Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Architecture Wednesday: Bones House

In Australia, Fibro cottages date back to the 1920s and are the iconic Aussie Beach Shack. But what happens when they get a little too old and too worn out? Reinvention; which leads us to Bones House, a completely transformed, and updated, and, of course enlarged, Fibro cottage.

The name Bones House is derived from the fibro “cartilage” that the contemporary timber additions wrap around like muscle and skin. Much of the house’s original footprint has been reused, in an attempt to maintain character, even though the house has been completely re-imagined. Still, Bones House is more renovation than replacement with over half of the original dwelling’s roof saved and repurposed to create a raked roof. The new high ceilings allowed the architect to utilize highlight glazing to improve the house’s ventilation.

The open-plan kitchen and dining area serves as the heart of the home, which spills out onto a deck. The interior and exterior spaces are divided by bifold doors, that do away with the feeling of disconnection a wall would create between the indoors and out. The use of timber in both spaces also ensures the transition between inside and outside is seamless. There are three guest bedrooms and a beautiful primary bedroom facing the ocean.

In fact, timber is the defining feature of Bones House; timber is used on the ceiling and floors, as doors and as storage. But cavity masonry walls control the home’s climate all year round, and are left purposely exposed to further the robust textures already seen within the home. 

And so what once was a humble beach shack, or cottage, is now a modern, open, elegant way to spend your holiday at the beach.


Helen Lashbrook said...

You don't want to live in Oz, no matter how pretty the house - they get their seasons all muddled up! Christmas in the middle of summer really doesn't work - wot, no snow?

Dave R said...

That I like.

the dogs' mother said...

They did a good job.
Loverly views. Yeah but
Christmas in summer?!?!
xoxo :-)

Deedles said...

This may be a little too much wood, even for Maddie. It does appeal to me though. Get it out of Australia and I'm game. I have no problem with the seasons but all of the killer wildlife is a no go. It could use a few colorful accents, however. See, I'm being good by not mentioning the "r" word :)

Steve Reed said...

Beautiful, although owning a wooden house in fiery Australia seems like it would be nerve-wracking. Just like a wooden house in California.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Very nice!
The reading room is fantastic. And that outdoor fireplace? Yes, please.
I actually like all the wood, btw.


Treaders said...

That "shack" is a real beauty isn't she!

Bob said...

Well, we don’t have snow here on Christmas so I don’t have an issue with that!

Me, too.

But think of a Christmas barbecue Turkey and picnic on the beach sounds nice.

Maddie. Wood. ūüėĀ
I agree, not so much about wildlife, but bugs! Ack.
And you get props for no ‘r’ words!

Well, you are near the beach so water is handy???

I’d be reading by the fire, with a nice Aussie Sauvignon Blanc by my side!

If only all shacks were this nice …

Moving with Mitchell said...

I love this place. The interiors, the angles, the materials. But the position of that fireplace/chimney bugs me... and it would bug me more if I had to live with it. I think I’m sometimes a bit peculiar.

Mistress Maddie said...

I do like it, but Deedles is right. It's is a bit heavy on the wood...and I enjoy me wood, but this is a bit too much. But I could spend all day in that bathroom and tub, and I wouldn't care who saw me naked damn it.

Bob said...

It is kinda huge and right there!
And you aren't peculiar, you're particular.

We know you love wood, and even whilst taking a bath!

uptonking said...

I like all the space in this one. Not sure about all the windows! The bathroom seems problematic. Adore the exterior. Nice use of color and materials. Kizzes.