Monday, March 13, 2017

The _____ White House Spins The Wiretap Lie Two Ways

It was a little more than a week ago that the Liar-In-Thief tweeted this nonsense out:

And a couple of days later, in his first on-camera briefing in a week, White House press secretary, and _____ lap dog, Sean Spicer replied to a question about whether or not _____ had any proof for his ridiculous claim:
“It’s not a question of new proof or less proof or whatever.”
He then tried to play off the insanity of the unhinged tool in the Oval Office as merely a way to get congressional investigators to look into the possibility of wiretapping; you know, instead of just, say, asking for an investigation ... And since Congress is now looking into it, Spicer thinks it’s all good.

Until you realize that what Hair Furor Twatted and what Sean Spicer whined about are not the same thing at all ... See, _____’s Tweet claimed he’d “just found out” that then-President Obama had ordered a wiretap at _____ Tower during the 2016 presidential campaign and by phrasing it that way, he means there conclusive evidence exists and was presented to him about the ALLEGED  wiretapping.

But, what Spicer said was that _____ felt that it would be best to have Congress investigate to find out whether or not the wiretapping even occurred.

So, _____ Tweets that it happened, yet Spicer says all _____ wants Congress to do is to see if it happened.

Two different things that cannot both be true which, seems to me, means that _____ has no proof at all that Obama wiretapped his golden throne room. And that seems plausible, given that now we know _____ got his information from his handler Steve Bannon’s former “news” site, Breitbart, who were simply retelling a fabricated story from conservative radio host Mark Levin who “believed” that Obama was listening in on _____’s private ramblings.

After _____ runs with that second-hand Breitbart story, and tweets about having “just found out”—which which implies proof—everyone from Barack Obama to FBI Director, and former _____ hero, James B. Comey to former director of national intelligence James R. Clapper Jr., all came forward to say _____ is full of sh*t.

Well, they phrased it differently but it means the same thing.

So, since there is no real evidence, save a Breitbart-Levin Tin Foil Hat theory the White House had to pivot from _____’s claim of proof, to Spicer’s merely looking into whether or not the deed ever happened.

It plays like this: the White House is now pushing for investigations in search of the very evidence that _____ claimed he already possessed. And we all know that’s a lie, and a deflection orchestrated by ____ to keep people from talking about the real problem: it’s Russia; it’s always been Russia.

Don’t be fooled ... resist.


mistress maddie said...

I'm thinking theatre tickets now for the whole administration.

the dogs' mother said...

Serious lack of brains. The zombies must have got to him.

Helen Lashbrook said...

And now it's all down to quotation marks - der Trumpenfuhrer didn't really mean wire tapping, he meant something else entirely...perhaps Obama programmed the Trumpelstiltskin microwave to spy on the president-elect?

Mitchell is Moving said...

Oh, but he who shall not be named had quotes around the wire tap phrase a couple of times, which means he didn't really MEAN wire tap. Give me (us) strength!