Monday, March 20, 2017

In The Age of _____: South Dakota Is First In Hate Legislation For 2017

You know, with a Hater in the Oval Office, it’s much easier now for others who hate to pass laws enabling hatred.

Take South Dakota .... please.

The state’s Republican ... because, of course ... Governor, Dennis Daugaard, just signed a "religious freedom" adoption bill—SB 149—which allows taxpayer-funded adoption and foster care agencies to refuse services to LGBT people if it would violate their sincerely held religious beliefs because, you know, God and Jesus are all about Hate. And let’s be completely queer about this, this new law will also allow discrimination against single parents, interracial couples, non-Christians and others. 

And, in signing this into law, Daugaard has made South Dakota the first state to enact anti-LGBT legislation in 2017.

Y’all should be so proud.

For his part, the Big Bigot in the statehouse, Dennis Daugaard said he was “concerned private child-placement agencies acting in the best interest of a child could be subject to a lawsuit when denying placement to someone in a "protected class," such as members of the LGBT community."  

Yes, because it’s in the best interests of the child in foster care or in an adoption agency to limit the number of loving parents willing to take them in; that’s real love, y’all.

♫ ♪Jesus loves me, this I know ♪ ♫... unless I’m gay and want to adopt or foster a child.


the dogs' mother said...

Wow! That's beyond astonishing.

anne marie in philly said...


Mitchell is Moving said...

That's where Jerry grew up and we still have family there that we love very much and who are enlightened and appalled. I can't imagine setting foot there again or spending a cent. Sorry, loving family!

Helen Lashbrook said...

The hatred these people foster is beyond my ken