Monday, October 12, 2009

LGBT History Month: National Equality March

Just keep in mind that the march is not over just because it's Monday.
We need to keep marching...into our family homes and telling our parents and brothers and sisters that we're gay and we deserve the same rights and privileges as every other America,
We need to keep marching....up to our bosses and our co-workers and telling them that we're gay and it's time we are treated equally under the law.
We need to keep marching...into our polling places and making certain that we elect people that want equality for all, and remove from office those who want to keep us down.
We need to keep marching in DC and Seattle, and New York and Miami, LA, Chicago, Dallas, and, yes, even in all the Smallvilles around the country.
This march is far from over.


Wonder Man said...
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Wonder Man said...

the work must continue in order for this to have powerful meaning

Tom said...

Were you there Bob?

It was Grand... and yes, the task continues back at home after the march!