Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Asshat Of The Week: Alexandria Coronado

"I think it just absolutely denigrates the entire civil rights movement. Homosexuality is not a civil right. I don't remember the last time that a homosexual person was forced to move out of their seat on a public bus, like Rosa Parks. And I don't remember the last time that a homosexual person or student...was forced to go to a segregated school, as in the case of Mendez v. Westminster, which took place right here in Orange County, California." - Alexandria Coronado, chairperson of the Orange County, California Board of Education, who is "absolutely furious" about the approval of Harvey Milk Day. Last month the Orange County Board of Education voted unanimously to oppose the holiday.

No, Alexandria, it isn't a Civil rights issue, because we all know that gay men and women have exactly the same rights under the law as every other American citizen. And we all know that gay people don't get bashed, physically and verbally, on a daily basis. And we all know that you can't fire a gay person just for being gay, or deny them housing just for being gay.

No, it isn't a Civil Rights issue you moronic little prig.

You know what makes me "absolutely furious," Alexandria, besides that smug I've-got-a-gigantic-stick-shoved-up-my-ass smile on your face? I am absolutely furious that a narrow-minded, bigoted, good-for-nothing fool like you has anything whatsoever to do with education.

STFU before someone drops a house on you.


Anonymous said...

Bob - tell us how you really feel!

frogponder said...

She has it all backwards. The question she needs to ask is "What are civil rights?"
>Federal legislation enacted by Congress over the course of a century beginning with the post-Civil War era that implemented and extended the fundamental guarantees of the Constitution to all citizens of the United States, regardless of their race, color, age, or religion.<

The key word here is *ALL*. Since it was worth your life in the post Civil War Era to identify as a homosexual that
identifier never made it to the phrase. Funny, it is still worth your life isn't it?

Howard said...

Go, Bob! Tell that bi-yatch.

Go Frogponder! You got it right!

Stan in NH said...

I have only one word to say about your description of her: the smug, pretentious smile, the stick up her lily white ass, the narrow minded, bigoted version of civil and rights. Perfect! What an a-hole (with a capital "C").

Wonder Man said...

that's foolish of her

Stephen said...

Hold back your feelings there, Bob!
Love you rightious anger.

SteveA said...

What a bi-atch! She has no idea about civil rights or the fight for it....she is probably one of those priviledged pressie girls who got everything on her plate and had to fight for nothing!

Marky said...

What sickens me is I can't get a job at a school here in Orange County, California and I have my master's degree in education! How is that not discrimination?

Anonymous said...

Alex Coronado's child was a result of r-pe. She is a gross pig of a person and clings to her religion so tightly because god had to have a reason for what happened to her. Unfortunately it makes her so highly judgemental and hypocrtical.
She has been beaten at the ballot box so many times yet doesnt get a clue.