Thursday, March 27, 2014

Random Musings

We are still in the throes of Powder Room Remodel 2014, but here are some more pictures of the progress.

Next up, priming the walls, and then a painstakingly detailed man’s suit style pin-striping of the walls, some new tile that looks like burlap, and then the installation of all new fixtures, top to bottom.

It’s a process.
Sad news to report....

White Collar, the hit USA series starring Matt Bomer, my Husband-In-My-Head, and openly gay sex bomb, is going to end after the upcoming sixth season. The six episode final season will pick up after last season's cliffhanger that saw Matt‘s character Neal Caffrey get abducted.

All I can say is: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
Is anyone else over this MH 370 story about the missing Malaysian flight?

I mean, I like the news, I want to know what happened, but seriously, this is not an all-day, every-day news story, especially when the reports are nothing new, or news.

Seriously? A black hole swallowed the plane?

Now it seems like there is a credible lead on the missing plane, but I imagine this will spin out of control, too.

Don't give me conjecture, give me news; and if there's no new news, then zip it!
Poor Ted Nugent. Even people in Texas find him too offensive.

He might be something of a folk hero among the far far right, particularly in wack-a-doo red states, especially places like Texas, but it ain’t necessarily so.

The city of Longview, Texas has canceled Nugent's scheduled performance for their second annual Fourth of July Festival and has said they will eat the $16,000 fee they paid to Nugent to ensure that he wouldn’t come to town.

Oh, the Drag Race!

This week was the reappearance of one of my favorite RuPaul’s Drag Race episodes, Snatch Game, a take-off on some old-timey game show called Match Game with the queens impersonating celebrities. As for the catwalk, the queens had to create a look inspired by none other than Mama Ru. It could have been good, and it could have been bad — it was actually a bit of both — so let’s dish …

#1 [again!] BenDeLaCreme. I loved how, when telling Ru that she would be doing Maggie Smith circa Downton Abby, she played like she didn’t think about the English accent, or how to make the Dowager Countess funny. Her response to the questions and to the other queens was faboosh and funny and spot on: when questioned by another queen that she didn’t understand English, BenDeLaCreme-Maggie-Smith-Dowager-Countess sniffed, We originated the language.
Brazilliant, and BenDeLaCreme gets her second win!

#2 Adore Delano, if only for her spot-on Anna Nicole Smith impersonation. My favorite was her spelling of “vodcah.” On the runway though, she was less Ru and more Adore, and kinda Anna Nicole, in a big blond wig.

#3 I loved Bianca Del Rio’s Judge Judy because, like Ru and Bianca, I watch me some Judy every day. Bianca had the catchphrases and she even had a Bird the Bailiff puppet that nearly made me spit-take! And I love Bianca for taking down some of the other girls a notch or two with her quick wit; I do loves me some sarcasm, amirite? But, I didn’t get a lot of Ru on the runway from Bianca, so she gets points off for that.

#4 I’ll give Joslyn Fox points for really channeling Real Housewives Teresa-of-the-One-head [instead of a forehead? Get it? I’ll stop.] I also laughed out loud—and no, I won’t say LOL’d—when she said, "prostitution whoreses!" And she was one of the few who Ru’d the runway to a T.

Onto the not so successful….

I like me some Darienne Lake but she looked less like Paula Deen than I do. Some of her jokes were cute, but cute don’t win Snatch. And, well, she isn’t Ru, ever. Courtney Act’s Fran Drescher was a snooze. Where was the Drescher laugh? And the wig was the wrong one. Milk … ah Milk … her Julia Child was one-note and it was flat. But, while some people were miffed that her Runway Ru was Boy Ru, I thought it was a shockingly good choice. But I get the “That’s not a drag queen” sentiment.

Let’s toss in Trinity K. Bonet’s Nicki Minaj. Not funny. Just because you slap on pin k hair doesn’t make you Nicki; the voice wasn’t there, and the funny wasn’t either. She blew a perfectly good chance for a Mariah joke. Sad. And Laganja Estranja’s Rachel Zoe? Rachel No! It was so bad; didn’t sound like her or look like her. 

Luckily for Laganja, Gia Gunn’s Kim K was awful—though I imagine her original choice of murdered pop star Selena might have tanked far worse. She didn’t hit Kim at all, and on the runway she was wonky-eyed and sloppy.
Sashay away.

What did YOU think?
You gotta love Ellen Page.

In response to reading a Tweet from fill-in-the-blank anti-gay pastor saying that Page didn’t really “believe” she was gay and was struggling with it, and that she needed to embrace God, Page Tweeted this response:

Ooh yes!
One of the great worries about rebuilding the WTC after 9/11 was security and there were all kinds of promises about a so-called "ring of steel" around 1 World Trade Center.

Yeah. Not so much.

Justin Casquejo, a sixteen-year-old New Jersey teen, snuck out of his home one night, crawled through a hole in a Ground Zero fence, got a lift up the tower from a clueless union elevator operator — even though he had no ID — to the 88th floor, hiked the stairs up to the 104th floor and scurried past the "ring of steel" — actually a sleeping guard — to climb to the top of the spire at the top of the building.

After spending two hours atop the nation’s tallest building snapping photos, Casquejo was finally caught by a construction worker as he made his way back down. He has been charged with misdemeanor trespassing. 

The sleeping guard has been fired.
And now, in the "What Were They Thinking" segment ...

Two CNN producers, Yonatan Pomrenze and Connor Fieldman Boals, also tried to breach security at the WTC in broad daylight and were arrested.

The two men were seen repeatedly trying to get into the building, presumably trying to test the security at the site after two recent incidents in which a teen broke in at night and climbed to the top, and three BASE jumpers and an accomplice made a daredevil skydive from the tower.

A CNN spokesperson said Boals and Pomrenze 'were not asked to sneak onto the World Trade Center site.'"

But you just know that footage would have aired on the network if they had been successful.
Last year I started to watch Da Vinci's Demons on the Starz channel. It was colossally stupid and badly written and acted, save for the delightfully evil, and devilishly sexy Blake Ritson as Count Riario.

When I heard the show was coming back I didn't even bother to set the DVR, until I learned that the producers of the show had seen what an asset Ritson was to the show and have enlarged his role.

And so I'm watching. And, while searching for a picture of Ritson, I came across this one which made me see why I find him so handsome ... he looks like Carlos' long-lost brother.

On the other side of the TV screen, we have Mixology, a show which got off to a wonderfully madcap start and then failed to live up to that promise.

But, it does have one redeeming quality: the beautiful Craig Frank. Very cute, very sexy, hot smile.

Sadly, I don't think his show will last.
What the %#&%@*!&#?????

The Christian relief agency World Vision announced that it will hire Christians who are in same-sex marriages.

Baby Jeebus say what? Richard Stearns, president of World Vision, a humanitarian-relief group, announced the hiring change for the United States in a letter to staff. Stearns said the World Vision board had prayed for years about how to handle the issue as Christian denominations took different stands on recognizing same-sex relationships:

“I want to reassure you that we are not sliding down some slippery slope of compromise, nor are we diminishing the authority of Scripture in our work. We are the same World Vision you have always believed in.” 

Except we just wanna get some married gays up in here now ... but then ...

UPDATE: Less than 48 hours after that announcement, World Vision crumbled in the face of vicious condemnation and boycott demands from anti-gay hate groups and major evangelical denominations.

No married gays, ever!
Suddenly Seeking Attention.

After last week's Instagram photo of Madonna cleaning her shower with her tongue, she decided to post a picture of her hairy armpit for the world to see.

Keep in mind, she's somebody's mother, and not merely an attention-seeking fame-whore.


the dogs' mother said...

We too like the snatch game, our favorite challenge.
Friend is also remodeling the powder room in their newly purchased house. The walls have padded covering!

mistress maddie said...

OH BOB! Warn me before I see a Madonna picture like that, I almost throw up!!!! Drag Race at this point I'm all Bianca, Ben, Courtney and Milk. Gia Gunn is nuts for even picking that loser to impersonate and didn't even have anywhere near the ass the size of Texas to go with the look. Anyone picking fat ass for snatch game should be sent home!!!!!!!!! And speaking of asses the size of Texas, so over Darienne slamming Milk for her campiness. Just because her big ass doesn't have cute appeal. My nails are jungle red today can you tell?

Ron said...

Every morning, when I get up from my bed and to the kitchen, I tell Bill "I have to turn on the TV and see of they found that missing Malasian airliner!" Of course I know they will NEVER find or know what happened to it but hey, the reporting gives all those "experts" and excuse to earn their money guessing what happened. Something neve change, now for the conspiracy theories. Should be good for about a dozen books..

Helen Lashbrook said...

The plane fell in the sea - end of story. It is very sad that all the people on the plane died and left grieving families. But there are more important live issues in the world - the emasculation of Ukraine being one of them.