Tuesday, March 07, 2017

What To Do On A Sunny Afternoon ... Terrorize A Child's Birthday Party?

Kayla Rae Norton, Jose Ismael Torres and some of their racist, redneck, toothless, cousin-f**king friends decided to go for a drive last summer over in Georgia. So, they did what mouth-breathing loons do, they decked out their pickup trucks with Confederate flags, armed themselves with guns, and terrorized a group of black people celebrating a child’s birthday.

Here’s how it went down ... when a group of friends and family gathered on Melissa Alford’s lawn for an eight year-old’s birthday party last July, with a bouncy house and snow cones and cake and games, their party was ruined by a group of morons in seven pickup trucks flying U.S. and Confederate battle flags that drove by, circled back and drove by again, while the occupants shouted racial slurs and threats at the birthday partiers.

Alford told reporters:
“One had a gun, saying he was gonna kill the [racial slur]. Then one of them said gimme the gun, I’ll shoot them [racial slur].”
Police were called, but they were unsure if a crime had taken place—apparently in Georgia it’s legal to brandish a firearm at a child playing Pin The Tail On The Donkey—because nothing physical occurred on either side.

Plus, one of the asshats, Little Levi Bush—and I’m assuming he’s “little” because he acts like such a big dick—says his group, Respect the Flag, isn’t hateful, but that they just sell Confederate flags among other kinds of flags, and just happened to be on their way to an event with giant Confederate flags on their parade of trucks and opted to circle around a child’s birthday party to see if anyone wanted to buy a flag ... or something.

A Grand Jury was convened and last October they indicted 15 members of Respect the Flag and charged them with ... wait for it, because they aren’t Muslim and we all knwo taht Muslims are terrorists ... terrorism. In fact, the Grand Jury cited an anti-gang law from 1992—Georgia’s Street Gang and Terrorism and Prevention Act—that had been enacted to target black youth in gangs; yup, racists, because Georgia has no Hate Crimes laws, were charged under a law aimed at young black men.

Ain't that a kick in the head! And then, finally, last week Superior Court Judge William McClain sentenced two of the asshats, Kayla Rae Norton and Jose Ismael Torres, to jail: Torres was sentenced to 20 years—with 13 to serve in prison—while Norton was given 15 years, with six to serve. And, when they get out of prison, they will be permanently banished from Douglas County.

Judge McClain spelled it out quite clearly:
“Their actions were motivated by racial hatred.”
McClain said he was shocked that none of these Respect the Flag fools were arrested that day and then told Torres and Norton, who wept in court, not for what they had done, but for getting arrested:
“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this incident happened one month after the Charleston shooting. I suppose confederate flags can be interpreted different ways and different contexts, but if you drive around town with a Confederate flag, yelling the ‘N’ word, you know how it’s going to be interpreted.”
The others in the group, including Little Levi, were charged with misdemeanors and ordered to do community service.

Sadly, Kalya Norton decided to speak in court, first apologizing to Hyesha Bryant, the birthday child’s mother:
“I do accept responsibility for what I’ve done. What happened to you is absolutely awful. From mother to mother, I cannot imagine having to explain what that word means.”
Hyesha Bryant, though she forgave the two, however, wasn’t playing:
“I never thought this would be something I’d have to endure in 2017. As adults and parents, we have to instill in our children the values of right and wrong. That moment you had to choose to leave, you stayed.”
You stayed. You stayed because you were doing what you wanted, because you got caught up in a gang mentality of hate; you stayed. You stayed because it takes a backbone to walk away from these kinds of fools, it takes heart to understand the kind of hatred and fear you’re spreading. You stayed because you think you had the right.

Luckily, for now in America, you do not.


the dogs' mother said...

The mind boggles - a child's birthday party. >:-(

anne marie in philly said...

and dump and the dumplings think terrorists come from muslim countries...no, asshats, they are born and raised RIGHT HERE!

Dave R said...

This is the result of 2 things: inbreeding and an 6th grade education... oh, make that 3 - almost forgot 'being a Republican.'

Blobby said...

to be fair - the party could have had clowns, and you know how fucking scary those are!

Helen Lashbrook said...

I find this just totally unbelievable....and if that wretched woman was a mother she should have known better....much better. NO doubt her relatives will fill the children with hate against the evil judiciary who sent her down and against the nasty black children whose fault it all was

Mitchell is Moving said...

Remorse in adults is meaningless when it only comes about as a result of deserved punishment. These are the times of Drumpf.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Absolutely despicable. They got what they deserved.