Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Architecture Wednesday:Seville Renovation

It’s a not-so-old house—built in 1958—in the old city center of Seville, Spain. But what it has that makes it unique is its irregular shape which is considered one of the characteristics of the area.

So the idea was take this 1950s, oddly shaped house, and turn it into a modern and functional 2017 house. But first the architect researched and studied the house typology and how to keep its authenticity while at the same time allowing it to answer to modern living standards. Then the decision was made to use the home’s original historical footprint, but create new spaces inside the old for the lowest cost possible.

The new structure was painted dark gray to make the distinction between what was renovated and what was original the new steel structure, however, is not connected to the original wall structures.

It’s almost a new house inside an old house.

The staircase has been fully covered with glass, to provide natural light throughout the home. The ground floor contains the garage, a bathroom and two bedrooms; up the stairs are the social spaces, another bedroom and bath; at the top of the house is a small office and access to the roof terrace.

The house really does maintain the charm of the original building, while creating a far more contemporary space inside; it has bot history and modernity on every floor.

Click to emBIGGERate the floorplan.


mistress maddie said...

Now you just knew I'd love this one. With all the different mixes of textures, and the white and neutral color in. Different textures I feel really warm a room and give it more character and warmth. And it's in Seville!!!!

the dogs' mother said...

A few railings missing :-)
Glad they were able to update if for
the times and save some history (brother
is 58 years old... :-)

Mitchell is Moving said...

I suppose it's time for a quick trip back to Sevilla. That interior is definitely not something I'd expect to find there.

Dave R said...

ALE in a babies room? They start them off young, don't they?

John Gray said...

David Berry was very good in an Australian series called (?) The some of us(?) he played a closeted gay man very movingly