Thursday, October 29, 2009


I loved Top Chef last night because I loved Mike Isabella's smug-ass-smart-mouth-arrogant-know-it-all comments about how he could "do" vegetarian and win.

"My restaurant does 60 dishes and 20 are vegetarian, so I got this."

"My mom used to cook vegetarian for us, so I got this."

And then, when the judges denounce his "leeks as scallops" play on vegetarianism, and he says the rest of the dish was good, the judges simply say "No."


And even more than that, I loved watching him pack his smarmy-smug-ass-arrogant-know-it-all knives and go.

Before Robin.

Whatever whatever Mike. It is what is is.



frogponder said...

I wonder if Robin will last past Eli? Then the revenge would be complete.

Howard said...

I'm with Frogponder, let Eli go next - annoying bastid! And Kevin is getting pretty darned smug, too... Has it come to the point I don't really like any of them? That Brother Michael V is my favorite? Ugh.

Sean said...

The brothers - Michael - the older, nicer, better chef = marry him. Brian - attitude, scruffy, dominant = fuck him.

I thought Kevin would win since the first show - had a scholarship to MIT!

If Jennifer can get her shit back together she'll be in the top three along with Michael and Kevin.

Sean said...

Is anyone else bothered by the lack of table manors among both the judges and the guest chefs/judges?

I wish someone would teach them how to hold their forks.

Lou said...

Dang you need some kind of warning system on your posts - our viewing is 3 weeks behind. Glad to hear this champ is gone soon tho, don't like him at all. I like Kevin.

Lou said...

I mean chump not champ