Thursday, August 11, 2016

Random Musings

Since 2009, the Lucille Ball Memorial Park in her hometown of Celoron, New York has been an attraction for all the wrong reasons: the statue of Lucy.

The original Lucy statue, above, was sculpted by Dave Poulin and, well, as you can see above it’s less I Love Lucy and more Night of the Living Dead LucyIt.Was.Hideous.  And people revolted at the revolting artwork and soon an effort was made to get a new Lucy in the park.

This week, on August 6, 2016, which would have been Lucille Ball’s 105th birthday, word came that the Lucy statue was gone, having been replaced by one sculpted by Carolyn Palmer and actually looks like Miss Ball.

It was a great day in the park; people gathered music played, birds flitted about and then … What? Huh? … The old statue isn’t gone! Celoron Mayor Scott Schrecengost simply had the ‘new’ Lucy placed in the park and kept the old Lucy in place, too.

So, now you get two Lucy’s for the price of one; one will make you laugh and one will eat your brains.

You choose.
I haven’t been watching much Olympics, seeing bits and pieces here and there, but one day, while channel surfing I came across a Germany’s Olympic men’s field hockey team and two of its players whom I just adore.

Linus and Florian … also known as Butt & Fuchs.

I don’t know why I’m intrigued, but I am … And I am intrigued by math and so, if you take Butt and Fuchs’ numbers, 3 and 23, and multiply them you get …

See why I am intrigued?
Oh, that wacky We-Don’t-Care-About-Pedophile-Priests Catholic Church!

A 95-year-old Catholic priest in Guam recently admitted to sexually abusing boys decades ago. He said he confessed his sins to other priests but none told him to specifically stop.

Wait. So when you rape little boys you don’t stop unless someone specifically asks you to stop???

Yup; the Reverend Louis Brouillard says his fellow priests told him to “do better” and say a bunch of Hail Marry prayers.

I’m thinking “Oh hell no, Mary.”

But it’s the Catholic Church and they do have a thing for raping children and acting like it’s no big deal.

PS Brouillard cannot be prosecuted, even though he admitted to molesting 20 boys, because the statute of limitations right now for child rape is two years.
I saw this on Facebook the other day and, while it may be a simple graphic it says everything quite clearly.
 Also at the Rio Olympics … Elena Delle Donne, a Team USA basketball player recently voted the Most Valuable Player in the Women’s National Basketball Association has come out as gay and is engaged to marry her longtime partner, Amanda Clifton.

Even before coming out publicly, Delle Donne voiced her support for the LGBTQ community, especially in the wake of the Orlando massacre, which prompted her to donate blood:
The shooting in Orlando makes me sick to my stomach. Absolutely devastating. Praying for the victims and their families.”
And Delle Donne says the coming out was just a matter-of-fact thing when a reporter came to her home for an interview:
“It was just one of those articles where they came into my home, spent a couple days with me, and Amanda … [She’s] is a huge part of my life, so to leave her out wouldn’t have made any sense. It’s not a coming out article or anything. I’ve been with her for a very long time now, and people who are close to me know that, and that’s that.”
That’s all it need be …except for the gifting of the Gay Agenda and the Obligatory Coming Out Toaster Oven.

Welcome out Elena, and congratulations on your engagement.
So, I saw the new Star Trek TWICE last weekend.

Okay, I only saw it once, but then I had to recap the movie for Carlos who fell ASLEEP … TWICE … during the film.

He said not to tell anyone so if he asks, you didn't hear this from me .....
Back at the Rio Games and some Hot Men …

Team USA’s men’s gymnastics team — Chris Brooks, Alex Naddour, Jacob Dalton, Danell Leyva and Sam Mikulak — has a novel new idea to get more people to watch them compete: wear less clothing.

At least that’s what US all-around national champion Sam Mikulak suggested:
“Maybe [we can] compete with our shirts off?”

I say why stop there. In Greece the athletes were nude and why not make the games truly authentic?

I mean Dannell Leyva has already shown us it can be done ...

Just saying …


mistress maddie said...

I myself have been very heated over the games...but for good reasons....male swimming and male gymnastics. And the new Lucy is quite the improvement.

Blobby said...

I dare say it - and let the chips fall where they may - I never saw the appeal of Lucille Ball. I never found her or the show remotely funny.

Raybeard said...

Lucy looking so much better now - but just about anything else would have had a closer resemblance.
I'd like to know who was the model for the 'original' face - and did he get paid enough?

Whenever I used to go to confession to own up to my own 'acts of impurity' - Always with myself. Could never muster up enough courage to mention anyone else who might have been involved. "God will understand" was my justification for the omission. (Emission?) - as a penance I'd be invariably ordered to say something like ten 'Hail Marys', perhaps supplemented by three 'Our Fathers' and to pray to the Virgin Mary to keep me pure in future. It worked a treat, as you can imagine! :-)

anne marie in philly said...

the difference between hope and hate...

Helen Lashbrook said...

If you're wanting underwear you couldn't do better than this; the beeb has a sense of humour

the dogs' mother said...

This factoid astonished me - Michael Phelps has enough individual victories to break a more than 2,000-year-old Olympic record, set by Leonidas of Rhodes in 152 B.C.

Fearsome Beard said...

Diggin it!