Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Sassy. Gay. Republican ... Hypocrite.

For some reason, about a year ago, 21-year-old Alex Newman Mesa decided to switch political parties; he even went so far as to create a new Twit-name for himself: Sassy Gay Republican.

And then he began sharing his thoughts, er, thought, on Twitter, mostly the one he had criticizing the Affordable Care Act mandate that everyone have health insurance:
 “I'm conservative because if democrats can force us all to pay for health insurance, what else will they force us to pay for?”
And because he’s such a rightwingnut, and gay, to boot, some of his posts have gone viral; but on September 12 he posted something that went viral in ways he didn’t expect.

Sassy Gay Republican Alex Newman posted that he was in a serious crash while working as a pizza-delivery driver and went to the hospital:
"The hospital they sent me to didn't take my insurance, so now I'm having second thoughts about not having free healthcare cause this is bad."
Oops. Wasn’t it just a few months earlier Alex blasted the idea of the ACA and now he’s lamenting it? And so what does a hypocrite do: he created a GoFundMe page and begged people to help him pay his bills.

But then a few days later, he Tweeted that Worker’s Compensation would cover his hospital visit but that his car insurance would not be covering the collision:
"Guys (please) pray for me during this rough time. Really didn't plan on insurance bailing on me. I'll see what God wants me to do."
Oh, the hypocrisy; a Republican, and an ACA opponent whining about his insurance coverage and asking for donations, and then asking for donations to buy himself a new car; oh, but he did.

And because he’s such a polarizing figure and hypocrite, Twitter came for Alex Newman accusing him of making up the accident, using old photos that weren't his, and being a fraud. 

Newman said he received death threats, including comments from people telling him to kill himself or saying they hope that he can "never walk again."

Now, that’s not nice but let’s look into this horrific crash ...

The Arizona Department of Public Safety [DPS] confirmed there was a crash involving three vehicles at Loop 202 and milepost 25 on September 12, but would not confirm who was involved. 

Newman says he was entering Loop 202 and was distracted by a nearby car on fire when he slammed into the vehicle in front of him at 65 mph. 

DPS reports that no one in the crash was taken to a hospital, and now Alex Newman says he decided to go to the hospital later that day after developing pain in his lower back. Newman has proof his car was towed, he has proof he was ticketed for speeding, and proof he got pain meds the night of the accident.

But still, it must have been a horrible accident because he was scarcely able to get out of his car and photographing the vehicle and then Tweet about it before going home:

And then, later that night, Tweeting about how he was lucky to be alive after an accident he very clearly walked away from:

And he now says that—because he has insurance through his parents—his Tweets about insurance were for his car, and that he’ll use the GoFundMe money to buy himself a new vehicle:
"I did just use the donation money to buy myself another car so I can get working again," he said.
Wait. The Tweets were about car insurance? Then do tell Alex, why the first Tweet awas about the hospital not taking your insurance ... unless you were trying to use your car insurance?

Newman raised about $3,000 online from 125 people, some of whom donated just so they could comment:
"We're just trying to point out the irony of your life choices, but we're still giving you money — money that you need because you don't understand how insurance works."—This man gave $5
Newman says he created the fundraiser to cover potential medical costs, though, since he is improving, he isn't expecting to need physical therapy:
"I feel like if I ask from the government, I feel like I’m stealing in a sense because when it comes to the government, people are being forced to pay into things they might not agree with or want to do.”
And so he used the internet to beg from strangers. Oh, and it’s not the first time Alex Newman used a money beg for help; he also created a GoFundMe page a few years back to help him go to rehab.

Alex Newman doesn’t believe in the ACA, especially when he can stay off Obamacare and use MamaAndPapacare or beg for coins from strangers.


Mistress Maddie said...

Nice. So he was the basic reason for the accident, putting other at risk, and people are dumb enough to fund him? And he gets a new car. Wtf

Mistress Maddie said...

Nice. So he was the basic reason for the accident, putting other at risk, and people are dumb enough to fund him? And he gets a new car. Wtf

Helen Lashbrook said...

Was he looking at a blazing car at the side of the road while driving at 65 mph up the backside of the car in front? No wonder he was ticketed for speeding. As for trying to get other people to buy him a new car....presumably that's god's way of telling this nutcase he's a good driver?

Deedles said...

*SIGH* The mind boggles ( if I had a mind left, it would be boggling).

Leanna said...

But wait, there's more...
I always like to use that when an idiot has a crash that he caused and acts soooo innocent.
Just wait till the person(s) he rear-ended sue him for negligence. It won't be pretty.

the dogs' mother said...

Yes, mind boggling, especially in the morning before coffee!

anne marie in philly said...

what an asshole! hope he gets sued and he cannot get another car! GROW UP, PUNK ASS!

Frank said...

No one complains (too much) about being "forced" to buy auto insurance. These idiots don't understand that when we all pay our share, everyone wins. When you opt out, we all suffer - and you even more if unforeseen circumstances occur. GoFundMe is just a downright low way to go, Leech.

Dave R said...

I wonder if this little Idiot Jerk realizes that without the ACA he would have been booted off of his parents insurance the day he turned 21?

Raybeard said...

"PRAY for me."?????? Fuck that! Cheeses cry "Stole my tea"!!!