Monday, August 15, 2011

Outstanding Guest Comment Of The Week

Well, I'm trying something new in order to  award the coveted....coveted?....ISBL Outstanding Guest Comment of the Week prize.
This week, I have selected one comment from each of the previous week's posts, and have then selected the winner from that group. I thought this would be easy. it wasn't. There is some brilliance out there and it shows up here daily in the Comments section.
So, without further ado........

From Sunday Funnies, and the comics about the riots and fires in London, from the UK, Mind Of Mine said: 
Burning the Job Centre down in London because you angry about the job crisis and cuts in government. Real clever.

And then we heard from the delightfully delicious Mistress Maddie in I Ain't One To Gossip, But....
Fish in a barrel again! Lindsay and Paula I do believe could get a group rate at the funny farm and need too- quick! And Poor Jennifer Love Hewitt, she has to date, she is tired of hearing her name echo in the halls of her home!

And, following our recap of Project Runway, in PR9EP3: RuffledStiltSkin, Miss Lisa had this to say:
Trog on stilts--even better.

Proving she did say it, Twunty McSlore had a little something on her mind about Linda Harvey, and I Didn't Say it....
Oh, how I would have loved to trade any of my Junior High School teachers for a transvestite, starting with, um, ALL OF THEM.
I had a sewing teacher that couldn't sew, a math teacher who would go on Korean War rants and turn purple with rage if you so much as chewed a stick of gum, and a biology teacher who was more interested in the attention he got from the girl's tennis team he coached than he was in being aware of the fact that one of his toadies killed all the planeria by using the wrong solution.
If assholes like Linda Harvey had her way, she'd choose the swim coach from my HS that slept with multiple teenaged girls to the thoughtful and caring English teacher I had who had a girlfriend. Guess which one hit on me?

And we heard from Mistress Maddie again--she's a prolific little commenter, no?--on the Marcus Bachmann 'reparative' therapy cartoon in Just Sayin':
Cure me hell!!!
That would put this bitch in the grave!

And Designing Wally made me smile, and my mom, too, when he commented on Household Art:
Love your mom's painting!
It makes me smile & I'm not even in your kitchen...

And, on F**k Your Petition, Miss Lisa made a return appearance on ISBLOGCOTW and had a little something to share:
My NorCal friend married a Canadian woman (in Canada), but they must be separated several times a year due to visa issues. They both suffer tremendously because of this. It's criminal.

Fresh from vacation, Kevin had some words about Architecture Wednesday: Hacienda Katanchel:
Who cares if it's too big.
Any place that doesn't have squealing entitled brats and American step-moms squawking, "Don't kick me!" is just beautiful.
Can you tell I've just come home from a resort vacation?

And the darling Princess had some concerns about Just A Thought, and the 'Love Thy Neighbor' photo:

With all that loving... I'll be Exhausted darling!...

Rainbow had some words of wisdom for Michele Bachmann in It's Not Just Her Eyes That Are Crazy...
How does the saying go??
It's better to keep you mouth shut and let them think that your an idiot than to open it and prove them right.

And Tivo Mom proved that she is not just your average Republican, and she is probably not alone in her views, on The Gays Are Coming! The Gays Are Coming!:
I am a republican who believes in same-sex marriage. I know, I know an anomaly. However, the states that I live in (Florida and NC) may never get there but I support the fight and I voice my opinion about it constantly. I do enjoy watching people change and grow-up. It will be nice to see who ends up being next.

There's always something to be said for Design Star, and Froggy offered her two-cents--though I think it's worth far more--on Design Star: Someone's In The Kitchen With Bad Taste:
She's a nice lady, Paula Deen, but I have a hard time listening to her. She was on Iron Chef once and I had to turn it off several minutes in.
I found it kind of boring that the designers had almost every design made for them - style of kitchen and pick from these styles. Pick from these cabinets, these floors and these counter tops. They got paint, back splash, lighting and some furniture.
And lots and lots of groceries.

The wickedly wonderful Designing Wally showed that it's always polite to talk behind your back on This is SO Me:
I would have had the good taste to pretend that I didn't see you...
(At least until I got to the nearest telephone).

And, the winner of the Most Nominated comments for the ISBLOGCOTW, and the actual winner of the ISBL Outstanding Guest Comment of the Week, the coveted ISBLOGCOTW, is the fab Designing Wally, with his comment on Just Sayin'...the GOP self-suck, if you will:

So this is what they meant about Job creation....

Congratulations to Wally and all the nominees! And see you on the next episode of the ISBLOGCOTW Awards


froggy said...

lolol! That elephant left me speechless, congrats to Wally!

twunty mcslore said...

Love you, Bob.

Just so you know, that teacher that hit on me? He went to prison six years later. After one of the girls told her parents, dozens came out of the woodwork.

Mind Of Mine said...

I made the outstanding guest comment of the week! I can die a happy man now. Fuck yeah!

Miss Lisa said...


designing wally said...

Oh Boy!
I was just full of "it" last week, wasn't I?

Thanks so much for the honor, I am going to dust off the mantle now & display it proudly...

Miss Lisa said...

Oh, and I am no TROG poseur. Tribute from way back in 2007: