Friday, March 17, 2017

Good News Friday: Chance The Rapper Gives $1 Million To Chicago Public Schools

Chance the Rapper is putting his money where his mouth is, and this past week, donated $1 million to Chicago Public Schools:
"This check that I donated is a call to action. I'm challenging major companies in Chicago and all across the U.S. to take action."
The announcement comes after Chance was left unsatisfied after meeting with Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner to discuss the city's troubled public education system. Chance characterized the governor's answers during their talk as "vague." And so he stepped up.

Chance , an outspoken critic of the political gridlock surrounding Chicago’s socioeconomic inequality—in 2015 the Brookings Institution cited data showing Chicago to be the most segregated major metropolitan area in America, and that the income disparity between white and black Chicagoans has increased 2000 and 2012—shouted at the governor during the meeting:
“Governor Rauner, do your job!”
The Chicago Public School system faces a $215 million budget shortfall pitting the the governor and CPS against one another over the system's failure to finance teacher pensions aftre Rauner vetoed a bill that would've funded CPS teachers' pensions.
"Our kids should not be held hostage because of political position. If the governor does not act, CPS will be forced to end school 13 days early, which means over 380,000 kids will not have adult supervised activities in June and could possibly be put in harm's way. While I'm frustrated and disappointed in the governor's inaction, that will not stop me from continuing to do all I can to support Chicago's most valued resources, its children."—Chance the Rapper
Chance, who noted that fellow Chicago rapper, Common, has pledged his support of CPS as well, says his $1 million donation will come from concert revenue generated through deals with promoters LiveNation, Ticketmaster, and AEG, and he’s also asking the public to donate through his non-profit, Social Works, Inc.

Rappers get a bad, um, rap, because many seem to live a life of excess, with cars and jewelry, and women, have inflated egos about their own self-worth ... Kanye ... but  Chance is trying to use his fame, and his fortunes, to help the school system in Chicago, the teachers and the students.

Can’t beat that.


anne marie in philly said...

thank you for showing that we the people CAN make a difference! now, who else is going to step up?

the dogs' mother said...

Very good to hear.

Mitchell is Moving said...

A good man! And I love that T-shirt "See beyond the struggle."

Helen Lashbrook said...

A good role model for kids