Monday, July 25, 2011

New Crushes [And Some Old Ones]

So, it might be time to update my Crushes du Jour--and, to be fair, i stole that title from Mark at Tales Of The Sissy--from some new shows, and old shows, that I've been perusing of late. 
Let's dig in and tell me what you think...

John Barrowman.
I had never seen Torchwood until this year,
though I've long been a fan of Barrowman-on-man love.

As a Gleek, I am almost required by law to watch The Glee Project.
And now I feel almost legally bound to stare at one Mister Zach Woodlee.

Mehcad Brooks.
I first saw him on one of the awful seasons of Desperate Housewives,
and he was that season's lone saving grace. Now, he plays a football player
on Unnecessary Roughness, and his hotness is magnified ten-fold.

Matt Bomer.
An old favorite from White Collar.
He always hot, always sexy, and, this season, often shirtless.
I call that a win-win.

Rufus Sewell, plays Detective Zen on Masterpiece Theater's Zen series.
So rugged. So manly. And with a smoldering British accent.

Marc Blucas is the love interest, and, um, "personal" trainer
on Unnecessary Roughness,
and that smile, well, that smile is so hot.

Mekhi Phifer stars opposite John Barrowman, though unfortunately,
not as his love interest.
Still, double the eye candy on one show.
Set my DVR!


Mind Of Mine said...

Mekhi Phifer is so beautiful. But Marc Blucas takes the win for me. He was topless in a lot of Buffy season 4 and seeing as I was only 13, it was my wanking material.

I banged one out many a times to the Blucas!

Stephen said...

You have excellent taste in men.

designing wally said...

I'll take Rufus...
No no, don't wrap him, I'll just wear him out.

(& I mean that both ways).

mistress maddie said...

Oh Bob, this post is just something! Between John Barrowman,Matthew Bomer and
Marc Blucas I'm not sure which one got my bloomers all undone!

Kyle said...

I like your crushes Bob.:)