-sex couple; one half of the duo was his own sister.

Yup, the Honorable Irvin Condon, accepted a marriage license and fee from his cousin, Charleston County Councilwoman Colleen Condon, and her fiancée, Nichols Bleckley.  After the requisite 24-hour statutory waiting period, Judge Condon says he will issue Condon and Bleckley their marriage license unless a court of competent — is that a trick question — jurisdiction orders him not too.

This would make Colleen and Nichols eligible to become the first same-sex couple to be legally wed in South Carolina.

And then just as that news broke, came the news that Richland County, home to the capital, Columbia, and just a hop, skip and a jump from Smallville, has also begun issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

In freaking South Carolina!

Richland County Probate Judge Amy McCulloch said she accepted applications for the first time because, “I believe it’s time for this to change. It’s a fundamental right to be with who you want to be with.” She also said she changed categories on the county’s marriage license paper application from “bride” and “groom” to “Applicant 1” and “Applicant 2.”

Like Judge Condon, McCulloch is also waiting to see how the Attorney General’s office or the state Supreme Court reacts to taking marriage-license applications from same-sex couples.

But it’s shocking to hear that same-sex couples are getting marriage licenses in, again, freaking South Carolina!

UPDATE: Our wingnut Attorney general has asked the state courts to halt the issuance of marriage licenses; for now, because one day soon he'll look a bigger fool than he did yesterday.
On the flip side, asshat, wingnut, douchebag Utah Republican state representative Kraig Powell opened a bill file in the Utah legislature to revise marriage statutes, suggesting that the law be rewritten to refer to same-sex marriages as "pairages."

I ask that the law be rewritten to refer to Powell as an effing moron, and I think my bill will pass first.
Look at that Clay Aiken, so sharp-tongued and quick-witted.

Clay is running to be North Carolina second district representative, and recently had a debate with the incumbent Republican Renee Ellmers, who, like all race-0baiting goose-stepping GOPers keeps trying to tie her opponent to Barack Obama because, well, I guess they think that’s bad.

And Clay ain’t playing that, and when Ellmers uttered the line, “This Obama-Aiken economy is just killing us,” Clay responded, “You might need to get a new writer because calling it the Obama-Aiken economy is just preposterous.”

Still, Ellmers kept at it, this time alluding to Aiken's vocal prowess and showmanship while discussing the U.S. military:

“It's almost as if as an entertainer, you believe that you can just go in with a song and dance and change the mind of the military leaders.”

Aiken said, and it still makes me giggle, “The most embarrassing reality show in the country right now is Congress.”

Two snaps up for Aiken!


mistress maddie said...

The wedding outfit saga had me cracking up. A true diva bob. You sure you were never a drag queen. And think....those rough trade boots will come in handy for role play night. freak show. Some of those were indeed real people,I read about them. Fasten your seat belts girls , its gonna be a bumpy ride!!!!!!!

BloggerJoe said...

Tim and I are wearing kilts to our courthouse ceremony, too. He's had one for years, and last Christmas, maybe Halloween, or might have been my birthday, he bought me a kilt in my mother's Irish pattern. He wants to wear tuxedo shirts and jackets with them, while I want to wear the Irish "grandfather shirt" and vest combo. Still under discussion as either will have to be purchased just before the date so we don't grow out of them.

anne marie in philly said...


nope, never saw that one coming (wink wink nudge nudge)!

the dogs' mother said...

Carlos is right on trend with us cool kids - as there is a rumor of kilts with Eldest and DIL-2-b. Her family is waaaay more high status in the old country than ours (who jumped ship) so we'll see it we're even allowed in the door... ;-)

Helen Lashbrook said...

I love Carlos' sense of humour

Blobby said...

they are only activist judges when they rule against something they don't like.