Monday, November 22, 2021

Good News: Barronelle Stutzman's Hate Cost her $5,000 and Her Job

I have been blogging about Barronelle Stutzman, owner of Arlene’s Flowers in Washington, for years now, and I’m hoping this will be the last time.

Back story: Barronelle had a gay coulee, Robert Ingersoll and Curt Freed, who used her business for a decade, buying flowers for their birthdays, for their anniversary, for holidays, for condolences, and, well, just because. And when marriage equality came to Washington state, Ingersoll and Freed went to Arlene’s Flowers to order for their wedding, and that’s when Barronelle told them that her religion forbid her from selling flowers to gay men for their wedding.

And thus the lawsuits began; Robert Ingersoll and Curt Freed sued for discrimination based on sexual orientation, and Barronelle Stutzman whined about the Baby Jeebus telling her not to sell flowers to The Gays … well, sell to them for everything but their wedding. The case went back and forth and round and round and now, it finally looks like it’s over, eight years after it started.

A settlement agreement has been secured between the anti-LGBTQ+ Alliance Defending Freedom and the ACLU which finally ends that lawsuit brought against Stutzman without forcing her to act against her religious beliefs or to pay potentially ruinous attorneys’ fees—a threat she has endured for years.

But all is not golden for Stutzman; she will retire from the business she owns—meaning her bigotry is no longer on display—and she will withdraw a pending petition for rehearing at the Supreme Court –her case was heard once and she lost because … hate—and she must pau Ingersoll and she must pay Ingersoll and Freed $5,000.

Not a lot of money but, just think, if Barronelle Stutzman hadn’t been such a hate-filled bigot, she might have made a few thousand dollars for Ingersoll and Freed for their wedding, and then continued to make more from them over these last eight years, but, instead, she has to cough up the coins.

Let me say it as simply as I can for people like Barronelle Stutzman: if a gay couple asks you to bake a cake, or make a dress, or take some photos, or rent them a venue, for their wedding there are not asking you to take part in their event. They are simply making a business transaction. It only becomes an issue when y’all whip out your Bibles, which, if you read carefully, says nothing about denying services to gay couples who wish to marry.

You read the Bible wrong and spewed hate, and in the long run, you lost.



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Helen Lashbrook said...

These "Christian" people who cannot bear to even sell their products to people who are are different from them in any way, do not follow the teachings of Christ. No-one's asking you to have an abortion, get into bed with someone of the same sex, emigrate to North Korea or change your religion, The only thing you should try changing is to tone the hatred down several notches.

Mistress Maddie said...

8 years!!!!!!!! OMG!

But all prevailed which is least this time.

the dogs' mother said...

I know I was in their shop once...
Never went back since the incident of
xoxo :-)

Treaders said...

Frankly I think she got off lightly but seriously - was it all worth it (although I suspect there were a lot of strings being pulled behind the scenes)?

uptonking said...

Huh.... another case of justice not done. This country sucks. The couple should have been awarded her whole business and her house... and she should have had to pay all the lawyers. What a crappy ass ending. You hand me peas for my cow... all I end up with are a couple of peas. This country sucks.

Bob said...


She's out of a job and it cost her $5,000 plus all the customers who turned away for eight years.

I think a lot of folks did.

I think she lost business, had to pay 5K and lost even more than that in business and in attorney's fees.
Plus, she won't be in the shop any longer.

I don't think they gay couple ever would have won because of the fear of trampling on someone's Christianity, so, for me, this is kinda just.

Steve Reed said...

She has a groovy neon sign, I'll give her that.

Doesn't she look a bit...repressed?

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Oh, Cottonelle. See You Next Tuesday.
The hateful xtianists and their martyr complex. I hope she only sells flower arrangements to tacky church ladies for the rest of her miserable life.


Moving with Mitchell said...

What an ignorant idiot. So grateful she lost. So sorry for all the guys have been through over these 8 ridiculous years.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Nice to read about justice being done!

BootsandBraids said...

Sorry not sorry, Arlene.

Bob said...

She does look like there’s an enormous Bible shoved up her ass.

Cottonelle!!! Loving it.

But she still has her Baby Jeebus!

Yes, it is!

Sadly, I don’t even think Barronelle is sorry; she’s so delusional.

Dave R said...

There's nothing in the Bible that says she cannot sell flowers for a gay wedding, and she wasn't performing the ceremony, she was just being a bitch and has ended up paying more than $5000 for her stupidity.

Bob said...

Exactly my point; she was not a participant, and was never asked to participate. She's just a bigot.

Travel said...

Religions of hate are perversions of the fundamentals of religeon