Sunday, October 19, 2014

Wedding Week Repost: An Open Letter To Those Folks Against Marriage Equality

Dear Anti-Marriage Equality People,

So, you're against gay marriage? Um.........why? I mean, if you believe that marriage should not be changed to allow same sex couples that right, then how do you explain how marriage has constantly changed over the course of these centuries? Sure, it used to be only for men to marry women, but sometimes, a lot of times, men were allowed to marry as many women as they wanted.

But then it changed to one man and one woman.

Men then married women and used them as chattel, property. They owned their wives and the wives did exactly what the husband wanted or the punishments came swift and severe. But then that changed and now women and men share equally in the marriage. No one owns the other, and women have this thing called free will.

Fathers sometimes gave their daughters up to be married so that the two families, when united, would become more powerful, either with money or land-holding, or via political power. But that's changed now, too. Women aren't "given" in marriage in exchange for anything.

We had one man and one woman of the same faith marrying. You did not ever marry outside your own faith into some other, heathen religion. Now, that doesn't hold true any longer.

And for many centuries you didn't marry outside your own race. A white man with an Asian bride was shocking. A black woman and a white man, married, was illegal in many places as recently as the 1960s.

Now, men and women of any race and religion and socio-economic, political, educational background are free to marry anyone they choose of any race and religion and socio-economic, political, educational background. Unless it's two men or two women.

Please, anti-marriage equality people, explain?

You say that some religions would be forced to perform same-sex weddings. Not so; that little thing called Separation of Church and State works both ways; it protects our government from being influenced by religions [sometimes] and also allows religions to remain unaffected by US law. The government cannot make a church change its core tenets and beliefs, no matter how wrong anyone thinks they might be, to force them into performing same-sex weddings.

So, what's your argument, then? Seriously, I'd like to know.

You are heard saying that marriage is created to produce children and create the future, but then how can you allow people to marry who don't want, or can't have, children? They aren't creating the future, they're just pledging their love to one another.

You oftentimes say that gay marriage will destroy traditional marriage, but you never seem to say how. It seems enough just to use the word destroy to strike fear into people. So, again I ask, how would my marrying my partner "destroy" a heterosexual marriage?

You are often quoted as saying you must protect the sanctity of marriage, and yet I don't see any outcry over divorce in this country. If marriage is so sacred, then how can you allow people to enter it, and then leave it, so cavalierly? How are you protecting the sanctity of marriage?

So, anti-marriage equality readers, and I know you're out there, please explain how gay marriage is bad. For anyone. I'm seriously curious.


Newly Same-Sex Married Bob


Susan said...

I see with marriage you haven't lost your touch, Bob. Spot on as always! :)

the dogs' mother said...

Since this marriage happened in WA state I checked to see if The Engineer was still here. Yup. Sleeping in. Maybe I should let Abby in the bedroom just to check. She does a great triple lutz and all four feet planted with bonus slobbering thrown in for good measure.

anne marie in philly said...

my 22 year marriage is still intact this afternoon. your gay wedding did nothing to me. and I didn't feel the earth quake, see the stars fall, or smell the brimstone in the air.

GET OVER IT, h8ers!

Will J said...

"You oftentimes say that gay marriage will destroy traditional marriage, but you never seem to say how. It seems enough just to use the word destroy to strike fear into people. So, again I ask, how would my marrying my partner "destroy" a heterosexual marriage?"

It makes them want to hike the Appalachian Trail. ;-)

Debbie said...

Brilliantly stated. The haters can't tell you why gay marriage will destroy straight marriage because THEY CAN'T COME UP WITH ANYTHING OTHER THAN ... BECAUSE. ALL MY BEST WISHES TO YOU AND CARLOS! BIG HUG!!!!

Michael said...

Traditional Marriages we can do without: your daughter marries her best friend from college who is using her as a last ditch effort to straighten out. Followed by ten years of misery, an affair with the gardner, and a good old fashioned traditional divorce. Fathers of America, protect your daughters right to a happy, fulfilled marriage BY SUPPORTING GAY MARRIAGE.

Blobby said...

newly married!

welcome to the club.....finally. :)