Saturday, March 04, 2017

It's Snarkurday!

EnvelopeGate. Yes, people are still talking about, even after the Academy’s accounting firm, Price-Waterhouse-Coopers, fell on Oscar’s sword and said it was their fault for having two copies of each envelope, which is why one of their accountants gave Warren Beatty the Best Actress envelope instead of the Best Picture envelope.

But were there others at fault ... Faye Dunaway? I mean, rumor has it that Warren and Faye were bickering like a couple of old has-beens backstage over who would get to make the announcement, so when Warren looked confused and flummoxed and kerfuffled, and then showed the card to Faye to get her take on it, she just blurted out “La La Land.”

A source says Faye and Warren were very cold with one another during rehearsals and wouldn’t even block their presentation together; they rehearsed separately because they both wanted to read the name.

Now, picture this, Beatty opens the card, sees Emma Stone’s name on it, realizes it’s the wrong card, acts confused, and then gives it to Faye to f**k it up. Wouldn’t that be better than hitting her with a wire hanger?
Speaking of Oscar night, it’s not just about awards it’s also fashion and beauty and “Who are you wearing?” and “Who did your brows?” Yeah, people don’t usually ask about the brows, but after hearing this, you might wanna have your Red Carpet pros add it to their litany of questions ...

Sharon-Lee Hamilton is The ... and it deserves italics ... Eyebrow Stylist To The Stars. But she’s based in Sydney, Australia so what is an A-lister supposed to do? Well, if you’re bros, Leo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire, you send a plane Down Under to swoop Hamilton up and wing her to LA so she can sculpt your brows.

Yes, Mister Environmental, Mister Carbon Footprint, Mister I Fought and Got F**ked By A Bear, Leonardo DiCaprio paid thousands of dollars to have a specialist fly halfway around the world to pluck his eye hair ... and that of his BFF.

Men getting tweezed together; how adorable!
More Oscars ... maybe Ryan Murphy’s next season of Feud can skip Chuck and Di and just give us Meryl and Karl.

It seems that when Meryl received her 123rd Academy Award nomination the good folks at Chanel, and Karl Lagerfeld, were set to make her a custom gown, until she said she didn’t want it and the sparks flew!

Women’s Wear Daily [WWD] claims Meryl Streep turned down that couture Chanel after the fashion house refused to pay her to wear it. WWD’s Bridget Foley says Streep had her eye on an embroidered gray silk Lagerfeld gown and asked for the neckline to be customized, until, ALLEGEDLY, someone from Streep’s camp said:
“‘Don’t continue the dress. We found somebody who will pay us.’”
Lagerfeld then hissed to the press:
“A genius actress, but cheapness also, no?”
And so Streep’s team stepped forward to say Karl Lagerfeld is a big fat liar and that his account of what happened is nothing but fluff; they say it is against Meryl’s personal ethics to be paid to wear a gown on the red carpet.

Who to believe ... Meryl or Karl?  Brilliant actress, or fashion designer who doesn’t know when to stop talking and says asshatted things?

I’m Team Meryl. And that’s why I wasn’t surprised when Lagerfeld admitted he Jeff Sessions’d the whole thing:
“Chanel engaged in conversations with Ms. Streep’s stylist, on her request, to design a dress for her to wear to the Academy Awards. After an informal conversation, I misunderstood that Ms. Streep may have chosen another designer due to remuneration, which Ms. Streep’s team has confirmed is not the case. I regret this controversy and wish Ms. Streep well with her 20th Academy Award nomination.”
And Meryl, because she’s Meryl Freaking Streep wasn’t about to let Karl’s non-apology-apology sit:
“In reference to Mr. Lagerfeld’s ‘statement,’ there is no ‘controversy’: Karl Lagerfeld, a prominent designer, defamed me, my stylist and the illustrious designer whose dress I chose to wear, in an important industry publication. That publication printed this defamation, unchecked. Subsequently, the story was picked up globally, and continues, globally, to overwhelm my appearance at the Oscars, on the occasion of my record-breaking 20th nomination, and to eclipse this honor in the eyes of the media, my colleagues and the audience. I do not take this lightly, and Mr. Lagerfeld’s generic ‘statement’ of regret for this ‘controversy’ was not an apology. He lied, they printed the lie, and I am still waiting.”
Man, she went all Miranda Priestly on his ass and I am loving it!

Are you listening Ryan Murphy?
Enough Oscars for now ... let’s move on to GOOP.

A few years ago, Gwyneth Paltrow and Tracy Anderson created a food-delivery service called 3 Green Hearts, which would deliver outrageously priced food to rich people who don’t wanna leave home. But 3 Green Hearts never really went anywhere until now, when the delivery service has morphed into a stand-alone cafe next door to Tracy’s newest fitness studio in Manhattan.

Now, because it’s GOOP, you know it costs, but, and here’s the deal, y’all, if you spend $900 a month for a membership to Tracy’s studio, you get discounts at the cafe. Yes, that’s right, if you plunk down $10,800 a year at Tracy’s fitness dungeon, you can save some coins at Paltrow’s fancy-pants cafe.

Um, Gwyneth, honey, if I’m paying nearly eleven thou a year to work out at your BFF’s gym, then the discount at your little green eatery better be one-hundred-effing-percent.
Remember last week when I told you that Katherine Heigl’s new show, Doubt, would no doubt be cancelled halfway through the first episode?

Well, I ... was ... wrong. It took two full episodes for CBS to pull the plug. It will be replaced by a rerun of Bull and then a spin-off of a spin-off of a spin-off, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders—which may or may not be about a now-closed bookstore—will take its place.

Poor Katherine. Well, at least she has those cat litter commercials to fall back on.
Just to prove that it isn’t just Hollywood that has some icky family drama, let’s turn to the Biden’s.

Beau Biden, former Vice president Joe Biden’s son, passed away in 2015 after battling brain cancer. His death really devastated the family, and in turn was one of the reasons Joe decided not to run for president in 2016.

Cut to 2017, and we find that Beau Biden’s widow is dating Beau’s brother, Hunter. Now, it isn’t talking out of the corners of my mouth to say that it was widely known that Beau was “the good brother” and Hunter was kind of a mess—he was drummed out of the Navy and cheated on his wife, Kathleen and divorced her.

And that’s where the ick factor comes in. Joe’s daughter-in-law, Kathleen says that she and Hunter formally separated in October 2015, after had asked him to leave their home in July of the same year, “due to his conduct the night before.” Apparently the couple had an agreement that if he engaged in the conduct in question—though that conduct is not mentioned—he would leave. Kathleen also says claims that Hunter spent lavishly on “drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, strip clubs, and gifts for women with whom he has sexual relations” and that those “habits” depleted their funds available to pay legitimate bills. Kathleen wants their temporary spousal support to be $20K per month for herself, and $5K per month for Hunter, who is now involved with Hallie.

See, I said he was a mess. And what about Hallie? What was she thinking getting involved with a man like Hunter Biden? And, even a bit ickier ... Joe has apparently given the relationship his blessing.

It’s just so icky. My Daddy. My Uncle.

And howsabout some ex-Missus M
arc Anthony mess?

No, not JLo, silly, but his first wife, Dayanara Torres. She and Marc are once again involved in a child support battle, after she has already taken him to court in the past hoping to get a raise in her child support payments—for their two children—from $13,000 a month to $113,000 monthly. Right?

Anthony said that increasing child support would spoil the children essentially, and Dayanara says Marc was hiding millions in assets and that he gives his other ex, JLo, much more in support for his two children with her.

Well, the judge increased the support to roughly $28,000 a month—Marc also pays $ 6,000 to $ 12,000 a year for “vacation expenses”—and Dayanara has been quiet ... until now. She’s apparently ready to reignite her modeling career and so she’s talking dirt about Marc and their child support issues:
 “Being a mother is my main role, and I pushed my career off to the side. Now that they are older [Cristian is 16, Ryan is 13] I feel like I can let go a little. Work is already starting and I feel happy. The kids also want me to do what I’m doing.”
Torres faced backlash for taking Marc to court for more money, but she says it’s all about stability for the children ... she says they were living in a very small apartment and the boy’s had to share a room ... on $13,000 a month! But, she says, if they lived a lavish life with Marc when he had them, then they should have a lavish life with her, too ... or she should have the lavish life, I’m thinking.

And then Dayanara gets in a dig at JLo; talking about what happened during last fall’s Latin Grammys, where Marc was recognized for his career and sang a duet with JLo, which ended in a kiss between the exes, Dayanara says:
 “Such a shame that a moment of so much stature lost quality with everything that came after.”
Ouch. Dayanara doesn’t mention that Marc was married to someone else at the time of the kiss, or that that marriage broke up around the same time; she seems to save her digs for Lopez.

Methinks Dayanara needs to move on, get a modeling gig, and pay her own bills for a while. Maybe then she won’t feel the need to bash her children’s father in magazine pieces.
Lastly some good news ... a few years back, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, and Johnny Galecki of The Big Bang Theory pulled a Friends and renegotiated their contracts so that they all make $1 million per episode. Soon, two other main cast members, Kunal Nayyar and Simon Helberg, hit the Million Dollar Club, too.

Well, it’s time once again for Big Bang Theory contract negotiations, and this time it’s  Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch—aka Sheldon’s girlfriend and Howard’s wife—who want the raise. The two joined the show in the third season and were getting $200,000 an episode ... how can they live on that!!!—but now that Bang is in its 10th season, they are considered main cast members and so they asked CBS for their million dollar checks, too.

But, CBS may not want to throw more coins at the cast because there’s a small chance that Bang won’t generate as much syndication revenue for these next two years, which might be the show’s final two years.

So Mayim and Melissa might have been cut out of the Major Payday Sweepstakes except, sources say that Jim, Kaley, Johnny, Kunal, and Simon have all offered to take a $100,000 pay cut per episode so that Mayim and Melissa will get a raise. With the extra money, they’ll each make $450,000 an episode.

How’s that for nice? I mean, sure, cutting your million-dollar-per-episode price down to nine-hundred-thousand-per-episode isn’t a huge cut—they won’t be living in shelters and eating out of the garbage, but still, it’s a nice gesture to make.

You know, millionaires lending a hand to other millionaires.


anne marie in philly said...

lawd, such smelly garbage this week! glad I am just a regular human; such troublesome lives the rich lead (snark)!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Good dirt and snark this week!

mistress maddie said...

A million an episode for the crap? Are they also doing brain surgery on the side?

While I don't think it was Faye's fault, I still can't understand why she didn't realize what Warren did. I would have done the same or called on Kimmel. And I think your right Bob, he just passed it to Faye to fuck it up. We will never hear from her again, unless she is still alive for a 100th anniversary honor at the Oscars of Mommy Dearest.

Does Marc Anthony ever stay married? Save the money and stay single.

the dogs' mother said...

Eyebrow stylist?! Just when I thought I heard it all!

Helen Lashbrook said...

I'm with MM on the one million $ per episode; it's outrageous. Anyone would think they were leaders of the free world, doing a job of some worth not prancing around in front of a camera.

Agent Orange is probably in a snit because he doesn't get $1 million per episode....I mean day instead of the measly salary he gets paid as leader of the free world (but free for how much longer?). That's why he keeps going down to Trump Palace by the sea, to save y'all money while he has yet another day off. I bet Vlad doesn't take all these seaside breaks and Ambassador Kislyak is too busy meeting friends of Trump to take a weekend off.

Blobby said...

"bickering like a couple of old has-beens" they are.

I love Meryl, but why can't she dress like Miranda Priestly.....or even Lin-Manuel Miranda? She's always so 'blah' at these events..

I'd take DiCaprio more seriously about his environmental stance if he didn't smoke. Those toxins he's putting into the air just don't go away.

...and why the fuck does JLo need financial support from anyone?

Anonymous said...

Ah, one percent first world problems. Nothin' like 'em.