Monday, March 27, 2017

Another Reason Why _____ Is Unfit To Be President

Still gleeful that _____ and Paul Ryan were handed their asses over healthcare but this is also too good, and too _____, not to share.

A few days after he announced he was cutting Meals on Wheels—which feeds half a million veterans in this country—President _____ scheduled a meeting at Mar-a-Lago to discuss veteran’s health care.

But he didn’t invite Veterans Administration Secretary David Shulkin.

And then he canceled the meeting for ::: cough cough :::: golf..

Before heading off to Mar-a-Lago—on the taxpayers dime again—_____ announced the meeting at a VA listening session at the White House, saying that he be having a “major” meeting that would bring together “some of the people that we put on a board” to address health care issues. He then turned to David Shulkin and asked if he’d be there, and Shulkin shook his head because he knew nothing about the meeting.

So, _____ went to Mar-a-Lago anyway without the man in charge of Veterans Affairs for a meeting about Veterans Affairs and, instead, spoke with Marvel Entertainment CEO Ike Perlmutter about healthcare and veterans issues. Not the Veterans Administration Secretary, mind you, but the man who is in charge of a superhero company.

But then even that meeting was canceled because ... golf. His ninth time playing golf in his first 58 days as president after lambasting Obama for the few times he played the game.

So, let’s get this queer: you cut Meals on Wheels, which feeds veterans, then schedule a meeting to discuss veterans but don’t invite the Veterans Administration Secretary, but instead invite a movie mogul, and then you cancel them meeting anyway and go play golf.

Yeah, that’s presidential.



Frank said...

Incompetent, imbecile, ignorant, inhumane, indifferent, idiot. I should have started the list with letter "a"

the dogs' mother said...

I know! Iron Man is going to deliver meals to veterans?!

anne marie in philly said...


Amy said...

I cannot stand the SIGHT of this asshat. I mean, if he's on the cover of Time, I rip off the cover. His face is just unpleasant and I also mute him if he's on the TV. Ugh. The neverending nightmare.

mistress maddie said...

At this point, I plan to send all my not used dildo's to Trump because I don't need them and tell him to fuck himself! He is a complete idiot.

And on a side note, I was once nicknamed Meals on Wheels.

Biki Honko said...

All those foolish American's who voted for cheetolini and who still believe he is doing a bang up job of running our country won't see the light until it blinds them. Without a doubt cheetolini is the least compassionate president ever to have held office.

Mitchell is Moving said...

I JUST DON'T GET IT! How is this allowed to go on? I need a drink!

Helen Lashbrook said...

Perhaps this announcement of government meetings at the southern White House will become a feature of this administration. They will justify paying for the trips down to Florida and can then be cancelled so the Prez can get his gold fix (have heard he cheats at that along with everything else).