Friday, March 10, 2017

_____ Trolls Schumer ... Schumer Wins

Remember last week, when _____ was all pissy about those investigations into his administration’s contacts with Russia and the U.S. election hack? And remember when he said Jeff Sessions would never recuse himself from heading up the investigation and then Sessions recused himself?

Well, when Little Tiny Fisted Tyrants gets their diapers in a snit, they lash out ... stupidly ... as _____ did with this Tweet showing a photo of New York Senator Chuck Schumer with _____’s BFF Vlad Putin:

But then Schumer Tweeted back: 

It’s funny, and sad and scary, because this is what passes for presidential in this country: a pissy little tyrant trying to bully and berate people on social media.

Can you imagine if Obama ... no, you can’t because Obama never would, he was too busy being president.


anne marie in philly said...

oh suh-NAP, chuck! obama wouldn't put up wit dis shit!

the dogs' mother said...

Amazingly stupid fellow!

mistress maddie said...

Trump and all of DC ....what an embarrassment.

Mitchell is Moving said...

And where and when will it end?!