Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Quote Of The Day: Jane Lynch

"I didn’t want to be gay. I wanted to be… I wanted an easy life. And you know what? I am gay and I still have an easy life. I’ve had days here and there where I would get discouraged because I wasn’t a big star, but I’ve made a living ever since I was 27. Not a great living, but enough for me. I think actually being able to pay my rent and eat and perform is enough, and I did that for many years. Then I had some good years in there too, where I made pretty good money. But I’m at a different point in my career now – I can kind of sit back and let things come to me, whereas when I was younger I had to be a lot more aggressive." - Glee star Jane Lynch--and one of my comic heroes.


robertga99 said...

She's awesome!

Mark in DE said...

She's had some great parts in some great films.