Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Architecture Wednesday: Tepozcuautla House

This house is made up of two separate geometric concrete volumes—one housing services and the other housing the main areas of the house—with the two bodies joined by steel bridges with glass floors that do not touch the trees or the forest, and give the sensation of walking above and through the vegetation. A staircase is part of these bridges and, as it is completely cantilevered from the house, it also does not touch the forest either.

These two concrete volume are closed to the outside yet almost entirely open to the gardens and terraces facing south and east . The home was built of concrete and metal with enormous wooden beams to create wide open spans without support; the entire structural system of the house is exposed to show how it all “works”.

It’s clean and sleek, and so open to the outside that it feels like you are outside looking in, or inside looking out. And, yes, it is a lot of glass, and a lot of stairs, but the feeling of being in the trees ... serenity now!


the dogs' mother said...

Enjoyed the great outdoors. Lucky folks
who get to live there.

mistress maddie said...

This design has a bit yo much concrete for me. Living there, I'd feel like I was in a zoo exhibit. The locale looks nice though.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Imagine cleaning all that glass!

Anonymous said...

I like the glass. It gives the effect of the house being in the trees.