Friday, October 30, 2009

PR 6 EP 11: Create A Companion Piece

The challenge [such as it was] this week was to create a companion piece for a design they'd already created this season. it was the PR6EP11ReBoot Show, I guess. There wasn't a better challenge, like oh I don't know, create something that at least resembles fashion and doesn't look like you took your Mood Money to Target and shopped the half-off rack?
Just sayin'.
Let's rip.....

Althea created this look based on a hideous miniskirt she designed a few years ago during her drunk and stoned phase that looked to be about the size of a cocktail napkin....that had been sitting under a gin-and-tonic for about twenty minutes. And I could be wrong, but isn't that a Snuggie with the bottom cut off?
Althea spent a good deal of the episode bitching because she hates Logan--he of the Shiny Pants--and thought he was ripping off her Christina Aguilera design from Episode something-or-other. She and Irina kvetched and moaned about Logan. They want him and are jealous because he won't slip out of the glitter drawers for them.
Anywhore [thanks DD] she won.

Irina created this companion piece to her winning Aspen look from the soon to be released John Denver Rocky Mountain High Collection at a Belks near you.
Meh. The dress is too tight; Nina was right on. And the sweater looks like a remix of the Aspen sweater, although Irina, after commiserating with Althea about the alleged Shiny Pants Design Thief, threw Althea under the bus for, she says, stealing her sweater design.
Logan calls her irina Meana.
She scares me.
I love her.

And here we have Carol Hannah's companion piece for her winning Christina Aguilera sequins-and-feathers extravaganza. It's cute, I'll give her that, and the judges, especially the bottom-of-the-barrel-because-I've-never-heard-of-her celebrity judge liked the pockets since they were young and flirty.

Pockets? Young? Flirty?
Well, then, my Osh Kosh Bigosh overalls are downright sexy!

Christopher. Christopher. Christopher.

He suffers from a case of I-don't-know-when-to-quit-so-let-me-sew-a-few-more-pieces-of-fabric-on-this-dress-itis. From the knees up, it's okay, but I swear to God I thought her slip, or, um, slips, were falling down. That mess of cheap cotton sheeting pleated at the bottom just screams NO.
But then, maybe it's a trend in Minnesota.

And then here's the salute to all things zippered mess that got Logan auf'd. He even wore the Shiny Pants but the magic had faded. It looks a little cocktail-waitress-at-the-Spacely-Sprockets-after-work-lounge.
But, what I loved is that last week the judges told him to turn up the volume and he gave them this, prompting them to say he should have edited it down. So, I guess they want you to go crazy and then take it all apart and make it look like Grandma's housecoat.
And, speaking of Grandma's housecoat, this is the look that I thought should be auf'd, and packed and gone, and been eliminated from the race.

Gordana's little Prague Schoolteacher outfit. It's sad, it's drab, I found myself weeping uncontrollably. She called it edgy and all I could think of was pushing it, and her, off the edge of a cliff in Hungary.
This is forthcoming from Gordana'a upcoming Salute To Misery Line, available at fine Ace Hardwares everywhere.
But then, it happened. As I took a second look at Gordana's handiwork....or perhaps it's more footiwork.....I realized I'd seen it done before, and better.


frogponder said...

Alas, all so true!
Althea's model looks like, AGAIN, her boobies are on a roller coaster ride. She could hypnotize people as they watch them go round and round, up and down, hither and thither.

Mark in DE said...

Too bad they just don't have the talent this year.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

Ruth Buzze! OMG... thank you for that!!

Cliff O'Neill said...

Belks! I remember Belks! I bought my Sansabelts there!

I was not a popular kid on the playground.

And can we talk about Althea's outfits? What is it with the whole "tetas al aire" thing she has going. It's always free boobs under sheer fabric. I saw her more recent looks last night and it's more of the same. Sheesh.

Joy said...

I didn't like any of them but thought Gordana would go. Ruth Buzzi comparison was hilarious!