Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Architecture Wednesday: Modern Mountain Home

I know next to nothing about this one, other than it's in Park City, Utah, and it's quite expansive and clean and bright ... with toms of bedrooms, bunk rooms, game rooms, offices, dens, great rooms and bathrooms for days on end.

Oh, and I know that i like it ... a lot.


Georgia's Anti-_____ Congressional Candidate

Jon Ossoff. You may not have heard of him before, but he may be the first real win in the Resistance.

Ossoff is a 30-year-old Democrat who is running for Congress as the "anti-_____" candidate in a special election for Georgia's 6th district. Ossoff wants to take the seat of former House representative Tom Price, who left to become _____’s new Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Now, the 6th district is a traditionally red district but just might become a test as to whether the Democrats can capitalize on anti-_____ sentiment."

In fact, and this I love, Ossoff's campaign pitch is:
Make Trump Furious. 
And Joel Ossoff is running on protecting Medicaid and Medicare; he is fighting for Planned Parenthood; he is pushing a healthcare policy that sounds similar to the Affordable Care Act. And he may well have a good shot because, as I said, while the 6th district is red, _____ only won it by a margin of one percent over Hillary Clinton.

From Attn:, here are four things you might also want to know about Jon Ossoff:
1. He’s Fought Global Corruption and Sex Trafficking
Ossoff is the CEO of Insight TWI, which produces award-winning documentaries that shine a light on underreported issues in Africa and South America, including one project about women once-captured by ISIS returning to the battlefield to take them on.
Ossoff’s “team has taken down human traffickers, exposed dozens of corrupt officials around the world, and uncovered atrocities committed by ISIS in Iraq.”
2. He’s Been Compared to Han Solo, Sort Of
As a part of a $1.1 million media attack by a GOP super PAC, an ad was released that will run until the April 18 special election depicting Ossoff as an inexperienced, college kid that likes to dress up as Han Solo and have keg parties. The ad tried to undermine Ossoff’s years of experience as a senior national security staffer in Congress.
Surely the GOP must be a’scurred if they’re spending that kind of money on this one election.
3. Ossoff Has the Support of Civil Rights Icon John Lewis
Ossoff interned with Civil Rights Icon, and Democrat John Lewis, who represents Georgia’s 5th district, and he has earned the congressman’s endorsement:
“Jon is committed to progress and justice and he knows how to fight the good fight. We should unite behind Jon and send a clear message that Donald _____ doesn’t represent our values.”
4. Ossoff is currently winning in a race of 18 candidatesOssoff has polled as the front runner in the race as recently as this week, ahead of runner-up Republican Karen Handel who served as Georgia’s Secretary of State from 2007 to 2010, and the ten other Republicans running for the seat, four other Democrats, and two Independents.
Ossoff’s donation pitch to his supporters, “Make Trump Furious," seems to be helping him get millions of dollars in support.

And wouldn’t that be a great reason, all by itself, to vote for Jon Ossoff?

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

OklaStupid KenFucky Governor Bevins Legalizes Hate

Last week I posted about the Oklahoma congressman caught having sex with a boy and how, under the law, he is entitled to keep his congressional pension; I remarked then, that Oklahoma should be renamed Oklastupid.

This news only confirms that ...

Early this month state lawmakers passed a bill to protect religious freedom in schools., Now, the religious freedom of anyone was never in danger, but this bill will make it easier, and legal, for kids in school to discriminate, bully, harass, taunt, and torture LGBTQ youth because, well, you know the drill, the Baby Jeebus made them do it.

Senate Bill 17 passed the state House of Representatives by a vote of 81-8 and would prohibit school officials from punishing students for wearing religious messages on their clothes and expressing religious or political beliefs in homework, artwork and speeches.

Human Rights Campaign Legal Director Sarah Warbelow said the bill would allow student groups to discriminate against LGBT students “under the guise of religion.” Republican ... because, of course ... state Rep. John Blanton said the bill just guarantees students First Amendment rights ... to hate.

And so, this being Oklastupid KenFucky, last week Governor Matt Bevin gleefully signed Senate Bill 17 into law.

You know, again, because nothing days religious freedom, nothing says I’m a Good Christian, nothing says Jesus, nothing says, God, like being able to tell the gay kid that he’s gonna burn in Hell.

Nothing says God is love like legalizing discrimination.

At least in Oklastupid KenFucky.

What's This Tennessee? Doing The Right Thing?

It looks like Tennessee is paying attention ... their Anti-Transgender Bathroom Bill is dead, at least for this session.

The bill, reintroduced by Republican ... because, of course ... Senator Mae Beavers would have required students in public schools to use the bathroom corresponding with the sex listed on their birth certificate, but it failed—like a certain Repeal and Replace Republican healthcare bill ... I’m still grinning over that one—to receive a proper motion from the members the Senate Education Committee.

And so it’s dead; like a Paul Ryan speakership.

There were opponents of the bill—the ACLU and the LGBT Chamber of Commerce—in the committee room and when the bill was met with silence, and subsequently dismissed by the committee, supporters shouted out with glee.
"It seems like we are making progress on teaching these legislators on what being transgender in Tennessee is like. I was very shocked, but very proud that they did not hear it."— Henry Seaton, LGBT organizer for ACLUTennessee
When reached by telephone, Beavers said although she had no involvement in the committee’s decision, the move was hardly surprising.

Um, then honey, while push the bill? Is it because you figured your constituents were as hate-filled and ignorant as you?

Hate won’t win, even with the Hater-In-Chief in office ... for now.

Score another win for the Resistance.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Another Reason Why _____ Is Unfit To Be President

Still gleeful that _____ and Paul Ryan were handed their asses over healthcare but this is also too good, and too _____, not to share.

A few days after he announced he was cutting Meals on Wheels—which feeds half a million veterans in this country—President _____ scheduled a meeting at Mar-a-Lago to discuss veteran’s health care.

But he didn’t invite Veterans Administration Secretary David Shulkin.

And then he canceled the meeting for ::: cough cough :::: golf..

Before heading off to Mar-a-Lago—on the taxpayers dime again—_____ announced the meeting at a VA listening session at the White House, saying that he be having a “major” meeting that would bring together “some of the people that we put on a board” to address health care issues. He then turned to David Shulkin and asked if he’d be there, and Shulkin shook his head because he knew nothing about the meeting.

So, _____ went to Mar-a-Lago anyway without the man in charge of Veterans Affairs for a meeting about Veterans Affairs and, instead, spoke with Marvel Entertainment CEO Ike Perlmutter about healthcare and veterans issues. Not the Veterans Administration Secretary, mind you, but the man who is in charge of a superhero company.

But then even that meeting was canceled because ... golf. His ninth time playing golf in his first 58 days as president after lambasting Obama for the few times he played the game.

So, let’s get this queer: you cut Meals on Wheels, which feeds veterans, then schedule a meeting to discuss veterans but don’t invite the Veterans Administration Secretary, but instead invite a movie mogul, and then you cancel them meeting anyway and go play golf.

Yeah, that’s presidential.


Another Win For The Resistance: Court Blocks Most of North Carolina GOP’s Legislative Coup

Last December, weeks after the election, when North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory conceded that he’d been “flushed” from office,  North Carolina Republicans tried to overhaul the state election boards to keep newly elected Democratic Governor Roy Cooper from taking control over them as is his right as governor.

The Republicans passed a law merging the state election board with the State Ethics Commission, creating a “New State Board” with eight members; the governor and the Legislature would each select four members, and the board would require a supermajority of six votes to take any action. And they changed the rules, allowing for a Republican to chair the board in election years, and a Democrat to chair it in off-years.

In other words, the North Carolina GOP tried to make sure that the state and county boards would be perpetually gridlocked. And, under GOP control, the election board would have slashed early voting—making it difficult for middle to lower class people to get to the polls—and  lower class and purged thousands of minority voters—who mostly vote Democrat—from the rolls.

But this week a court ruled: Not today Satan.

A North Carolina state court ruled that most of the GOP-dominated Legislature’s power grab—which stripped authority from the incoming Democratic governor—violated the state constitution. Huh. The GOP violating a Constitution? Who knew?

The court also ruled that the GOP cannot force McCrory appointees into full-time, permanent positions under Governor Cooper, who would then be unable to choose his own team; in the final days of his term as governor, McCrory converted nearly 1,000 political positions into permanent ones, all hostile Republicans who would then refuse to work with a Democrat governor.

But, the court upheld a new law requiring the governor to submit his Cabinet appointments to a state Senate for a vote. Before Cooper took office, governors appointed Cabinet secretaries without legislative interference, but Republicans abolished that practice, granting themselves the opportunity to provide “advice and consent.”

Cooper’s office has suggested he will appeal the decision regarding Cabinet appointments, and, of course, the GOP will appeal the parts of the ruling it doesn’t like; but, given that the state Supreme Court leans a little more left than it does right, the GOP will be the long-shot to win.

Still, even with that one snag, this was a judicial smackdown of the North Carolina GOP which tried to turn the state into a one-party state, where the poor have no voice, and the minority has no vote, and only the opinions of rich white Republicans matter,

But, again, not today Satan.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Happy Birthday Diva!

I’m an Old School Gay; y’all can have Madonna, and Gaga, too. For me, the Gay Diva Icon to end all Gay Diva Icons is one Diana Ross. And so, since today is the anniversary of the birth of the Diva known as Diana, I will make do by givin' up one of my favorite Diana Ross songs, The Boss, and reposting my story of A-Run-In-With-Diana, er, Miss Ross.

As a younger gay boy living in California, I waited for Miss Ross to come to Lake Tahoe, or even Reno, although Reno is tacky and dirty and Lake Tahoe is gaw-geous. And when I saw the announcement that she would be appearing somewhere, I instantly got on the phone to my homies, er, homos, and homo-friendlies, and we made plans to see her.

One time we invited our friends Ann and Steve. They liked the idea of a show, but a Diana Ross show? They weren't fans; but then we enticed them with the idea of cocktails and gambling and Lake Tahoe and cocktails and cocktails, and they relented, so we went.

Now, back in the day at the casino showrooms, if you wanted a good seat, you tipped the ushers at the door to get closer. So I did. And we were seated next to the stage!

Well, I was two seats away from next to the stage because a couple of queens of mine, stepped in front of me. Ann and Steve sat behind me. The show starts and she appears; she sings, she dances, she works the crowd. Reach Out And Touch! Ain't No Mountain High Enough! Baby Love! 

She appeared at the head of our table, and, well, Steve, Mister I-Don't-Like-Diana-Ross leaped up, sprawled across my head and the two queens in front of me so he could, as he says, just touch her.

I think I created a monster.

A few years later, Miss Ross was back at Caesars and once again there were phone calls and the invitations to the performance. We invited a straight couple—probably because Ann and Steve couldn't make it and we like to keep a nice gay-straight ratio. I went with my best fag hag Lisette. Well, this straight couple, Shawn and Lori, wanted to sit up front, so they tipped this time, and we were once again next to the stage. Lisette sat right at the edge and I was behind her.

Show starts. Lights dim. Orchestra plays. Miss Ross sequins out and divas all over the place. She tells the crowd she has a bit of a cold, and they bring out a small table with hot tea for her. But she soldiers on. 

Come See About Me! 

Love Child! My Man! 

Stop! In The Name Of Love! 

I'm Coming Out! 

And she keeps coming over to our table and talking to us. She tells us that we are sending her all the good energy; and she looks down at Lori, who was about 26 months pregnant at the time. She asks Lori about the baby, wishes Lori and Shawn all good things, and.They.Just.Sit.There.

Needless to say they were never part of the Caravan To Caesars To See Miss Ross again.

Anyway, Miss Ross starts to sing It's My Turn, and she comes back over to our table and holds a hand out to me. I rise, like any good gay boy in the presence of diva-liciousness and clasp her hand. No, she says, up here. I believe I used Lisette's head as a stepping stone and I rose to the stage. Miss Ross wanted to slow dance with me; and we did, center stage at Caesar's Palace, while she sang It's My Turn.

And at the end, she kissed my cheek and told me that I was a gentleman.

Somehow I returned to my seat, until, The Boss. We were up in the aisles dancing and Miss Ross came to us once again and called us all on the stage to dance. I believe I was trampled on by the homo's behind me, and this time, I actually let Lisette go up first...after all, Miss Ross had said I was a gentleman, so I was not about to disappoint!

Needless to say it was a fabulous concert and one of those memories that will never fade.

At the end of the show, Miss Ross once again appeared at our table to thank us for being so nice to her.

Today is the Diva's Birthday! And seventy-three looks damn hot! But, before we get to the music, for all of the "diva" wannabes out there, this is how it's done!

Happy birthday, Miss Ross!

The Funny Papers

Nick Anderson, Drew Sheneman, JD Crowe, Clay Bennett, RJ Matson, David Fitzsimmons, Trevor Irwin, David Horsey, Adam Zyglis, Mike Luckovich

Saturday, March 25, 2017

It's Snarkurday!

Well, it’s been about five years since Katie Holmes tied the sheets together, slithered down a wall, outran the hounds, jumped the fence and hitchhiked to New York to get out of being married to Tom Cruise so what time is it?

Time for Tommy to take a bride, y’all! And rumor has it that Tommy has auditioned the perfect beard candidate who will sign that ten year contract for fortune and fame and Scientology.

And she is .... drum roll ... British actress Vanessa Kirby. Vanessa is twenty-eight, loves long walks in the woods, nights in front of the fire sipping wine, and marrying a diminutive lunatic. She is also, and no surprise here, a costar of Little Tom’s in Mission: Impossible 6.

A source, and you know it ain’t Leah Remini, says:
“He wants to make her the next Mrs. Tom Cruise. They had instant chemistry, and of course she got the role. He’s blown her away with his endless charm and energy. He thinks she’s perfect to be his next wife. His role as a husband and father is of the utmost importance to him. He can’t wait to be a family man all over again.”
Instant chemistry arrived after Kirby was given a crash course in all the things one needs to do to be Missus Tommy Cruise: never be taller than Tom; never be better at acting than Tom; be a slave to every single wish of Tom’s.

And maybe this time will be “The One,” unlike Mimi and Nicole and Kate. Or, maybe in five years we’ll be reading about another Scientology wife escaping from Cruise Compound.
Empire used to be good TV until they ran out of stories to tell and just began recycling old stories into new episodes; and that happened in season one so you can tell how far it’s fallen. So, how are they gonna get people to watch? Make up a catfight between two female stars of the show, Taraji P. Henson and Nia Long.

There are all kinds of rumors about how Nia and Taraji hated each other on the show; Nia came on as one of Lucious—Terrence Howard—Lyon’s exes and she and Cookie—Taraji—go to battle. So, naturally the two women had to hate on each other in real life, too. In fact, folks are saying the two were so evil with one another that the show almost had to pull a Good Wife and so the directors had Taraji and Nia film separately and then splice their scenes together in editing.

Sources say Taraji didn’t like the way Nia treated the crew, which may be true because, ALLEGEDLY, the makeup and hair people filed a complaint against Nia saying she screamed at them when she didn’t like the way they did her up.

But then sources also claim Nia was a raging diva bitch, too; there was an incident involving a Make-A-Wish kid, whose wish was to visit the set, and once Nia was done shooting, and gone for the day, the crew prepared her trailer for the girl. Nia showed back up and went Joan Crawford on the crew for using her trailer for the Make-a-Wish girl.

Sources also say Nia was always late, making Taraji and Terrence wait but, on the last day of shooting, it went off ... on the guest star’s last day, the Assistant Director usually calls it a wrap for that actor and asks everyone to clap for them. The A.D. didn’t do that for Nia, she lost it and threatened to sue after claiming the “goodbye” was in her contract.

Seriously? You need a contract to make people say “goodbye”?

Gurl, bye. Cuz you won’t be back.
Oh Gwyneth, stop talking, please.

Paltrow’s newest thing is calamari. Apparently GOOP and her minions were having a conversation about LA restaurants when someone recommended the BBQ octopus at a place in Silver Lake. GOOP chimed in that she will no longer eat octopus being, ahem, they’re way too smart for humans to eat, and we know this to be true, because Paltrow Instagrammed the conversation:
“Octopus are too smart to be food. They have more neurons in their brains than we do. I had to stop eating them because I was so freaked out by it. They can escape from sea world ... by unscrewing drains and going out to sea.”
So, Gwyneth won’t eat anything smarter than her? I guess that rules out everything ... except maybe dirt.

Cuz she’s dumb as dirt.
Looks like A-Hole—that’s the name I’ve given to the Couple Of The Minute, A-Rod and JLo—might really be serious, because A-Rod’s sister just called JLo her sister-in-law on Instagram.

Here’s how this will run down ... A-Hole will marry before Easter, announce a pregnancy ion Father’s Day, he’ll be caught cheating on July 4th, they’ll separate by Labor Day, and divorce just before Halloween so JLo can get back together with former Boy-Toy Casper Smart and take him Trick-or-Treating.,
That Woman is not having it was Rob—why isn’t his name Krob?—Kardastrophe’s Baby Mama, Chyna.

Since Chyna and Rob are so done, That Woman has lined up a custody battle for the next season of their Krap Show. Chyna ALLEGEDLY doesn’t want dual custody with Krob so That Woman and her coven of daughters are ready to do battle.

And not for Krob’s sake, you know; I mean that whole family turned their backs on him when he began battling depression and gained weight, cuz,. You know, that ain’t good for the cameras unless the depression is because your husband is a douche or the weight gain is in your ass.

But they know how their bread gets buttered: drama. And what better drama then a televised custody case for next season, with That Woman showing up in court a la Alexia Carrington in that season of Dynasty?

Seriously; if it gets ratings it’s worth it. Never mind about the kid.
So, last in December Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott were slapped with a lawsuit from City National Bank over an unpaid loan, and now that lawsuit is coming back to haunt The TooRichToPayOurBills’s.

City National loaned Tori and Dean $400,000 back in 2012, and they only paid back about half, though Tori also owes some $17,000 in overdrawn funds, and now City National is tired of waiting and they are demanding their coins. They have issued a default judgment against Tori and Dean for $188,000 and also want the $17,000 to cover their overdrawn account. If the judgment is granted, then the bank can collect and where will they go first?

Mama Candy’s dee-luxe apartment in the sky-y-y-y-y ... cuz that’s where Tori and Dean always turn when they screw the folks they owe.
Cat Deeley needs to watch herself. I mean, she’s the host of a dance competition show, not Meryl Fucking Streep ... or even Reese Don’t You Know Who I am Witherspoon!

Deeley and friends ate dinner at a fancy LA restaurant, TOMGEORGE,  and she hated it so much she instantly took to Twitter to kvetch:
“The worst featuring! Worst food! As for the manager?????? Moron!!!!!”
And she wasn’t done:
“The most disgusting restaurant , terribly run , by a manager - who can only be described as an amateur. Avoid at all costs. #tomgeorge”
And when Cat was asked to explain why it was so awful, she didn’t. She just kept dragging the same old story:
“Terrible food. Disaster”
“Absolutely awful! Worst restaurant in LA.”
Finally,  someone named J. Vasko-Bezenek—who says he was Deeley’s server that night—stepped forward to clap back at Cat:
“@catdeeley Cat, as your server at TomGeorge I am hurt by your response to free food. I gave you respect, and I served you with love.”
It appears Cat and her party ordered $200 worth of fancy burgers and fries—with lettuce on the side ... what?—then complained until they were given a discount of $123; and the Cat tipped the server nothing. Zip, zilch, nada, bupkis!

Cat then released a slew of excuses ...
“And as I respectfully told you, the catalogue of errors were not your fault . However the mistakes were repeatedly not correctly rectified. The food was terrible and your manager was unhelpful and rude. Respect and love should be shown to all, attention to detail is necessary too! Just to be clear. Our order arrived at the table incorrectly FIVE times! Then one of my guests dishes was inedible. There was zero service.”
Um, Cat, honey? If it was so bad, you get up and leave; you don’t run the server ragged and then give him nothing.

And you don’t dish a restaurant by saying it’s bad; we want gory details. I mean, was it iceberg lettuce that they brought you to nibble on and not those fancy micro greens you normally graze through during a meal?

Give us details; or, better yet, stay home ... and pipe down.