Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Architecture Wednesday: Perfect For The Hobbit In All Of Us

Okay, so it looks a little creepy. I get it. And it looks a little like a knot in a tree, or a hunk of a bark, that's fallen to the ground.
But this incredibly curved wooden house in the forest, the so-called “accordion house”, is more than just an aesthetic marvel. It is an off-the-grid green building that is solar powered and sustainably designed. And if that weren't enough, the accordion part comes from a piece of the house that actually accordions out over an adjacent river.

Oh yes it does!
It began as a stream-side fishing shack that, per local building regulations, could not be built more than a few hundred square feet; that explains the Hobbit-esque design aesthetic. See, when in residence, the house accordions out, creating more living space, but when the owners depart, they can retract the house via steel rails with ropes and pulleys, and keep within the restrictions placed on them.
The natural wood exterior will slowly fade to gray and will soon blend even more with the surroundings, like a giant acorn fallen from a mighty oak. Now, to be fair, it is what i would politely call 'roughing it' since there is no running water, no external power, and no phone lines, but.....
All in all, it is an architecturally creative solution that takes into account all kinds of local, regional and global problems. And, after last week's thirty-nine bedroom home, I needed to downsize!



diatribesandovations2011 said...

Makes the Shire look appealing, right?

Biki said...

OH I love this house! Its so organic, it does look like it sprang out of the ground. Hobbits! I do love those furry feets folk. This house would be a lovely weekend get away. Nothing much to do but laze in bed and dally, yeah?

Mind Of Mine said...

This house is epic. The last picture looks like a caterpillar sack.

Jacob Woods said...

That is amazing! Makes me want to randomly become an architect now! Ditch psychology, writing, and activism and build a fort in the woods.

There's a whole chapter in the book MascuFemity that is currently being edited, that talks all about my brother and I making these lean tos in the middle of the woods! Maybe on architecture Wednesday I can share that chapter here! That would be cool! I will be bumping in on and off!


Wonder Man said...

love it

Mitch Block said...

This is amazing. I've never seen anything like it and I prefer it to those ridiculous mega mansions. Where is this?

twunty mcslore said...

It looks like a petrifying loaf of brown bread, or one of those weird chameleons that fade into the background on tree trunks.

BuyWoWAccounts said...

It looks a bit scary on the outside, but wow! The inner part looks awesome!

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