Thursday, March 06, 2014

Jack and George Get Married ... In Texas!

Jack Evans and George Harris were married last week.

In Dallas. Texas.

Now, their marriage may not be legal in Texas — yet — but the Reverend Bill McElvaney, who officiated at the ceremony—says it is official, at least in the eyes of his church:
"The marriage of George and Jack is a sign of God's love and their love for each other and our love for one another.”—The Reverend Bill McElvaney
Jack Evans and George Harris, in a long-term relationship, had asked several churches to perform the ceremony, but Northaven United Methodist Church in North Dallas was the first top say ‘yes’. And hundreds of people turned out to witness the ceremony.
"In the name of God, I take you George to be my married life partner."—Jack Evans
"In the name of God, I, George, take you, Jack, to be my married life partner."—George Harris
And for at least one minister, it was a call to change.
"It's sufficient to say George and Jack are offering a gift, an invitation and a challenge to the United Methodist Church to become ... a fully inclusive church. And we thank them for that."—The Reverend McElvaney
Still, for now, the marriage will only stand in this one church, but the times are changing, even in Texas, and one day, soon, Jack and George will be legally married in the eyes of Texas and of everyone.

Oh, and by the way, Jack Evans and George Harris have been together for 53 years and I think they've waited long enough.

Congratulations to the happy couple.
photo source The Dallas Voice


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Yup, I think they're going to last!

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how wonderful; congrats to them!