Monday, March 31, 2014

He Can't Go To New Beginnings Because He Has Two Moms

I can understand why people don’t like The Gays; I mean, we’re evil, right? And we’re asking for the special right to be treated like everybody else. We’re bringing down traditional marriage, and we’re worse than terrorists. We sent hurricanes to New Orleans and earthquakes to Haiti. We rape children or, when we’re not doing that, we indoctrinate them into our “lifestyle.”

And the new thing, if you listen to the likes of Pat Robertson and Franklin Graham, is that we are the spawn of Satan. Man, it can’t get any lower than being Stamen’s offspring, can it?

But what I cannot understand is why these, hypothetically, toothless, mindless, cousin-f**king, backwoods, Baptist-loving, Catholic-preaching, low-lives want to take their hatred of The Gays out on innocent children.

Tracy and Dawn Keller are a same-sex couple living in Bedford, Texas — I know, it’s Texas but still you have hope — who wanted to enroll their son into a Montessori school. So, as a couple, these women toured the facility and asked all the right questions and told all their truths, even knowing that not all people accept them as a couple, as a family.

But they wanted their son, Landry, to attend the New Beginnings Montessori School in Bedford, and during the tour they asked the tour guide, a teacher at the school, the typical questions. They wondered if the school had any particular religious affiliations and were told it did not. They told the teacher that Landry obviously had two moms, and asked if that was going to be an issue and were told that also was not a problem.

An hour later, back at home, their phone rang.

It was the director of new Beginnings, Shamain Webster, calling to tell them that they would not be accepting Landry as a student because, yes, he has two moms. Webster actually said to the couple: “We are not going be able to enroll Landry in our school because it’s against my religion, and we don’t live that way.”

Naturally, the women took their story to the news media, because they had been told that there were no religious constraints on their application, and no problems with being a same-sex couple. And when the local station called Webster at New Beginnings to confirm the story, Webster confirmed that, as a private school they can turn away anyone they want, for apparently any reason.

But then the story went further, because the owner of the school — who is, ironically enough, Shamain Webster’s father — got wind of the story, and told the media that he does not share the same beliefs as his daughter, and that Landry would be more than welcome at New Beginnings. He asked that the Keller’s submit an application, but they have decided to try other schools.
"It's obvious this is not a place for him. It’s not like we’re out to advertise, or anything like that... we just want some place that’ll welcome us just like everybody else." — Dawn Keller
I feel like I should find it sad that this happened, but it just makes me angry, This Shamain Webster person is a bigot and a homophobe, who using religion to deny The Gays equality, when she is, in fact, denying a child, an innocent, the right to attend that school.

I’m glad the Keller’s turned them down, because even if Landry was accepted there’s no telling how someone like Shamain Webster would have treated the boy.

And he deserves to be treated like any other child in the school, in whatever school he attends.


Raybeard said...

Sickening - and the mums can be well understood in wanting nothing more to do with that establishment as long as there are such vile people still there - and, what's even worse, indoctrinating children to hate!.

I wonder if these people claiming that their 'religious conscience' dictates their actions think that others who simply don't like gays because that's the way s/he is and no more, should then be prosecuted with the full force of the law. Or does one have to subscribe to a religion, any religion, to exercise that particular 'freedom'? If not, presumably anyone who doesn't like non-white people can similarly demand their right to discriminate, even though it might be illegal - or maybe religion (and/or membership of the KKK for example) absolves them of that requirement as well.

Gene Perry said...

Hobby Lobby case in the Supreme Court ... same thing. Does a corperation (in this case, the business is a day care, have the right to a religious belief? No. It doesn't.

the dogs' mother said...

I would not have thought that a Montessori school would be involved in such behavior.

anne marie in philly said...

the lengths to which SOME people will go to deny access to a person who doesn't fit into a specific box. h8 is h8.

good for these moms to seek another more accepting school for their son.